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Sisters Compare Notes and Breasts

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I'm a lesbian and have large breasts, but I like girls with smaller breasts.

When I was 22 and my sister was 18 I was home from college. She had just gotten out of the shower and gone into her room. I went into her room to use her full-length mirror and ended up walking in on her without her towel on.

I'd only ever seen her in a towel since then she'd developed breasts. I'd not really been home a lot in the past four years, so I was curious. She had small perky breasts with puffy nipples and I was really turned on.

She shouted, 'Hey!' and I said sorry, then continued over to her mirror and started brushing my hair. I pretended to ignore her; soon she got over her shock and started walking around looking for her clothes. I could see her ass and that she shaved her bush into a strip. I knew she had small breasts but was surprised how small. She usually wore push up or padded bras. I was really turned on and kept stealing glances at her in the mirror. She had tucked the towel around her waist by this point.

Sadly she put on a bra and then I got up the nerve to turn around and say, 'Hey, you have nice breasts.'

She was surprised and said they were too small. I said they were nice and that mine were too big because I took after my mom and she took after our dad's side. She said she'd always wanted breasts like mine. I told her she could see mine if she wanted.

She sat down on the bed in her bra and with the towel wrapped around her waist and said ok. I took a deep breath, took off my t-shirt, then my bra and sat down next to her on the bed. I asked her if I could see hers again and she took her bra off again. We just stared at each other topless for a while. It was really cool, we were totally curious and it was a nice feeling. Her nipples were about the same size as mine, which was weird because her breasts were so much smaller.

She asked if she could touch my breasts from behind and pretend they were hers, laughing. I said she could and turned around. She did and it was amazing - she squeezed my breasts and I felt so turned on. I asked her to turn around so I could do the same thing. I felt her breasts and they were so small and cute. I was so proud of her for having them and I could have squeezed them all day. I really wanted to pull on her nipples but I didn't.

I said it was interesting how different our bodies were even though we were related. She said she had always wondered what I looked like but was afraid to ask. I asked her if she had dark hair on her thighs like I had. She moved her towel aside and I could see that she did. I told her she could see mine and quickly took off my underwear and sweatpants in one move.

She noticed that I didn't shave my bush at all and commented on it. We had the same dark hair and she said hers looked just like mine when it was unshaved. I asked her if she had small inner labia and she showed me she did. I had always thought I was freaky. I spread my legs in front of her and showed her my entire vagina area opened. She did the same thing. We were both sat cross-legged on the bed and I noticed her clit was much bigger than mine. I thought that was really cool and asked her if I could touch it. She spread her lips open, so I touched it and she gasped. Then I spread my lips and she touched mine.

I decided to just go for it and said, 'I hope you don't mind, but I have to touch myself now.'

I leaned back and started rubbing my clit. She watched me for a minute and then started copying my movements. We were both getting into it and I reached over and squeezed her nipple.

We continued to rub ourselves and I came first, then she did.

That was the first of some interesting times to 'come!'



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