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Sister's Boyfriend

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When I was 13, my older sister was 17 and she was dating this guy that was two months younger than her that was everything I wanted to be. He was movie star handsome, smooth with the ladies, smarter than anyone else I knew and humble.

I obviously idolized the guy, and he was mostly good to and for my sister. She was failing out of all of her classes up until Nate started dating her, His shortcoming was that he was always cheating on her and he didn't care that I was there and seeing him do it. My sister Irene, had a lot of attitude problems before she met Nate, he was excellent at talking her down when she was mad at my mom, or a fellow classmate.

He was kissing this 14 year old one day in the park, and when she excused herself to go to the girl's room, he came to me and instead of an explanation or apology, he asked if I would like to see some tits. I was confused, but having never seen even my sister's tits, I was interested.

He had me go to the old abandoned house just outside of town in an hour and go up to the attic, and be super quiet when I lay on the baby bed mattress next to the open vent on the floor. I stopped at home, grabbed a flashlight and hurried out to the house. The steps were almost all broken, and I had to do some careful climbing, but I got up there and found the attic was falling apart and dusty except for a path of exceptionally clean floor with old rugs laid out leading to a light coming up from the vent. The mattress was clean looking, I laid down as quietly as I could and looked down and there was a full size mattress a few feet forward. I laid there and waited about 15 minutes and along came Nate, his friend Ronny, and the 14 year old girl.

I heard them talking about the last time they came out to the house, how it was raining and the girl they were all with was soaked and it took all three of them to get her warm.

In a couple minutes I was not only being treated to a nearly naked 14 year old hottie, I was seeing two older teenager guys completely naked and fully aroused bodies.

More than fifteen minutes of kissing the girl all over her hot body, and rubbing their hard cock all over her legs and back finally they removed her panties. I had never imagined someone licking a girl's pussy, but I had heard a lot about guys getting their dick sucked. She was able to get either of their dicks all the way to it's base, and she was making a LOT of noise. Over the next half hour I watched both Nate and Ronny licking her pussy and getting their dick sucked and jacking off and cumming all over her belly or back.

Ronnie and the girl had to hurry as the girl was late getting home, so Nate waited for them to get far enough away then called me down. We talked for quite a while, and he could tell I was not entirely convinced I shouldn't tell my sister. During the conversation Ronnie pointed out that I not only got to see tits, but all of the girl's finer parts, and he asked if I had smelled her pussy. I said I hadn't, though I had smelled something entirely new and unfamiliar, so he pulled his pants off again and stood there totally naked and said "here, I'll lay down and you can check my dick, it's coated with her juice". I was embarrassed and majorly turned on. I knelt over him and sniffed, and he said "feel it, then taste your fingers". I quickly explained that I am not gay, thank you!" but he assured me that he offered for me to touch it, not suck it, and suddenly it all seemed okay.

I ran my fingers all over his dick, and as I sniffed my fingers Nate was rubbing his dick and put two fingers in his mouth. He then explained that what I was tasting was something few 13 year olds have ever tasted, and Friday I could taste the hottest pussy he knew, my sister Irene.

Do I tell her? Do I dare taste my own sister's pussy?



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