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Sister's Affection

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My sister is 27-years-old, and left home eight years ago to study at University, then to live her own life with a well-paid job as a solicitor's assistant. Before she left, she was a best friend and almost a mother to me.

She was in her teens while I was a small child, and she'd tell me tales of school and brighten up my life. When I had my first kiss, it was her I told. When I had my first wet dream, she reassured me. When I was first dumped, she was there.

I was sixteen at the time, and had just got involved in my first serious relationship. I'd successfully kissed the girl many times, but when she wanted some more 'fun', I couldn't get her off. She eventually got fed up of my inadequacy so bitterly ended it with me, leaving me looking very embarrassed even though I'd finish school just three weeks later.

I was devastated. I spent some of my savings from work that summer on getting a train to the city where my sister lives alone, to stay with her and forget it all. When I got there we had the greatest, warmest embrace, and I felt so happy to be somewhere neutral yet loving.

She had to pop out for a little while to get some food in, so I sat on her sofa watching her digital TV and moping about the traumas of life. I was a little bit horny and a bulge was growing, but I decided not to act on it, having just got there and it not being my house and all.

When she got in, she immediately noticed my semi-erection, and giggled saying 'Didn't wanna ruin my new sofa? Awww bless!' and pecking me softly on the forehead. She put the bags in her kitchen, then went upstairs to where her bedroom was. I didn't see her for a while, and got bored of the TV, so decided to go and find her and see if she wanted a game at the arcade or something.

I found her laying on her bed with her quilt pulled up to her belly, her bare breasts standing out in her pale brown tone, a smile on her face, the duvet folded over. 'Thought you'd never follow!' she laughed, sighing playfully. She gestured for me to come to her, so I sat on the edge of her bed and we had a chat. I told her all about my ex-girlfriend and how I couldn't please her, she told me how dull the guys she worked with were, and she didn't fancy anyone at the local clubs she often went to. We had a good bitch about everything, and it felt good to let it all out.

After ten or twenty minutes, she said softly 'We'll take care of each other!' and beamed. I smiled; it took me a minute's silent contemplation to realise what she was getting at! As soon as I began to sigh and laugh, she folded over further the corner of the duvet, exposing her midriff and a flash of pubic hair. 'If you do, I will!' she giggled.

Five minutes later, after some blushing and giggling, I was entirely naked sat on her bed. She told me how cute I looked and what a fine bloke I'd grown into, and she hurled the duvet off the end of her bed and snuggled up beside me. She told me that today, I'd learn how to please a girl, and to make my day even more special, she'd please me back as many ways as she could.

At the end of an hour, I'd learnt what a clitoris was, how to stimulate a vagina, roughly knew where her g-spot was, and brought her to three orgasmic climaxes. For the third, she lay on her back raising her pussy into the air, and I knelt beside her with two fingers in her and my thumb on her clit, running them in and out very fast so she was almost screaming. We were both very wet from her juices.

My reward was a 'normal' handjob, a lubed handjob, and a gorgeous scenario where she had me put my penis in her cleavage and I humped, coming all over her upper chest.

What a sister!



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