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Sister To Sister Part 5

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Hello everyone, Samantha and Janey here, we're back! We've been very busy with our work and personal lives, so we didn't have a lot of time to spare. But, things are calmer now, and it's time for another look inside our lives.

This particular story will be from Samantha, and it is a look back.

Where we live, a large public swimming pool is only a 10 minute walk from our house. We love to swim, and we always wished we could swim naked in that pool! Skinny dipping feels so free, I had been lucky enough to skinny dip with my friends back when I was 14, and at their lakefront cabin. It was almost midnight, the day had been brutally hot, and my friends, Linda and Beth, had giggled about skinny dipping, as her parents were already fast asleep. I had never been naked in front of any of my friends before that, but they insisted I join them. The moon was full, so we could see enough to see that the beach was deserted. We stood on the front porch, and Beth and Linda had no qualms. They merely stripped off all their clothes, and waited for me. I didn't want to chicken out, and seeing their nude bodies displayed, without any trace of self conciousness, got me going. I wanted to be as free, and sure of my own skin as my two friends were. It also stirred my pussy, to see them like that, with just enough moonlight to show the sparse, wispy covering of pubic hair that they were developing, and to see their budding breasts starting to grow. I took a deep breath, and quickly shed my own clothes, and joined them in the nude, natural state. I was almost painfully aware of my own budding breasts, and my sparse, wispy covering of blond pubic hair being exposed, in public, and in front of my two best friends. Their eyes seemed to glitter as they checked me out.

'Ok, now that we're all naked, let's hit the water!' Beth exclaimed.

We trotted down the steps, and stood on the beach.

Linda said, 'Should we go and dip a toe in the water, to see how cold it is?'

Beth replied, 'Nah, let's just join hands, and make a mad dash into the water! It'll get us used to the water, faster!'

They put me in the middle, and I could feel Beth take my right hand, Linda my left.

Linda grinned and said, 'Let's do it!'

We rushed at the water. I could feel the shock of the cooler water as we splashed through the shallows, and made our way into deeper water. When it was waist high, we all dove forward! After the day's heat, the water was briskly cool, and I felt the shock rush through my body. I kept myself covered by the water, and swam until I was used to the water, which didn't take long.

I stood up, the water was just below my neck. Beth and Linda were next to me, and we all grinned at the almost forbidden feeling of being out in the open, naked and free.

We swam, played around and splashed each other for a while, until we felt tired and the water started to get colder. We headed back to the cabin, and wrapped ourseleves in beach towels. We picked up our discarded clothes, and inside, we dried ourselves off. Downstairs, we headed to the bedroom. Beth and Linda casually discarded their towels. Following their lead, I did the same. Walking behind their nude bodies was a turn on, and I could feel my pussy start to juice up. I hoped we wouldn't be up too long, I needed to masturbate, I could feel my pussy starting to ache with the need!

The bedroom had a single bed on one side, and a double on the other. We all lounged on the double, and stared talking about boys and other teen girl stuff.

The conversation got nudged over to masturbation, and we giggled as Beth called it the O zone, and Linda called it getting a C plus. They joked about how they could use the terms in public, without anyone knowing what they were actually talking about.

'So Sam, what do you call it,?' Linda asked.

'I call it polishing the pearl', I replied.

'Polishing the pearl, I like it', Beth said.

We were slient for a few moments.

Linda said, 'Anyone here ever done it with anyone else?'

I could feel myself heating up, I had a feeling that even though I hadn't, I was going to, very soon.

After Beth and I admitted that we hadn't, Linda told us about her and her 15 year old female cousin, having masturbated together just a few months earlier. She told us how exciting and enjoyable it had been.

She then said, 'I don't know about you, but I am burning up. I need a C plus right now, and I would really like it if you would join me in the O zone, and polishing the pearl. If not, you can either watch, or leave the room until I'm done.'

She looked at us, and I knew then and there I was going to join her. I slid my hand down to my pubic area, and started to lightly stroke at my mound. Beth smiled, and did the same. Linda got up, and turned the overhead light down to a dim glow. Linda then joined us back on the bed and arranged her body so we were all in a triangle like shape, so each of us could look at the other two as we stroked ourselves.

Linda softly whispered, 'Let's do it.'

I ran my hand over my mound, again and again, sliding my fingers up and down my pussy lips. They were swollen and soaked with desire. I kept looking at my friends. Even though the light was dim, I could see well enough to feed off the excitement. Linda was starting to moan softly, as she slid her fingers in and out of her creamy center. Beth's breathing was turning to gasps, as she stroked herself. I could see them looking at me, and I slid a finger in, and started to run a finger gently over my clit. My groans of pleasure joined their sounds, as I could feel my orgasm start to build. I got higher and higher, Beth's gasps coming faster and faster, Linds's moans now almost continuous.

Beth started to pump her hips up and down, she cried out, 'Yes, oh yes, yes, yes!'

I could see her body shaking and shuddering in orgasm, and that did me.

My pussy wrenched, started to spasm wildly, and I squealed 'Oh yes I'm cumming, yes, YES!'

I felt like I was shaking apart, as my orgasm grabbed me!. I rode that wave, dimly aware of Linda's cries of orgasm joining ours, as her orgasm seized her, shaking her body!

We got together on a regular basis for the next two years, usually once or twice a week, to enjoy a mutual O Zone, C plus, pearl polishing time. They moved when I was 16, and I really missed our times together.

As I have been writing this, Janey, who has just learned this for the first time, has been stroking at my pussy. Using her fingers and my vibrator, I have shuddered through 3 very enjoyable orgasms, as I have been typing, it's been great. And now, if you will excuse us, I need to return the favor, I'm going to give my sister an afternoon of pleasure!



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