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Sister To Sister Part 4

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The latest from us, detailing more of our sexual adventures.


Hi everyone, Samantha and Janey here again. We love the feedback we've gotten, and the idea that people are masturbating themselves to orgasm over our adventures really turns us on! This time, we'll share the story of how Solo Touch helped us discover a whole new fun way of masturbating. And, I shall turn over the story to Janey, so you can get a look at her side of our fun.

Hi everyone, this is Janey. I love the idea of sharing our hot times together. It's exciting to be telling you about our latest discovery in my words. It was wonderful being brought off by my loving sister back when we first started jilling together. After we moved in together, a little more than 2 years ago, Samantha introduced me to Solotouch, a few days after her first look at the site. Ever since we have been living together, we like to read the hot new stories on Solotouch. We love to get naked, and read aloud the hottest stories we can find, and see how long we can last before our nude bodies are pressed tightly together, our fingers cupping each other's pussy, stroking each other to a wild cum.

It was my turn to read a story, and I selected the story Shower with a Stranger from Dec. 10. As the story developed, I started to get really horny. Often during orgasm, I could feel my asshole twitching wildly as I came. I had been wondering what it would feel like to have Samantha finger my asshole at the same time as she stroked my clit. I imagined myself in Brianna's story, displaying my ass to my sister, and sliding a soapy slick finger up my asshole, over and over. I almost groaned aloud from just the idea of it, I was dripping wet with desire to fantasize about it, but I wondered though, if my sister would find it gross or revolting. When I finished the story, I felt hot and flushed, my pussy was soaked with my juices.

Samantha looked at me for a few seconds, and seemingly out of the blue, she asked me if I would like to take a shower with her. In a few minutes, we were under the shower head, hot water raining down on our bodies. Samantha took the soap, and started to run it up and down my body, working up lots of lather. She told me to turn around, and her hands were stroking at my back, working the soap down. She ran the bar across my lower back, and then started to run it over my ass cheeks. I was burning up as she cupped my ass cheeks, running her hands lovingly over them.

Samantha whispered to me, 'That story really turned you on, didn't it?'

I whispered back, 'Oh god, did it ever!'

She teased 'Was it because of the anal play Brianna was enjoying?'

No use hiding it now, I replied, 'Yes, it sounded so sexy and hot!'

'Have you been wondering what it would feel like?', she teased.

'Yes, oh yes' I whispered.

Working up a thick lather with the soap, she said, 'then wonder no more!'

She covered my ass with the lather, then I felt her slick fingers starting at the top of my ass, and slowly sliding down, until her fingers were sliding over the rim of my asshole! The sensation was so intense, I moaned aloud from it, my tight hole twitching wildly. Samantha continued to run her finger around and around the rim of my asshole, and slid her other hand around, cupping my mound. Her fingers started to stroke my pussy, I was on fire with desire, my juices flowing almost like a river. It took almost no time, she barely got to finger my throbbing clit before my pussy exploded. I howled from the pleasure, my inner pussy and my asshole were twitching in unison. Samantha then slowly slid her finger right up my asshole. I thought I was going to go crazy. Her fingers continued to stroke my clit, and she slowly slid her finger up and down my asshole. I came again, and it was so intense I screamed from the pleasure. My asshole would tighten and release, tighten and release on Sam's finger, in concert with the spasming of my inner pussy muscles, and it felt like they were knocking my orgasm back and forth, like some erotic pinball, and I almost felt like I was going to pass out from the huge sensory rush of pleasure.

When I got my bearings back, I could see Sam smiling at me, and I was fired up, and eager to do the same to her.

And now, I shall turn it over to Samantha, and she can continue the story.

Hi everyone, It's Samantha back again. I had been so turned on, by bringing my lovely sister off like that, I almost couldn't see straight. Janey pulled me out of the shower, toweled me off, and practically carried me off to our room. She couldn't wait to get me into bed.

'Samantha, on your hands and knees, and cock your sexy ass up!' she growled lovingly at me.

In no time, I was ready, my ass upthrust and ready for her. I was almost shaking with excitement. She got the bottle of baby oil from the bedside table, and she applied a coating to the top of my butt crack, letting the oil run down the entire length. She slid her fingers around in the oil at the top, then slid her fingers slowly down. She found my butt hole, and worked her fingers up and down, around and around, sliding over the rim again and again. The stimulation was almost too much, I was beyond making coherent sounds, as I cried out wordless sounds of passion. Her other hand came round, and as she cupped my mound, and found my clit, she slowly pushed her other finger up my tight butt hole. I was just about going nuts, and I howled as I came, my pussy and my butt hole both pulsing wildly at the same time. She kept on, finger fucking my ass, and diddling my clit, and I came again, the sensations were so intense I screamed as I came. I felt like I was going to fly apart. I begged her to stop, I didn't think I could handle anymore, the rush of sensation was almost beyond bearable. She slid her finger out, and I collapsed. She cuddled herself to me, and told me how exciting it had been to finger my asshole.

The very next day, we were at our city's Adult Toy emporium, and we bought butt plugs for ourselves. After that kind of experience, we wanted to make anal play a regular part of our fun. I got a dark blue, and Janey bought a light purple one.

Back home, it didn't take long before we were naked, and back on Solotouch. We went back into the archives, finding all the stories we could about anal pleasures, and it wasn't long before I was lubing up Janey's plug, and sliding it slowly up her tight butt hole. She took my plug, and lubed it up, and slid it up my ass hole. The sensations were amazing, and the feel of our asshole virginity having being taken by each other was extremely hot. It was wildly exciting, and we forced ourselves to keep reading until we were just about crazy with sexual need, then we were all over each other, our fingers stroking at our hot centers, sliding fingers up each other's burning pussy, our fingers stroking at our throbbing clits. We climaxed almost immediately, and we got our dildos, and used those on each other. The feeling of being double penetrated was wild, and we just kept going, stroking each other's clits again and again, and we both started to cum over and over. I lost count of how many times our cries of climax filled the room, our bodies shuddering through cum after cum, before we collapsed in a spent, sexually dazed heap.



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