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Sister To Sister

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All names in this story have been changed.


Hi everyone, I have been reading Solo Touch for the past 2 years, ever since my friend suggested I check it out. I love reading about everyone's horny adventures, especially the stories that happen between sisters, and thought I would share my own.

This happened 5 years ago. Our parents were out for the weekend, and felt that at 17, I was old enough to take care of the house, and watch over my 15 year old sister. I was 5'9' at the time, was on the school's volleyball team, and had a fairly athletic shape. My sister, let's call her Janey, was 5'4', and had a more average build.

On Saturday night, just before bed, Janey asked if she could sleep with me, in my bed, since I have a queen size bed. I figured why not, and said sure. It had been a long day, so I just stripped off my clothes, pulled on a nightshirt, and crawled into bed. Janey entered my room a few minutes later, she was also wearing a long nightshirt. We turned off the lights, and I fell asleep rather quickly. Soon, I was having a wonderful dream. Paul, the guy I had a crush on at school, was making out with me! He was stroking my body, his hands rubbing all over my breasts, making them tingle. I suddenly awoke, the dream vanished, but the stroking did not! My sister was stroking at the shirt covered outline of my breasts!

'Janey, what are you doing?' I demanded.

Her hands instantly drew back.

'Your were playing with me, what did you think you were doing?', I demanded again, this time in a louder voice.

'I'm sorry Samantha, I couldn't help myself', she said, her voice quivering.

She contined on about how she was fascinated, and turned on, by being in the school's gym shower, and how she kept sneaking long peaks at all the best built girls in her class. Seeing them completely nude, with their breasts and pubic regions completely visible, made her real horny.

'Do you masturbate with those images?', I boldly asked.

She whispered timidly, 'yes, it makes me cum real good!'

I told her that I felt the same way, watching the girls I fancied the most in the shower, and replaying in my mind what I had seen when I played with myself.

'So now, you'd like to see what boobs feel like! Would you like to play with my boobs, without my shirt in the way?' I teased.

In the dimness, I saw her eyes get wide.

'Yes, oh yes please', she whispered.

I hopped out of bed, and in one easy movement, slid my nightshirt over my head. Standing completely nude, and horny, in front of my sister was a real turn on. I saw her eyes get as wide as dinner plates. My breasts are 34B's and I have a well developed patch of blond pubic hair between my legs, my sister couldn't stop staring at it!

'Ok your turn! I've shown you mine, now you have to show me yours!' I said.

She climbed out of bed, and in a few seconds, she was also nude! Her breasts looked to be almost the same size as mine. She had a very sparse, wispy patch of blond hair between her legs.

We climbed back into bed, and rolled together. Her hands started to play with my breasts, gently squeezing and fondling them. I did the same, enjoying the way her nipples turned rock hard under my caresses. Our moans of pleasure started to fill the room, as our pussies became molten centers of heat.

'Sam, would you like to maturbate, do you think we could do it togther, and watch each other?' my sister whispered excitedly.

'Yeah, let's do it!' I replied.

We separated, and I stretched out, in my usual position for masturbation. Janey did the same, her head down at the other end of the bed, and we both began to stroke ourselves. Watching my sister jill herself, while she was watching me jill myself, was way too exciting to make it last, and in almost no time, I came explosively. As my body shuddered and twitched with orgasm, Janey's cry of orgasm joined mine, as I was able to watch her explode in climax! We slept great after that.

In the morning, we talked about what had happened and decided that we liked it, and wanted to do more. Soon after, we were back in my bed, and this time, we stroked and fingered each other's pussy! Feeling my sister bucking and shaking, and moaning as she came on my finger set me off, as my sister's talented fingers stroked me to a gut wrenching climax!

We had a great weekend filled with lots of hot masturbation. We found plenty of opportunities to enjoy more masturbation fun with each other, and now that I am 22, and she is 20, we share an apartment, and still enjoy making each other feel as good as that first time. We have added vibrators to our jilling sessions, and never let a day go by without at least one hot session together.

As I write this, and read this, my pussy is drenched! It is so stimulating to write about it, and read it! My sister will be home from work in 20 minutes, she knows where I'll be, in bed, ready for her talented jilling abilities!



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