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Sister Teaching Me the Ropes

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This is my first sexual and masturbatory experience. I have a lot that I'll probably post. I <3 this site.


My sister is about 7 years older than me, so she was twice my age at the time. We didn't live together, so she came over to visit every other weekend or so. This particular night is the one I'll remember the most. I still masturbate thinking about it, to this day.

She spent the night as usual, and we climbed into bed. She asked me if I wanted to play a game before we went to sleep, and of course I did! She told me to take off my clothes and jump up and down on the bed, I obeyed. She took off her clothes too and jumped around. This was the first time I saw a woman naked, she had full breasts (I have no idea what size, they looked big to me), curves that made me envy her and hair... down there! I couldn't help but stare, and of course she noticed.

She asked me if I wanted to touch, and of course I did. So she laid down and told me to lay next to her. I did as she said. She said to go ahead and touch her, so I started by touching her breasts. Her nipples were hard.. I was so turned on. She told me it felt good if they're sucked, and explained that they were used to feed a baby, so they're supposed to be sucked. So I asked her if I could try, and she agreed. I leaned over and started sucking on her nipple. She sat up and pulled me into her lap and cradled me like a baby and I continued sucking on her nipple, and enjoying it.

She laid me back down on the bed and told me to keep sucking, and started touching herself as she did. My eyes got big, and I'm pretty sure I stopped touching. She asked me if I ever touched myself. At this point I KNOW I stopped sucking and sat up. I told her that I hadn't, and asked her why she was doing it. She asked me if I ever felt funny between my legs, I nodded. She explained how the 'funny feeling' could feel really great if touched myself. She grabbed my hand and put it over her mound, and told me to feel around. She was soaking wet. She told me to lay back down on the bed and touch her with my right hand, and to close my eyes and do as she did. With her left hand she reached over and started rubbing my clit in little circles. She reached back up to her mouth and licked her fingers, quickly returning them to between my legs. She told me to spread my legs some, and she did the same.

We continued this for a few minutes. She reached over with her right hand and started playing with my nipples, then leaned over onto her side and started sucking them. She told me told me to rub faster and continued to do the same to me. Her hips started to move, her legs spread a little more and she pushed my hand down harder against her pussy, slidding my fingers into her. She pressed the palm of my hand against her clit and continued grinding it. Soon she began shaking furiously and moaning. Finally she collapsed. I asked her what happened, and she said that it was the same thing that was about to happen to me and got up on her knees, burying her face between my legs...



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