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Sister Lets Me Show Her

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First time touched by a girl.


I was still having great sessions with my friends as we met in each other's homes. (See 'First Time With Friends.') On most occasions we would enjoy a mutual wanking session. A new friend was recruited to my circle as well.

However, one night I was sitting on the settee with my 11-year-old sister B. She had started to develop over the past few months and was beginning to show some development in her chest. When we were little, we used to have our bath together. Mum would bathe us and then one by one we would be taken out and dried while the other watched. I didn't mind being dried first because it meant that she could have a good look at me as I was standing on the chair. Later I opted to get dried second because I figured that it was now my turn to get a look at my little sister and all her charms. As we got older we were told to have a bath by ourselves. So no more free peeks.

This night I was sitting next to her while our parents were in the kitchen having something to eat before they went out for the night. I had become hard, and my cock was straining in my pants to get out for some attention. It was out of the question at that particular point in time of course, so instead I nudged her and pointed down to my crotch. I then flexed the pelvic muscles and made it move. B looked and smiled and had a bit of a giggle. Encouraged, I asked her if she wanted to see it. She nodded. I said to her to wait until they had both gone out.

It seemed to take ages before they left, but eventually we were all alone. B sat closer to me and I slowly unzipped my pants. I stood up to make it easier to strip. I pushed them down and she could see this large bulge in my underpants. I lifted the elastic band away from my stomach and eased it over my very stiff and throbbing cock. I was so excited my heart was beating like a jack hammer in my chest. B's eyes were glued to the spot. I pulled down my underpants to reveal my cock to my sister. She gasped at the sight of it. It was six and a half inches long by then and quite thick around the base. I am uncut. I asked her if she wanted to touch it. She nodded and slowly reached across and took hold of it in a very gentle way. Now I had had it held before by my friends, and even had it wanked by them, but that was nothing compared to this feeling. A girl was actually touching my cock for the first time, and I was in heaven. O.K. it was my sister, but she was still a girl.

She held it for a while and slowly caressed it like it was a precious object. She had a good feel of my balls as they were held tight against my body. I just knew that if she would just begin to wank me then I would shoot straight away. I asked her if she wanted to see some sperm. She nodded again; I think she had lost the power of speech-she was that blown away by it.

Slowly I put my hand around my cock and started the stroking movement that would eventually result in ecstacy. I didn't have to wait long before I could feel my orgasm building. I warned her that I was about to come. Little specks of precum appeared at the end, and then in one gigantic heave I shot my load right in front of my little sister. I took great care in making sure that I didn't hit her in the face with it because I didn't want to spoil any chances of doing it with her again. She reached over again and put her finger on the end and got some sperm on it. She brought it over to her nose and smelt it. 'Weird smell, but quite nice too,' she said.

As I got smaller, she kept feeling it and wanted some more. I told her that would have to wait till later. I put my cock away in my pants. For some reason I didn't ask her to show me anything then. I just knew that this would not be the last time we would be doing this, so I figured that I should wait until later. The rest of the night we spoke about what had happened, and B said that she thought it was great and wished that she could have a cock. I told her that she already had one, mine, to play with whenever she wanted. There was more that went on later, but that will be in another posting soon. Thanks for reading.



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