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Sister Inlaw

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Always knew she was horny


This happen about three weeks ago, can I just say our house is always open so people can just walk in when ever no one answers the door.

It was my day off the kids had gone to school my wife had left for work and I was just cleaning up after the morning rush. About 10am the phone rang, it was Lynda my sister inlaw asking if I would mind picking her son up from school as she was going to be late leaving work as the school is close by I said no problem lynda told me she would pick him up around 3.30.

As the day wore on I kept thinking about her big sexy ass and small tits she has red hair and a face I would love to spunk on, it all go to much so as I was sitting drinking a coffee I began to rub my cock as I was thinking dirtier and hornier thing about her. I pull my now rock hard cock out of my jeans and was imagining her hand and lips round the end it felt so good I had to slow down a few times so I didnt cum to soon I had my eyes closed and was getting closer by the second when I heard something as I opened my eyes Lynda was standing in the door way with her mobile phone filmimg my wanking.

As I tried to cover up all she said was what a good way to spend a day off, all I said was I could think of worst was to spend it, she smiled and looked at my softening cock and said to carry on because she wanted to see my spunk on my chest my cock surged back to life before she had chance to move closer she told me to stand up for while so she could get a better shot on her phone I forgot she was recording so that made me even hornier as I started to standup a drop of precum fell from the end of my now throbbing hard cock so I ran my finger over the end and put in my mouth I love the taste of my own cock as I did this she let out alow moan and said her husband would never do anything like that so I did it again she moved closer and told me to wank harder for her, my cock was so wet on the end it was making wet slapping sounds as I pumped it for her I could tell she was getting horny she was breathing harder not taking her eyes off my cock I asked her if she wanted to take over but she just told me to wank and spunk loads for her because again her hubby would never do it. By this time my jeans had fallen all the way down and I was playing with my balls she said she loved to see them and hoped they were full I said yes but not for much longer I sat back down and told her I wanted to see her pussy with her fingers deep inside it not today see said just spunk for me I was getting close and she could tell I was pumping my cock and rocking my hips all she kept saying was spunk for me now do it now with that it started to blow all over my chest my stomach some even landed on my face it was so strong as I opened my I eyes she was standing there still with her phone recording it all but her other hand was inside her jeans rubbing her pussy she came in about three seconds flat when she took her hand out I could see pussy juice all over her fingers I told her I wanted to taste it so she walked over to me wiped her fingers around her lips a kissed me once then said lick your lips your dirty man I did as I was told and she tasted fantastic she then kissed my check were the spunk had landed and licked it off saying I tasted fantastic too I pulled her to me and kissed her hard tasting my own cum on her lips as we broke from kissing she rubbed the cumm into my chest and said next time I want it on my chest what a woman she is.Later that day she rang me and told she had just had the best cum of her life watching the video back over and over again I told her i'll film her next time.

happy wanking I love my sister inlaw



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