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Sister in Law Helps Out

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When my wife's sister visited the other week, I asked for a small favor and got a big bonus.


My sister in law Alana was in town for a conference again, and I was pretty happy to see her. On her last visit while she sat at the dining room table, I worked in the kitchen, no more than few steps from her and in her direct line of sight, totally naked. Not only did she not object, she gave me her permission, as she 'had the time' before she had to leave. This encounter ended with me jacking my cock for her, while she sat, fully clothed, a foot away. For me, it was a dream come true.

So I was hoping for a repeat when Alana came this time, nothing more, though I wouldn't turn down the chance to take it slightly further.

Early that morning before the sun was even up, the day started heating up. It was recycling pickup day, so even though I was still soaking wet and wearing just my towel, as is my habit, I brought the bottles and such out the bin by the side of the house. As I moved through the gate I noticed that Alana was already in the shower, and that she had the blinds up. The shower is higher than the ground where I was standing, so I couldn't see her magnificent breasts or nipples. I had seen them on occasion over the years when she was nursing, and before that, when she showed off for me on a few occasions, all of which I've replayed in my mind, cock in hand, innumerable times. I quietly put the bags I was carrying in the bin, being careful not to clank the bottles, and moved over to the little garden wall near the window.

I didn't feel bad at all peeping on Alana, because, well, I know she didn't mind. Still, the fact that she, at least ostensibly, didn't know I was looking, made it all the more erotic. I watched as she soaped up her fabulous tits, spending a little extra time on her big and absolutely delicious nipples.

She turned off the water and I scurried back inside.

By this time I was hard, and the towel did little to hide that fact. Once inside I listened for Alana . . . she was still in the bathroom. I noticed that her clothes were laid out on her bed in the guest room, so, knowing she'd be out of the bath any moment, I hatched a quick plan.

I went into the guest room and pretended to be looking for something in the closet-a pair of pants I kept in there was my lie if pressed. As I mucked about, making enough noise to be noticed, I heard the bathroom door open and Alana come down the hall.

She, too, was wrapped in a towel, and said good morning. I made the pretense of apologizing for being in her room, but she dismissed it with a wave. No big deal.

As she arranged her clothes, clearly ready to get dressed, I struck up a conversation, intending nothing but to create an excuse for lingering in the room with my sexy sister in law long enough to see her naked.

I didn't have to wait long.

Alana sat on the edge of the bed, facing slightly away from me and undid her towel, letting it fall open onto the bed on which she sat.

I wandered back over into her direct line of sight, harder than ever and not hiding the fact and complemented her on her amazing boobs. 'Thank you,' she said.

It was apparently Alana's turn to give me a show, as she grabbed the bottle of lotion sitting on the bedside stand and pumped some into her hands, applying that first handful onto her shoulders and upper arms.

I commented to her how beautiful her nipples were and asked if they were sensitive. 'Oh, yes,' she replied, and I asked if I could get a closer look. 'Sure,' she said.

To be honest, I'd been imagining just this scenario for years, and there I was. I was going to make the most of it. I reached out, paused a moment to let her object, if she were going to, and then put my full hands on her big breasts and rubbed.

She moaned and closed her eyes.

I slid down onto the bed, laid my head in Alana's lap, and guided her right nipple into my lips, sucking firmly but eagerly. This was clearly rocking Alana's world, which made me very happy.

In the process of getting into position, my towel had come undone, which was fine by me.

So picture the scene. There we were, both naked, Alana sitting on the bed and the me laid out on my back nursing her big tits with my cock hard as a rock.

Luckily, the lotion was still within reach. I grabbed the bottle and motioned for Alana to put out her hand. She did, and I squeezed a big dollop of it into her palm.

She seemed to know what to do with it. She wrapped her hand around my big cock and started jacking me. She'd gotten glimpses, and more, of it over the years, and this was clearly a bit of a dream come true for her, as well.

As I sucked on her nipples, it started to sound to me as though Alana, amazingly, was moving toward a climax.

I was too. I peeked up and saw my sister in law staring at my cock as she jacked it, sliding and squeezing her slippery hand up and down it.

I was going to come, and by the sound of it, so was Alana. She started to make those rising noises that I love to hear and as she did, I informed her between sucks on her nipple, that I was coming. I watched her face as I did, her eyes growing wide as I shot first one then another shot of white come into the air, the first one landing on her chin and the second on her upper chest, as though she'd aimed it there.

It was all she could take and she started to come, stiffening underneath me as the waves of orgasm shook her, shuddering in the throes of what clearly was a huge one.

She let herself collapse back on the bed and I scooted over towards her, looking into her eyes and moving my lips to hers. Our mouths came together and opened, our tongues exploring each others' mouth for the first time.

We broke it off there, smiled, and proceeded to go about our day. Smiling.



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