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Sister-in-law Comes Over

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After reading the stories on here for so long, I finally got the nerve to 'arrange' my own situation....

A couple of weeks ago my wife had gone out of town with the kids to see a friend of hers from college. I was left throughout the weekend all by myself! Of course I had started thinking weeks ahead about what I would do and decided it was time to 'arrange' to have my sister-in-law over. 'Jen' is 30, not married, no kids and just recently got a GREAT boob job! She has a great little body and I love it when she comes over in the summer to swim! Last summer, after her boob job she came by and was laying out in her bikini and I could see the perfect outline of her pussy lips through her suit. Since that day I fantasized about Jen.

It's Friday night and I called Jen at work just to check in with her, nothing out of the usual. She asked what I was doing while I had the weekend to myself. Funny you should ask I said. I explained to her I was going to get a movie and just relax. She said, 'Mmmm that sounds like fun!' With that I followed with, 'Why don't you come by if you're not doing anything later?' To that she agreed and said she'd call me later. Well later came and by 9:00pm I had made it through one movie already.

I hear a car pull up outside and it's JEN! I let her in and greeted her with a big hug and I always make sure I place one of my hands near the top of her ass and pull her in tight. She said, 'Wow, you sure are friendly.' I asked her if she brought her suit and we could go in the spa if she'd like? She explained that she hadn't and I said, 'Well maybe you can just wear one of my t-shirts'. She laughed knowing that her new boobs would be well seen in a wet tshirt, but to my surprise she agreed. I warmed up the spa and got in and out came Jen in my t-shirt. Her legs looked awesome poking out of the bottom of my shirt and she slid herself deep into the spa. My cock was almost instantly hard. Here sat my sister-in-law, with nothing on but a t-shirt, in the spa.

We sat and talked for awhile, and she started to relax. It was kind of chilly out and we were laughing, talking about work, life, etc and then somehow we started talking about truth or dare. Since it was so cold out I told her it was my turn. She agreed and I asked, 'Truth or Dare'? She said, Truth! (wimp!) Anyway, I had enough courage and asked, 'So, do you ever masturbate?' She started laughing out loud and I said, 'what? I'm serious'! She finally gathered enough composure and to my pleasant surprise said she did. My cock almost jumped out of my shorts knowing for sure that she masturbated. Now, it was her turn. She asked me, 'Truth or Dare' and I responded, 'TRUTH!'. She said, 'I know you masturbate, but I want to know what you think about?!' I got a huge grin, because in my mind I was thinking that my answer would be, 'YOU!' Well, I decided to go for it, and told her, 'When I masturbate, I think of you!'

You should have seen her jaw drop when I told her and I thought, 'Uh oh, I'm busted!' She smiled at me and said, 'Funny, I think about you too!' OH MY GOSH!! I couldn't believe it. Right then, I slid over and put my arm around her and pulled her close and started making out with her. Her tongue tasted sooooo good!. I got brave and slid my hand up her t-shirt and started squeezing her thighs and edging closer to her pussy. She was sighing and groaning as I got closer, when she stopped me. Uh oh! She said, 'Let's go inside' which I didn't object to. Once inside she slid out of her t-shirt and walked up and slid me out of my shorts and my rock hard cock pointed straight up at her. She grabbed me and started to kiss me while reaching down and jerking my cock. My fingers found their way down to her wet pussy and I started rubbing up through her lips.

We made our way to the bedroom and I told her, 'I want to watch you masturbate with me' which she agreed she wanted the same. She laid back on the bed, with her legs spread wide where I could see everything! She played with her boobs and slid a finger down in between her lips and started pleasuring herself. The whole time she moaned with her eyes closed and told me what she was thinking about me doing to her. I couldn't help it anymore and was stroking so fast and furious I shot ropes of cum onto her stomach which she ran her fingers across and rubbed into her skin. We both collapsed into each other and locked in a kiss and fell asleep.

The next morning..... well let's just say, we pretty much fulfilled probably every fantasy we ever had about each other. To this day, we don't bring it up much, but those hugs at the door mean so much more!



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