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Sister-in-Law Caught Me

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A couple of weeks after I turned fourteen, an older married brother called me at home and asked me to babysit for an hour or two. I went to my hiding place and got my 8 x 10 picture of a naked woman that I used to jack off to. My brother's house was only a five minute bike ride from home so I pedalled over. It was Saturday and he was going to the market for the weekly groceries. He was alone so I assumed Marsha, his wife, was at work. He drove off and I went in to check on Jannie, my niece. She was sleeping peacefully, so I tiptoed out, shut the door and slipped into the master bathroom just down the hall.
The bathroom had a door at each end of the room. The one I entered came in from the hall, the other was the entry from the master bedroom. It was closed and I didn't go near it. I sat down on the edge of the bathtub, pulled my levis and shorts off and took out the picture of my naked jack off lady. It was a black and white of a woman full frontal with big saggy tits and a full dark pussy patch. I loved that picture and jacked off to it once or twice a day. I had my cock good and hard and was stroking slowly and steadily when the door at the other end of the room burst open. Much to my shock and surprise, my sister-in-law Marsha traipsed in. She had an old crusty looking tee shirt on but was naked from the waist down. She registered shock for a moment but continued to walk toward the commode in front of me. She plopped down and commenced to pee. Her hair was all disarranged and she wore no makeup. Her eyes were puffy and her nose was red and runny. She had a terrible cold!
I sat stunned with the picture in one hand and my rapidly softening cock in the other. She peed for another minute or so and took a wad of toilet paper in hand and wiped her hair-covered pussy. I watched as the paper spread her pussy lips as it swiped away her urine drops. My cock started to grow again. She stood up and spoke for the first time. ' Sorry to interrupt your important business but I just had to pee. Mind if I watch you at work?'
I was almost speechless but managed to mumble. 'I don't know if I can.'
She reached out and took the picture out of my hand and looked at it very carefully. 'You like floppy tits or hairy pussies best?'
'I like 'em both about the same I guess.' Was my reply.
She slipped the crusty old tee shirt off and stood stark naked in front of me. 'Do you like me as much as the picture?'
I choked out, 'You're much better.'
I had been standing with my hard cock in my hand when she brushed my hand away and started to slide her own up and down my teen age cock. I almost fell over, my knees were trembling so. She sensed the onset of my ejaculation and sped up her movements. I kept my eyes on her bobbing tits and let fly without uttering a word. She knew it was coming and aimed my cock at her hairy pussy. Two ropes of sticky cum landed in the hair and another splattered on her left thigh. A fourth dribbled into her ministering hand. She put the palm of her hand to her mouth and licked the blob of cum off. She smiled and said. 'Doesn't taste bad. Almost as good as your brother's. You ever taste it?'
'Uh no but I've smelled it.' Was my feeble reply.
'Lick some of the spot on my thigh.' She commanded.
I bent over as ordered and licked the white goo off her thigh. It wasn't offensive tasting and slipped down rather easily. She watched me for a reaction and when I didn't make a face she spoke. 'Remember this. Women like to see a man willing to do the things they expect women to do for them. Don't ever ask one to do something you won't do yourself. They'll love you for it and do anything to please you.'
With that, she turned on her heel and strode out of the bathroom and shut the door behind her. Before I could do anything else, she opened the door again and spoke to me. 'I won't mention this to anyone if you don't.' I nodded my agreement and she backed away and reclosed the door.
An hour or so later, my brother returned from shopping. I helped him unload the groceries and put them away. Jannie slept through all this and I checked on her once more, then got on my bike and went home. I went immediately to my room, shut the door and got naked. I jacked off twice more with the image of Marsha in my mind's eye. I guess I've jacked off a couple hundred times thinking of her since then. She's my favorite jack off lady now!



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