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Sister in Law

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A Fantasy comes true


My wifes sister, we will call her Kate, is a few years older, a little heavier but has a great shaped arse and a larger chest than my wife. We've known each other for years and holiday together frequently yet I've never had a good look at her body as she keeps her ample assets well hidden in her very sensible swimsuits. Recently we were off on holiday with Kate again, her husband was not joining us for a few days so it was just the three of us. We had a busy day sightseeing and not long after we eventually returned to our holiday villa my wife headed for bed leaving Kate and myself watching tv.

It had been a nice day and though it was getting late I was just wearing a loose fitting pair of shorts an t-shirt whilst Kate wore a short summer skirt that rested about mid thigh and a t-shirt. There was a movie on the tv which I would describe as soft porn and one of the actresses in particular was making me more than a little excited. At one point I looked over at Kate and she just smiled. After that I couldn't get the image of Kate naked like the girl on the screen out of my head, and I had to shift more than once on the couch to stay comfortable.

At this point I should say that both Kate and myself were sitting at opposite ends of a couch and her legs were stretched from her corner towards me. I eventually ventured another glance and Kate appeared to have dozed off, which she often tended to do. I gave it a few minutes and looked again and she hadn't moved so I reached in and pulled out my cock and slowly started to stroke it, my eyes quickly darting from the screen to Kate and back again in such a way that I could get myself tucked back in again quickly if she stirred.

Eventually though I got braver and pulled my shorts down a bit and gave my cock a bit more room whilst I kept stroking it. A particularly hot moment on screen caught my attention and I was only stirred when I heard a sound of movement from my right, I almost panicked as I was fairly well exposed by now. I looked towards Kate but her eyes were still closed but now her left leg had moved up and out to the side. She was exposing a clear view of her thong that had been pushed to one side to expose her fantastic pussy lips.

Well I could hardly control myself, I stroked my cock, imagining that Kates hand was gripping the shaft. I closed my eyes as I felt the pressure build up in my cock and when I opened them this time Kate was looking directly at me, one hand had slipped down to her pussy whilst the other disappeared under her t-shirt. We both masturbated until I could hold on no longer and I shot several ropes of cum, one of which landed on Kate foot. She got up, grabbed a few tissues from a box next to the couch, wiped her foot, handed me the rest and said you might need these and then said I'm off to bed.

She left me sitting there with a rapidly deflating cock and wondering if I had just been dreaming. The next morning nothing was said by either of us about the night before but later on myself and Kate headed out to a local shop for some supplies. On the way she eventually broke the silence to say thank you, she had been dreaming about this happening on many occasions and I admitted that I had jerked off to the thoughts of her many a time. We both admitted it was a one off and wouldn't be mentioned again but it has to get documented somewhere and where better than here.



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