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Sister and Friend

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It was the summer of my third year in high school and for some reason, I didn't work that day. I have two sisters and this story is about the youngest, Brenda, then age 13 and her girlfriend Diana.

Brenda at the time was very thin and not yet too developed and yet, seemed to be developing quite rapidly. Her girlfriend Diana was VERY developed for her age. Diana, because she was around all the time was more like a sister to me then anything else.

Both girls loved to play games with me. Tease me a lot and got into tickling me whenever they had a chance. They would gang up on me and try and hold me down and tickle me all over. Oh, I'd play like I couldn't get up and get a few free 'feels' every time.

This one time, the three of us alone in the house, the tickling started again but this time I managed to get away and run to my parent's bedroom which is what I had planned. Yes, both came at me again and the three of us tumbled on the bed with them tickling me and me tickling them. For several minutes, we tumbled and grabbed and I grabbed my fair share of Diana's breasts while she squealed and did her best to tickle me all over with Brenda doing the same.

At one point, I got between Diana's legs but on my knees with her positioned under me. Tickling her, I got really bold and ran my right hand between her legs and as she had a skirt on, her panties soon came into contact with my right hand. Because of a female cousin that lived next door, I was knowledgable about what and where a clitoris is and started rubbing in that area with a couple of fingers. Up and down and around the top of her mons. All the while, my sister on my back trying to tickle me but by this time, I was so worked up, I really didn't feel her tickling all that much.

It was but a very short time and suddenly, Diana's legs opened wide for me and she drew her legs up with her knees next to her head, giving me full access to her cunt. I am not sure but about the same time, my sister got off my back and just sat on the edge of the bed watching. I knew she was there and knew she was watching and knew what I was doing was wrong or at least was raised that it was and yet, here I was, rubbing the vaginal area of Diana with my sister watching in awe.

Diana's body started rocking with my rubbing and in just a very short time, her moaning started as she rocked faster and faster, her eyes closed very tight. Her panties were getting very wet and without really realizing it, I managed to get under the leg elastic and apply direct stimulation on her now soaking cunt, rubbing her clit.

This may have gone on for a minute or two but not much longer, I think because I was so turned on and yet so scared at the same time. When all at once, Diana grabbed my hand and held it harder on her clit and rocked into an orgasm where she literally bucked her ass a good foot off the bed and cried out so loud I was afraid somebody outside might hear us, and then it was over.

Suddenly I was scared to death. Oh, I was 17 and she was just 13 and what would she say? What would Brenda say for that matter? They said nothing to anybody else as it turned out.

A week later, together again, I was in no mood for the 'tickling' game and still concerned about the previous event. Sitting at the kitchen table, the three of us drinking a soda and Diana brought up the previous incident and told me, in front of my very embarassed sister that they often got off to orgasms with their hands but this one was the best ever for her. She then wanted to see me masturbate, much to the chagrin of my little sister. NO WAY. Begging, pleading and finally veil threats and I did. But, I was in the bathroom, standing by the sink while both stood outside the door and watched. Yes, it was one super ejaculation for me. Never happened again though, but that's OK too.



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