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Sister and Brother Learning about Sex

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I hope you all enjoy the ecstasy of masturbating together. If you don't, it's time to START! You're missing out on the most intimate of sexual activities.


When I was 13 and my Brother was 14 we began noticing our bodies were maturing. We had separate bedrooms with a bath in between and had been rather private with nudity or undressing in front of each other but had seen each other now and then when one of us was in the bathroom when we forgot to lock the door. It was really no big deal as at the time we had no sexual thoughts while we were growing up. However, as our hormones began to come into play and we naturally became more curious about our bodies.

Sex hadn't been discussed with us by either of our parents and neither of us had dated so I thought to myself, what better way for us to learn about our bodies than from each other. My breasts had developed to a cute 34 B and now by then I had noticed a bulge in his shorts.

After one of us showered we would usually brush our teeth and comb our hair while the other came in to shower so we had glimpses of each other quite often. Once in awhile when I was at the sink I was wrapped in a towel it periodically would loosen and slip off and he might have noticed but didn't mention it, nor did I.

One day my year older best friend at school and I were talking about boys and sex and she asked if I had learned to masturbate and I said yes. She then asked, 'What about your Brother, have you ever caught him jerking off?' I said, 'He probably is as he is staying in the shower much longer than usual but I have never caught him'. She asked, 'Have you and your Brother ever seen each nude or talked about sex?' When I said no, she told me recently she had caught her Brother jerking off and they were now watching each other masturbate whenever they had the chance.

Later, I started thinking..... Dan and I had always been open with each other so why not talk with him? We had really never seen each other nude since we were five or six, much less talked about masturbation and sex so what better was to learn than from each other?

The next day after I showered, he came in for his. I was wrapped in my towel and went to my bedroom but did not get dressed. That day we were in sort of a hurry to leave so I knew he would be out of the shower pretty quickly. When I heard the water turn off I opened the door and told him there was something I wanted to ask. He came out of the shower wrapped in a towel and I asked him to come to my room for a minute. Our parents had already left so we had some private time.

I talked with him about what my friend had said she learned from her Brother and I wondered if he world be willing to do it with me? He blushed but I could see he was interested as his rising towel was beginning to show he was excited. I said, 'We haven't seen each other totally nude since we bathed together when were small children and I felt it was time we learned more about each other '. I told him I would like to learn more about our bodies and talk about sex with him as I didn't want to eventually have to learn from boys when I started dating.

With that I opened and dropped the towel I had been wearing and said, 'OK, your turn'. As he dropped his towel his eyes focused on my nude body and I could see his dick began to rapidly rise! As we stood silently inspecting our nude bodies I told him I learned to masturbate and I said I felt sure he did as I thought I had caught him jerking off in the shower and I wanted to learn how he did it and I would masturbate with him so we could learn from each other. I then said, 'Dan, I know you'd love to feel me so I'll let you go first and I'll do you next, OK?'

Thinking back, I could see his five inch dick pulsate with every heart beat. If he had jerked off right then he would have cum in five seconds! Fortunately he didn't and he slowly began to feel my breasts, he kissed and licked my nipples then moved to inspect my waiting pussy. I spread the lips for him to show him my clit and told him that's what I rubbed to get off. He started to rub it then slid his finger down my wetness and inserted it in my pussy. I let out a low moan and said, 'We'd better stop here before you make me cum so I can check you out too'.

We lay down and I rubbed my hands over his chest and down his stomach to his throbbing dick. By this time we were both eager to watch each other masturbate. I gently held and slowly stroked his dick and felt his balls and decided before I accidentally made him cum it was time for us to lie down.

I showed him how to stimulate my clit and he showed me how he liked to jerk off. In a short time the masturbating words came into play. He was finger fucking my pussy and rubbing my clit, the way I had shown him I liked, as I began beating him off. I did ask him to go a little slow so we wouldn't end up with a one minute quickie. Since this was our first time neither couldn't last before we were close to cumming.

I finally told him I was close to cumming but said I wanted to see him shoot off before I climaxed. In only seconds as I was watching him cum my body immediately tensed and I had an orgasm beyond what I had ever experienced.

We continued to mutually masturbate once or twice a week which progressed to eventually learning about other things but saved fucking for when we married. From there we began dating and our episodes slowed down to only once or twice a month.

We finally married our sweethearts and raised families. When we did get together later for family reunions we touched each other in special places when no one was looking. I winked and we both mentally reminisced about our exciting, 'learning about masturbation and sex episodes'.

I hope those who have been reading were not an only child as you missed an unbelievable never to be forgotten growing up period my Brother and I enjoyed. Since I learned how I've never gotten over the excitement of seeing and tasting cum!!! I hope you all enjoy the ecstasy of masturbating together. If you don't, it's time to START! You're missing out on the most intimate of sexual activities.

If you enjoyed my story let me know. There's more to CUM!



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