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Sister Act

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Every word, every feeling exactly how it happened. This was and still is the most erotic thing that ever happened to me (so far anyway) I am 20 now.


Having a kid sister can be a pain in the ass. Not only was she always the 'pretty, sweet little girl' but the moment she started to develop it was like my parents built a whole little world around her that let her get away with anything. If she was a little shit to me it was 'That time of the month, Allan. We must make allowances' Of course, Jessica played this for all it was worth. She also started to flash herself at me. Sitting with her legs open. Padding around the house in just a bra and panties. It didn't turn me on, but she did it just to make me feel uncomfortable.

Then, one day, it seemed to change. There was nothing I can identify as being the difference. She was just, well, different. This particular weekend, our parents had gone to stay with friends leaving Jess and me together. Naturally, I had to babysit so bang went my weekend. Jess had done her usual thing of spending most of the day wearing as little as possible and at one point had even gone topless in the garden. She came into the house like that for a drink and stayed in the kitchen with me. She seemed totally unembarrassed but also, for a change she wasn't saying the usual stuff 'Allan, do you think my boobs are growing.....Allan, do you think my ass looks good' and other stuff I had to endure for ages.

She sat there drinking her milkshake and then dribbled some. It landed with a little splash on her breast which in turn made the nipple hard. She scooped it up with her finger and licked it off. I couldn't believe it, but I was hard in a heartbeat. Jess carried on talking to me about her school and the usual babble. (Damn, Jess can talk to Olympic standard!) Then, she walked around me and flung her arms round me and said 'Allan, your the best brother a girl could have.' She hugged me hard and I could feel those tiny but hard breasts pushing into me. Then, she just took my hand and put it on her right breast. I didn't move it either. I cupped her little breast and gave a small squeeze. She took in a gasp and laid her head on my shoulder. My heart was racing. Although I was harder than I had been for a while, I didn't feel, well, sexual towards her.

I don't know what I felt. I teased her nipple and felt her breast for a while. All the time her breathing deepened and then I let my hand drift down over her tummy and to what I discovered were not bikini bottoms, but just a plain old pair of white cotton panties. I slipped my hand between her legs and I felt her open them for me. She was warm and moist there and my thumb knuckle found her clit. She started to push gently against my knuckle and then I felt her hand on my bulge. NOW I felt sexy towards her. But this was so SO wrong. I stopped and pulled away. Jess said 'Allan. Look. I have been playing with myself since I was 12. I want to know what it's like to be touched by someone else and I don't trust anyone but you.'

She lay her head down again and I guess she had left the decision to me. The next thing I was aware of was my hand reaching inside her panties, over a very light and fluffy downy pubic hair and then between two swollen, puffy lips. Her clit was harder than my girlfriends ever got and felt like a little dick. And holy SHIT was it sensitive. In fact, she couldn't take too much direct touching. I felt between her legs and just a little way inside her, I could feel her hymen. I could actually feel the little hole in it too. I could have pushed my finger in there without tearing her but I decided that would be too much so I returned my attention to her clit and her pussy lips around it. Meanwhile she had got my dick out of my shorts and was jacking me slowly but full length and firmly. Soon, I felt her start to tremble. 'Ohh Allan, your gonna make me cum in my panties... please... don't stop... talk to me... talk dirty to me' I told her she was a dirty little slut who needed a cock in her cunt at which point she shuddered and moaned. I felt my hand covered in wetness. (Later I discovered that she had wet herself) Meanwhile her jacking had got me to the point too and I said to ther 'Jess, I'm gonna cum too, You better stop' She didn't instead she just went for it and a huge load erupted from me. It arced high in the air and splattered on her tummy and her panties.

After, we talked about it and she said we couldnt ever do it again, which I was relieved about because I didn't want to either. But that was only then, at the time. A few days later, she wanted the same thing again, and a couple of months after, when our parents went away again, we shared a bed the whole weekend. Definately NOT for this site though. Jess knows I am writing this and she said she will put her side of it here too.



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