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Sis's Friend

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Sis's Friend
Hey this is my story..and a good one too....
Anyways I'm 16 almost 17 and im a big fan of jacking off...its the greatest---that is until yoiu do the Real Thang. Anyways I have a pretty traditional family...mom, dad, older bro, me , and a sister whose 2 years younger than me. My relationship with my brother was good..we were friendly and he occasionally picked up beer for me and my friends. My parents are cool...they trust me alot more than my bro just becuase of trouble hes been in. My sister was pretty cool alittle annoying and she had a crush on just about every guy who i was friends with.
Anyway at the time i was just bout to turn 16 in the summer about 3 weeks before school let out. She was in 8th grade ( a big shot cuz she was graduating middle school) while my sorry ass was taking finals in my sophmore year of high school. It was a friday afternoon...i had taken the bus home to study for finals..my sister had a friend coming over to hang out. I ignored both of them like i usually do but i made note that my sis's friend wasnt that bad looking. I saw her sitting there wearing jean shorts..a whitiish shirt covered with a zipper sweater she had some nice tits for her age..I'm guess round a B i had seen bigger though..much bigger...but the one thing that did stand out were her legs. Now im a sucker for legs i love em she had nice ones...they werent skinny legs but werent fat they were perfect..but i continued down the isle of the bus like nothing happened. I started thinking of my sisters friend on the bus and i kinda got a hard-on but i covered it up like nothing happend.
So we get off the bus..me my sis and her friend and go inside. The dog greeted me and i continued on to say hello to my mom who was on the phone with my bro who had broken his wrist playing a soccer game. Sucks for him. Anyway i through my back pack in my room ( which was also in the basement...there was a tv room and a door leading into my small but comfy room) i went upstairs and grabbed a bite to eat. My mom told me she and my dad had to go to the college and then to the hospital to care for my brother and that i was to watch my sister..but she said i could have a friend over if i wanted. I of course was pissed cuz i had wanted to go out tonite and chill but now i couldnt. So i stormed downstairs to watch tv only to find my sister and her friend playing sega on the tv...i of course asked them if i could watch tv and that they move but my sister said NO so i retreated to my room and began calling people to see if they wanted to chill but they were all heading into the next town over to go to some drinking party...now i felt bad..so i went to the unfinished part of the basemetn and began hitting the punching bag ( i never do this unless im mad sorta a stress reliver) my sister came back and asked if i would stop cuz it was loud i said yes cuz she asked nicely and my sister yelled Kritsin has a crush on my brother!!'
(kristin was her friend) Kristin then told my sis to shut up and they began yelling at each other i felt good just because my little friend thought i was good looking...anyways gettin back to it over a overheard convo between the two i found out that she really liked me and wanted to hook up i thought of this as kinda a joke until my sis explained that shed been sneaking pics of me to her. so i guess she was a bit obssesed. anyway my sis started making calls to girls she wanted to come and sleep over...against my mothers approval. She said she was gonna walk to one friends house and that friends mom would drive her the rest of the ways...kristin was in no mood to walk and didnt want to give up time to be near me i guess. so my sis left and me and kristin were watching tv together. so, as to tease her a bit, i ask her if she had a boyfriend..she said no i was like oh how come and her response was cuz guys thinkn im a slut i was shocked she looked like a perfect angel but obviously not so our convo continued for bout 5 mins and i began looking her up and down and getting a bit arrosed from her since she sorta talked dirty like she said she had given a guy a bj once and she didnt really like him that much though...so i asked her what she would do with a guy she really liked and she said absolutly anything ...BINGO
so i poped the question..do you really like me(moving a bit closer) she said yes and her cheeks got a bit red from embarresment...so i said you know youre really hot she said thanks and our eyes met i leaned forward and kissed her lips gently then pulled away to see if there was a reactions she smiled and returned the favor by slipping her tongue in my mouth...so there we were makiing out on the couch in my basement..me and 13 yearold kristin we exchanged tongue kisses for bout 5 mins before i started moving my hands round her body. i moved my hands down her shoulder to her tits which i gently felt through the clothes then down to rub her tight ass. she then removed her sweater and i said do u wanna go to my room? she nodded yes and we held hands and went in i locked the door and turned on my lava light * the girls love em* she sat on the bed while i removed my shirt but then she got up and started kissing my chest and my neck i stood there with a huge boner...she obviosly sensed that --- then she took off her whitsh shirt and revealed her cotton push-up bra and i immediatly dove in kissing and sucking her breatst which were a bit firm then i licked her stomach chest and while on my kness pulled her jean pants down i starred at her to make sure she was ok with it which thank god she was and i kissed the place where her thigh met her panties and breathed hot breath onto her panties...then i began to undo my pants then i pulled them down showing my boxers with a huge buldge in them i pulled those down and she starred at them in amazment so then she pulled her panties down and i saw the nicest looking pussy ever...tight and no hair.... i made her lie down and began kissing her whole body and licking in and out of her pussy...she in return licked my balls and sucked and massaged my cock..she didnt have any experience so i helped her out a bit n showed her what to do then i took my cock and slowly shoved it in her tight clit...it was the greatest senstation ever...a jolt of warm flesh against my cock fell good and she moaned and panted and breathed heavily...i stuck it in and out a few times almost ready to bust my load. i pulled out and jacked off the cum into a plastic cup...she didnt want it ( i dont blame her) then both of us on our knees on my bed pulled each other close and began to kiss again we eventually lied down and made out naked o my bed for about 5 mins more then i decided we should stop incase my sister came home...so we both got dressed and returned to watchign tv but still kissing until my sis came home then seperated like we were before and that nothing happened...
Well we both kept it a secret for bout a 6 months until we finalyy started dating...me a junior and her a freshman now we are both serious bout each other but that was a good day



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