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Sis Jacked my Bone Off

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Sis jacked my bone off
Here's what happened to me ... it all started because my big sister saw I had a boner thru my sweat shorts once, I guess it turned her on and got her curious, because it turns out she wanted to see it. She wanted me to pull my shorts down and show her my stiff dick ... what a turn on! I had just turned 17, back then I was a pretty good sized guy, played football, I was 6'2", 230 lbs and muscular (still am) ... not a bad lookin' guy, and the girls liked me. But I was very shy, I didn't get to meet many girls let alone get to fool around with many of them... I was eager as all get out, but not very aggressive ... but I was painfully shy and so girls were hard for me to get with. I also had, and still, have, the sex drive of a bull in rut. I'd get an erection just looking at a girl in a small bikini ... and I'd have to jack off at least 3-4 times daily for relief. If I was extremely aroused I'd jack off 4-5 times in less than an hour ... blow one load after another.. some times three big loads off the same erection.
My sister Sandi was 18, a new freshman at San Diego State University, was more outgoing and wild than me by a long shot, used bad language, acted like a worldly slut, but she and I were close and shared much. She is 5'2", dish water blonde hair, like me she has very bright green eyes, really built too, big round tits, and a gorgeous round bubble butt. When home alone (not often) we often got together to gossip about girlfriends, boyfriends, sharing secrets. We really only felt comfortable sharing intimate details with each other, I guess because we only trusted each other. It was all innocent. I knew she had had boyfriends and I was sure she had sex with some of them from some of the things she'd say, I'd kind of ask about that and how it felt to get screwed, I even asked her once if she ever sucked cock or had her pussy eaten.
She'd just giggle and smile and avoid answering directly. Only one girl, Carol, ever let me rub her pussy thru her shorts and I remember how she squirmed and moaned, the scent of wet pussy, how the crotch of her shorts felt damp, how I got a huge erection and how she gripped it thru my pants, jerked it hard, and finally how I blew my load in off in my jeans, what a mess ... she never let me feel her bare pussy or finger her. But it felt so good and it turned me on to no end, so I was drivencrazywanting to stick my bone inanygirls sweet honey hole and pump her full of my cum.
Sis had never seen my cock before, let alone my cock hard, she'd seen me in my jock shorts going to or from the shower, she knew I was a very healthy fella from seeing the bulge in my jock shorts, as I told you, I pack huge pair of balls, big low heavy hangers ... as sis later put it, "looks like yer hiding a pair small lemons in those there shorts!" ... lol. The first few times she caught me in my shorts I was embarrassed, but after a while I didn't mind and was pretty nonchalant about it, as a matter of fact I kind of enjoyed her checking out my package. The times she caught me in my jock shorts she stared openly at my bulge, but the bulge was more balls than dick as my dick is normal sized when its down. I'd 'catch' her in her bra and panties coming or going to the shower, getting dressed or whatever ... she didn't seem to mind me looking at her in her underwear at all so I think she enjoyed it too ... and I remember thinking at the times when I did catch her what great tits and ass she had, and what a huge turn on it was seeing her pussy mound and the dark pussy hair thru the fabric of her panties... whew! I think she was letting me 'catch' her, and I guess I was letting her 'catch' me. I knew something was going on with me as every time I saw my sister in her bra and her big tit clevage jiggling around, her ass bouncing and swaying in her panties or bathing suit, or especially her pussy thru her panties ... my cock meat would ache and get so swollen fat ... where in years before seeing her in her underwear hadn't even fazed me. Anyway, living with all girls I (I had three younger step-sisters too) in a small house, these things are going to occur to some degree or another, if anything just out of curiosity, we all wanted to see what each other had ... it was exciting.
One day mom and younger sisters were gone, Sandi had been to her girlfriends house and together they had gone down to the beach, which was only a few blocks away from where we lived. Me, I had just finished a football practice and had come home, showered, put on a clean pair of gray sweatshorts, but I never wore jock shorts under them when at home and relaxing. No shirt either, heck it was summer time in San Diego! I had eaten something, was in my own bedroom just laying there on the bed doing what I always did when home alone back then, fantasizing about screwing some girl I knew or had seen at the beach. I was on my knees, shorts down, and stroking my bone hard, I had a bath towel on the bed to catch my cum loads... I liked seeing how long I could hold my bone before shooting, how far my spurts could shoot and how many spurts I could pop on a load. I jacked off so much by then I could now hold my bone a long, long time before roping my load ... my cum spurts would shoot up to three feet away ... and I averaged 7-8 big, thick spurts of gizz per ejaculation ... shoot watching my huge cum spurts shooting so far turned ME on! ...lol. My cum shots were so intense it felt like like the end of my dick was blowing off! Anyway, I'm pounding my bone when I heard someone come home. I paniced as I had this raging boner ready to shoot and my sisters had a habit of not knocking on my bedroom door before barging in, so I pulled my shorts back up & rolled over on my stomach to hide my erection. Sure enough my door pops open and there's Sandi ... "Hey what's up?" she says. "Oh nuthin' sis, just resting ... been to the beach huh?", was all I could come up with. I remember she was in her tiny little white bikini and had a big beach tote bag over her shoulder, and I stole a quick look at her crotch, her pussy mound bulging thru her bikini bottoms. She gave me the weirdest look, glancing at me, then at the towel ... back at me .... then said with a little smile, "Yeah, went with Kirsten ... hey, come in my room and talk, I think Kirsten likes you. I'll tell ya what she said", and with that she turned and went into her bedroom across the hall. I recall thinking ..."Wow. Her ass looks great" ... it turned me on, all I could do was shake my head at myself for thinking the thoughts I was thinking. Waiting a minute or so until my erection had mostly subsided to just a fat slab of meat, I got up and just walked right into sis's bedroom, guess I wasn't ever much for knocking either ... lol. I was excited about hearing that this girl Kirsten liked me, as Kirsten was gorgeous and I'd always had the screamin' hots for her, but, I was too shy to go for it, I didn't think she'd go for me anyway. I know now I had severe self-confidence problems back then when it came to the opposite sex, other than my sister. Anyway, I moved across the hall and pushed opened sis's door, went in, and closed the door behind me as I always did, top secret stuff ya know? I walked in and stood there, sis was sitting on the bed as she always did, one leg sprawled out to one side hangin' over the side of the bed, the other leg bent and her foot up under her bottom. I just stood there motionless and silent for a moment, staring at her tits, but she was staring at me too as I stood there shirtless in just my sweatshorts. She had a strange look, her eyes were flicking from my face to my swollen bulge in my sweat shorts ... her look was kind of like, "Seeing you in a new light bro" kinda look. She was slowly taking my whole body in from head to toe ... then as usual, she patted the bed with her hand for me to sit ... so I moved over and joined her on the bed in our old, familiar gossip positions, me on my knees on the bed, kinda sitting back on my heels, knees apart, hands on my thighs, and I quickly asked her, "What did Kirsten say? She said shelikesme!?"
She began telling me first how she thought Kirsten was only using her to get to meet me, that she didn't like that, but yeah, Kirsten said she liked you, and so on and so on. I was listening raptly, but I was taking in sis's half naked body the whole time ... her big ole tits looked like they were going to fall out of her top, straining hard against that lil bikini top bra thing ... that top was really being put to the test holding those beauties back, for sure. My eyes lingered a bit on where her big nubs of nipples were slightly protruding, showing thru the flimsy white fabric. ".... do ya like her, wanna meet her, go out or sumthin', whaddya think Gary?" her voice droned on. Catching myself, my eyes flicked back up to hers, "Yeah, I think I'd like to meet her, but do ya think she's trying to go thru me to get to one of MY friends?" I answered stupidly, my eyes wandering back to sis's tits, I'd never really seen so much naked tit before, not even at the beach... is her top that small, or down too far? I was checking out her body pretty openly, noticing her smooth tummy, her 'innie' navel, fine peach fuzz hair on her tummy, on her thighs too I noticed, hair so fine I could only see it because of the angle of the sun light coming thru the window ... wow ... that was a turn on ... but my heart almost stopped when my eyes fell on sis's wide open crotch. Sis's crotch bulged, her pussy mound seemed to be pushing out against the thin fabric of the crotch of her bikini bottom, sis's pussy mound looked so soft ... but what drove me wild was that that sitting the way she had, well, it pulled the narrow white crotch of her bikini bottom slightly to one side. Wisps of brown silken pubic hair were curling out from the edge of the crotch of her bikini ... I could see the slightly darker flesh of labia, sis's sweet meat ... groan. Seeing what I was seeing, well, I swallowed, began breathing rapidly, I got extremely aroused. I couldn't help it, no way I could help it ... blood surged into my cock meat engorging it ... my dick became quickly fat and swollen, I was getting a boner. Sis had hardly taken her eyes from mine as she talked and I know now she had been watching me stare at her pussy the whole time, yet she had never moved an inch from her spread position. I was beginning to burn red in the face as my boner came up, I began squirming ... I was on my knees in such a way as I could not hide it, nor move to hide it without her seeing ... as a matter of fact I was in the worst possible position as I was totally exposed. Her eyes flicked down to my sweat shorts and froze ... locked onto my bulge. My cock was at full blown raging boner... here right in front of my sister is almost nine inches of big, thick (it's 7 1/2" around), hard bone pushing out and straining hard against the fabric of my sweat shorts. My cock knob was up to my waistband and the head would have showed had my erection not been angled to one side. I was mortified, felt my face burning red hot as she stared at the erection in my shorts. Her voice trailed off, stuttering ... her words coming lower now, "... so Gar, she wants ta ... ta go out with you, maybe ... um ... uh ... I can have her ... come over here to visit, you guys can ... get together...", and then she fell silent. After what only could be a millisecond, she giggled and spoke, "Maaaaan.... whadda fuckin' boner!" On my knees like I was, my boner jutted out strongly as my pelvis was thrust forward ... I was starting to arise and get away as fast as I could, embarrassed, I stammered out something like, "S so sorry sis, can't help it ... I ... I ...", then I started giggling! She cut me off, and blurted out, "Lookin' at my pussy werencha? My pussy got yer dick hard huh?" I froze ... all I could manage was a weak assed, "Yeahhh ... I was ... ". "You've never seen a pussy before? Not with any of your girlfriends huh? Man 'o man." "N No ... no, never ..." face blushing with embarrassment. "Wait a minute Gar ... ". Her words weren't angry, or offended, they were casual ... just like an observation, so cool ... but it goes without saying that I was really really self concious ... lol. All of a sudden after all this time she begins confiding in me about sexual things ... "Umm, well ... don't worry, I've seen a guys boner before. It wasn't as big as yours ... you gotta big one. My boyfriends I let do it to me ... they only stick it in and go in and out two or three times before they cum ... it feels good", she said as her eyes continued to flick from my face to my hard on ... and I saw her tongue slip across her lips, wetting them, I don't think she knew she even did that ... "one guy, all I did was touch it, put my hand around his hardon and he began shooting cum ...." she was rambling on in increasing excitement. I could tell sis was turned on, and her soft, breathing-hard rambling was calming me down and relaxing me from my initial worry. All of a sudden she said something like, "You jack off a lot dontcha? Tell me, I won't say nuthin' ta nobody. You know, I know you were jackin' off when I came home ..." she went on as casually as if we were speaking of a prom thing, but she was talking more huskily, rapidly, aroused, excited. "Y Yea Yeah ... alot...", I groaned. I was now staring brazenly at her crotch, sis allowing me to look at her crotch all I wanted, she even opened wider as I saw her move her knee on the bed back more, which pulled the crotch of her bikini farther over, exposing more pussy, more cunt hair for me ... whew! I'm thinking how it would feel to have my bone stuck in there, buried in her pussy .... my bone was one of those ragers, so stiff it hurts, a feel good hurt, but almost like it is going to burst you know? The cock knob throbbing and pounding, I was transfixed, staring boldly now, I moved my hand down and gripped my bone thru my shorts and was squeezing it. Sis was biting her lower lip as she spoke again, "Bet it feels real good huh? Jacking off? Cuz you prolly shoot a lot of cum, you got big balls bro ... I can tell ... so you prolly got a lot of cum in yer balls, shoot a lot of cum huh?" Her words were turning me ON, almost putting me in a frenzy. Groaning I began to slowly jerk my bone thru my shorts ... I knew now she was liking this, and it was okay, and I wanted to know what she'd say or do next. "Oh yeah ... f feels so good sis, it shoots out in big spurts ... so much ... ", cutting me off, she blurted out, "Lemme see your boner, k?... it's a fuckin' big one ... I wanna see yer big dick, show me yer boner... I ain't gonna tell anybody." The only way I can describe that moment, is absolutely electrifying. I was excited and aroused beyond words, I almost couldn't speak, but I gasped out, "Y Yeaah ..... sure sis.... sure ... I'll take my shorts off and show you my boner if you take your bottoms off and show me your pussy ... I won't tell nobody either!" She immediately responded, "Okay ... okay I will!.... wanna see my titties too?!"
So, sis had asked me, actuallytoldme, to show her my boner. On my knees, I slowly pushed my shorts down ... god I was beside myself with excitement ... I breathlessly watched sis, because at the same time, with a shocking eagerness, she rolled backwards on to her back, put her legs in the air, delicious lil ass squirming, legs flailing, and wriggled out of her swim suit bottom. As my shorts went down my boner sprung up stiffly, bobbing up and down slowly, balls flopping down heavily, hanging low and loose ... I stopped pushing my shorts down at my knees as I was still on my knees and could go no further, I was flustered a moment, not wanting to take my eyes off of sis's nakedness for a single second, but then went ahead and got off the bed and took my shorts off the rest of the way. There I stood, I moved my feet wide apart so my balls could hang and swing free, leaned back a little and jutted my erection out towards her, veins bulging boner arching up at an angle, big cock knob flared and purpling... it was so fucking hard you could've hung a bath towel off of it and it would have still stayed at its angle ... lol. Kicking out of her bottoms my sister, on her back, rose back to a sitting, cross-legged indian-style positon, then proceeded to reach back and unfasten her top. It fell loose, her big creamy white mounds of tits welling out and falling loose ... they were big! Her nipples were pink stubs, sticking out proudly, they were hard and erect, I was awestruck. She then slowly leaned back to resting on her elbows, raised her knees, and spread her legs far apart, as she did so her eyes locked on to my jutting, big knobbed boner. Wide eyed, she gasped out, "omigod ... what afuckingdick ... it's huge!... wadda fuckin' dick!... wow!" Me, I was speechless, a feeling just siezed me. Standing there, looming over my throughly aroused sister in all of my 6'2", 230 lbs. of hard muscled nakedness with a huge erection, well, I felt ... so masculine ....powerful. Sis was squeezing her tits, fondling them, appearing that she was doing so absentmindedly to me, because she kept staring at my cock and rapidly speaking in gasps ... "wow ... you gotta body ... your fuckin' balls are HUGE, even bigger than I thought, fuck Gar... " she was gasping at me. It was those moments really, with those excited, uninhibited words, that I finally gained my self-confidence. Me, I gaped at sis's wide open crotch, it was so full of dark brown hair ... it was beautiful ... fat, thick, fleshy lips, it was so hairy ... wisps of hair disappeared into the crack of her ass ... her pussy glistened wet ... wet sis... ohhh man. "Gar, yer big dick ... yer girlfriend ever suck on it for you?", she groaned. "No, no ... not yet ...", I had been stroking my boner from balls to knob as I stared at sis's wet, hairy cunt. "She should suck that big dick ... I would." Her hand slipped down to between her legs and she began rubbing her pussy very slowly ... "I'm wet ... ya got me wet ... wet so a dick can slide in me ... I like being fucked" ... " she groaned. Hearing her say 'fucked', moaning it the way she did, longingly, I almost shot my load right then ... my boner jerked and throbbed so hard, I gritted my teeth, "oh fuck ... oh fuck" I'm groaning as I'm stroking the bone furiously .... "Ohhh yeahhh, go baby go ... jerk it, jerk it hard for me Gar, that is so fucking hot!" sis groaned. "You know ..." she went on in a soft moaning voice, "girls jack off too ... cum ... orgasm ... did ya know that?" They do? I was thinking ... lol ... I told sis I didn't know girls whacked off too. "Really! How??" I replied ... as I watched her rubbing, jerking, and tugging rhythmically at her pussy. She was moaning lowly, and then began whimpering, "I'm doin' it now ... masturbating ... right now ... gonnna make myself cum ... you cum too for me, k? ... I want to see it shoot cum ... it'll feel real good .... we can both cum ... nobody is goin' ta know". By now I knew I was going to anyway, but it drove me wild to hear her say it, to ask it, for her to want it, sis 'making' me jack off for her.... and I desperately wanted to blow my load in front of sis. "Okay, okay ... I am ...", and she cut me off with, "Move closer ... up here next to me ... so I can see better, I wanna see it ... k?".... she wanted to see my cum shot in the worst way, and the sooner the better. I was excited beyond all description, at the same time nervous, that even though she wanted me to, I didn't know how she would react to my gizz spurting and spraying everywhere, if she would like it, or find it 'gross' ... lol. I'm moving slowly towards her, jacking hard ..."It's, it's going to shoot everywhere ... ", I groaned. And sis said, "S'okay ... I want to see it shoot ... I ... I wanna feel it too ... k? I crawled onto the jiggling bed, it was jiggling because sis's ass was bouncing ... sis was vigorously massaging her cunt, watching me ... I was moving to the other side of her on the bed where there was more room and I had to go over her ... throwing one leg over her, I momentarily straddled her face facing towards her upraised knees. Big balls hanging down, cock jutting out and wagging, I moved in a way that accidentally dragged my ball sack lightly across her face, I then plopped down on my knees on the other side of her, facing her face. "S Sor Sorry sis, I didn't mean to, uh ... ", I stuttered, it had just struck me that she may not want me to touch her. Her sudden giggling cut me off, "Wow! ... I ... I liked that ... wow!... they sure hang down ... it tickled!" Next to her, my bone jutted over her tits, "Man 'o man .... fuck!" she gasped, she twisted towards me, big warm soft tits flopping on to my knee. As she rolled facing me, she raised her upper leg and spread open, opening wide her soaked hairy crotch for me to look at. I instantly gripped my dick and began jacking it ... long and slow at first ... at the time I was thinking once I blow my load this is all going to be over, and I wanted to see if she'd let me feel her tits and pussy so I was straining hard not to cum. I was staring at her hairy crotch as I jerked my bone, sis was leaning on one elbow twisted towards me, her other hand buried between her legs as she was massaging her cunt and fingering herself ... making all kinds of sounds ... whimpering, gasping, moaning ... as she watched me. She gasped out, "Can I do it?! ... lemme feel yer boner ... please? ... lemme jerk it off, k? she asked. Wow! it was just as I was hoping! ... sis wants to whack my boner off! I quickly let go of my cock and she quickly pulled her hand from her muff and clutched my bone in her hand ... I gasped, my whole body tensed even more, my bone throbbing and pounding in her hand, I had never felt a girls hand on my bare cock before, it felt so good. I groaned. Her lil hand felt so cool and soothing on my hot stiff throbbing meat, her hand was wet and sticky from her pussy juice. Sis just held it tight in her hand though, pulled it towards her ... in her little hand it looked massive. She was holding my erection tight, then slowly began sliding her hand up and down the big shaft ... stroking it slowly and lightly .... "wowwwww ... " she'd whisper .... once in a while squeezing it hard as if checking on its hardness .... "maannnn, ya gotta beautiful cock Gar ... geez its so fuckin hard!", Sandi was talkin', purring, murmuring the whole time ... and I loved it! Soon she slipped her other hand between my legs and had my balls cradled in her hand .... cupping them, lifting gently ... her mouth hanging open, eyes glazed, she kind of flopped them up and down as if weighing them. Then she rolled them in her hand, then squeezed. "Too hard? ... is that all right ...?" she whimpered. "Feels so ... fuckin' good ... oh damn, feels so good ... ." I groaned out, and she gave me a look and a smile as she giggled." She began massaging my balls with one hand and stroking my bone with her other in slow short strokes ... "Ya gotta big gizz bag ... lotsa cum in these nuts...", she rattled on. I like the hair ..." she was murmuring softly as she fondled and squeezed my balls, talking more to herself than anything, thinking out loud, as she explored her brothers heavy balls, tugging at my nut sack and asking if it felt good. I moaned, gritting my teeth ... fascinated, watching her exploration, sis's hand jacking my boner, sliding her hand up the hard thick shaft slowly ... rubbing, squeezing, twisting the big round knob ... "are ya gonna cum for me?" she moaned. I was only half listening to sis's murmurs as I had gotten eager and bold .... I slowly slipped my left hand to rest on the inside of her thigh near her hot crotch ... I felt her shiver ... the next thing I know she is opening her legs wider, pulling her knees up and back so far that the one leg closest to me comes back and rests on my thigh with her knee against my side and back ... "G'head ... feel my pussy ... do ya like my pussy Gar? ... rub it ... k? and so eagerly I slid my hand down into her wide open crotch and began feeling her soft wet pussy hair and fleshy pussy lips ... I was on fire! So here is sis massaging my balls and stroking my bone, I'm rubbing her wet hairy pussy with one hand, knowing now it was okay ... with my right hand I begin squeezing her tits and rubbing her stiff nipples .... "oh yeah! do my tits!" she squealed. "I ... I ... really like this ... together ... ", she is gasping for air. I notice every time the fingers of my hand bump over that protruding lil bulge at the top of her pussy that she lurches and squeals ... her bare ass is writhing around and pushing hard against my hand ... "Put yer fingers in ... finger me! ... " she groaned, and I slipped my middle finger into her steaming hot slick tight hole and began stroking, her hole was so wet and slippery, so hot. She began thrusting her crotch up hard, her ass bouncing up and down ... her cunt was so wet it made a squishing sound as I finger fucked her ... "two!... two fingers..." she gasped out ... her hand began jacking my bone faster ... harder ... "oh yeahhh, jack it sis! jack it harder!... gonna cum all over you!" I groaned out loud. "OMIGOD! fuck yeah! ... cum on me!" We were whacking each other off in a totally animalistic frenzy .... and it occured to me that my sis was one hot fucking bitch. I had squeezed a second finger into her pussy and she was humping onto my fingers hard as I stroked fast .... I could feel my balls ready to unload, my cum load moving to blow ... as usual before I cum, a lot of thick white precum began welling out of my cock head and oozing over my knob and down the shaft coating her stroking hand, sticky fingered sis. "Are ya cummin'?!", she almost shouted. "No ... no, no ... not yet" I stammered and gasped. There was no way in hell I could hold my bone as long with her jacking it than if I were doing it myself .... now continually groaning loud and my ass writhing, thru clenched teeth I moaned, "ahh jeezus! ... fuck! ... " Instinctively I began thrusting my bone into her hand, ass rocking back and forth ... a violent hard thrusting, balls flopping wildly, precum gizz flipping off my cock knob and splattering her and me ... I was consumed in my need to blow my cum load, I had stopped fingering her cunt and that hand clutched her ass cheek tightly, my fingertips resting in the crack of her ass. I was squeezing her ass cheeks and tits as I bucked, her hips and bottom was thrashing and writhing wildly ... I have strong, sturdy bone and liked it yanked, twisted, and jerked rough and fast, and this couldn't have been more perfect for me ... she had taken her other hand off my balls and was holding onto my ass ... she was hand slammin' my bone hard 'n fast as I thrust. "No not yet? ... are, are you su ... sure?" from panting sis ... she of course, thinking my precum ooze and spray as my ejaculation. "No ... no ... almost ... " I moaned. There is a lot of raw power to a 230 lb. naked, muscular boy bucking in a frenzy, stabbing his big hard bone relentlessly into his sisters hand ... groaning, gasping, making all kinds of loud noises ... you think it would have scared her, but sis seemed to feed off my wantoness, my animal-like powerful hand fuck. Her eyes got a wild look, mouth open, she was moaning with me and stroking my bone savagely from balls to knob, totally focused on my cock .... she was a natural, her hand strokes meeting my cock thrusts ... it was as if she sensed my animal need to blow gizz, and it became her need too. Suddenly, a deep guttural groan burst from me as I squeezed my muscular ass hard ... "ohhhhhhhh fuck!" I bellowed as the first thick, white spurt ripped powerfully up my stiff bone from my balls ... "Shoot it! shoot it!, she hollered, jacking savagely on my bone ... a monster thick white spurt of gizz exploded from my knob, blowing with force, shooting at least three feet away and plopping onto the pillow and bed the other side of her ... falling heavy, hot, wet, and moist onto her face, into her hair, her neck ... a monster gizz wad. She squealed .... her hand pushed my boner upwards and another huge bright pearl white geyser of gizz blew high into the air, flopping wetly back down onto her tits ... my bone was jerking and spurting uncontrollably... head thrown back, squeezing my ass hard with each spurt, cum was blowing out of my knob and splattering all over sis, the pillow, even smacking into the headboard and oozing down. As my cum wads blew from my knob I could hear sis wailing "oh my fuck! ... omigod ... fuck!" ... she quickly pulled and angled my spurting bone towards her body, thick hot ropes of white gizz were flopping onto her her tummy and running down her sides, big wads hung in her pussy hair... what a righteously savage bone jerk ... wow! "omigod I'm cummin!" she squealed ... I was groaning like a stuck bull with each huge pop and watching her ass writhe and grind on the bed and noticed she squeezed her thighs together as she creamed her cunt in climax. I gave her a monster cum bath. Gulping big breaths of air, having shot my cum load, my bone stayed stiff in her hand, gizz still oozing out of my knob and down the shaft, I gasped out, 'jeezus ....", feeling weak and woozy from such an powerful and prolonged intense ejaculation. Watching her, I saw her big doe eyes staring at all the gizz on her tits... fascinated, her breasts rising and falling rapidly, nipples erect and coated in thick creamy gizz, I'll never forget it. She still held my rigid cum soaked boner tightly in one hand ... the fingertips of her other hand tracing lazily through the big gobs of white cream on her stomach, her eyes closed, moaning ... I was turned on wildly by the site of a long, thick white glob of cum draped across her throat, cum streaming down onto her chest ... spattered blobs of gizz on her face. Panting, now closing my eyes as she slowly stroked my slippery boner .... I felt movement, the bed rocking gently, hearing sudden moaning ... I opened my eyes to see her other cum soaked hand rubbing, massaging, and gently tugging at her pussy again. Her eyes still closed .... "I liked it ... oh god I liked it ... fuck ... so fuckinghot... wanna cum again ..." her hoarse gasps came to me, and sis was alreadyagainjerking her swollen hairy wet muff off as I watched! "lookit that... jeezus!... ya still gotta big fuckin' boner ... son of a bitch!" she was gasping hoarsely ... then I heard her whisper, "Stick it in me Gar ... I wanna feel a big fuckin' dick in me ....k?" "Ahhh ... I ... I don't know 'bout that ..." I replied. For me, the whole time there was the fear that someone would come home and we'd be busted ... I know I felt it. "I'll suck it for you first ...k? Want me to suck yer dick? "Wellll... ummm ...", I hesitated ... exasperated at my reluctance she burst out, "Shit! l'm gonnasuckthat big motherfucker!" she squealed. "I'm gonna suck it hard! ..." she gasped ... as her hand pulled my bone towards her face and her mouth moved towards my big knob, mouth wide open ... eager ... hungry ....
Maaannn .... how could Inotwant to feel that?! To get my first cocksucking?! I didn't carewhogave me my first cocksucking or pussy fuck, as long as it was a girl!
And that is another story .... this site is for J/O features and so I'll just leave it at that. There was another time when sis, her girlfriend, and I had been drinking too much beer one day .... both showed me their pussies by pulling the crotches of their swim suits aside for me to see their hairy snatches. Sis did it on purpose to get the other girl to do it... but I had to promise to show her friend my boner if she did. She did, I did... we did... I even got to take a polaroid picture of them showing me their muffs. It turned out awesome ..... unloaded my balls for both of'm ...
Gary -- QuietS



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