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Sis and I

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Sis and I
I, like every other guy started jerking off at a very early age. The first time was when my sis and I were taking a bath. I got a hard on and started to stroke it with a fist full of soap. My mother slapped me and told me that was nasty. That night I decided to see what was so nasty about it and had my first orgasm. I have been nasty ever since.
My sister and I shared a bathroom that was between our rooms. we each had a door going from our rooms to the bath. When you were in the bathroom you would shut the others door. We were told to knock if the door was closed to see if the room was occupied. Being an old house the doors had keyholes that afforded a view of what was going on on the other side of the door. I use to peek thru the keyhole and watch my sister go to the bathroom or get undressed for the tub. If I would catch her naked I would jerk off while I watched.
One day while I was in the bathroom I herd voices in my sisters room. I peeked thru the keyhole and saw my sister and her girlfriend Patty laying on the bed talking about boys. My sister was twelve and so was Patty. I was a year older. Patty was telling my sister about a video her father had about people screwing. She said she looked at it when her parents weren't home.
"Does it make you horny when you watch it?" my sister asked.
"Hell yes!" Patty replied, "Especially when the guy licks the woman's cunny. I have to finger myself till I come."
I couldn't believe I was hearing this. My Dick got hard as a rock.
"I wonder what it feels like to have your cunny licked? God I'm getting wet just thinking about it" my sister said.
"I can tell" Patty said, "You have your hand under your skirt and I bet its in your panties too."
" I could see my sister's hand moving under her skirt. Patty had a dreamy look on her face and her hand went to her skirt. She lifted it up and slid her hand into her panties. I took my Dick out and started to stroke it. My sister said "I see your getting horny too, you have a big wet spot on the crotch of your panties. Can I watch you play with your pussy?"
Patty replied "If you let me watch you while you do it."
My sister Joan said, "Lets take our panties off so we can see better."
"What if your mother or brother come in?" asked Patty.
"we will leave our skirts on just in case." I couldn't believe this was happening and I was getting to watch. I was stroking to beat the band. The two girls lay back on the bed and were playing with there pussies and I had a good view. Patty was breathing heavy and asked Joan if she would finger her she would finger Joan. Joan agreed and I watched them finger each other. "Oh God this feels good, I know what we are going to do the next time I sleep over your house. We may never get any sleep." Joan said. "What are you thinking about Patty?"
She replied "I'm thinking about what it feels like to have your cunny licked." Joan said, "I'll show you." And with that Joan got off the bed, kneeled on the floor between Patty's legs and buried her face in her cunt. I shot a load all over the door. Joan was going to town on Patties pussy and Patty was squirming all over moaning and bucking her cunt into Joan's face.
All of a sudden she grabbed Joan's head, pulled her face tight into her twat, bucked a few more times and let out a scream and collapsed on the bed. "God, that was wonderful." She said. Joan got up on the bed and straddled Patties face and with a funny look on her face said "Your turn Patty."
As I watched Joan holding up her skirt and riding Patties face I started to stroke my raging hard on. Joan came in no time at all and I came on the door again. My eye was sore from being pushed up against the keyhole. I quietly went back to my room so they wouldn't know I witnessed their performance.
I wasn't able to witness any more stuff that summer although I saw my sister masturbating a few times. And every time Joan went over to spend the night with Patty I would lay in bed thinking about what they were probably doing and I would jerk off two or three times.
I got to be a good keyhole watcher when Joan went into the bathroom. I very seldom saw her do anything although sometimes when she was sitting on the toilet she would spread her legs and masturbate. While she was doing it I would also. Its a wonder that the poor door didn't warp from all the come I shot on it.
One day when I came home from baseball practice I heard a low moan coming from the bathroom. I quickly got down on my knees and peeked thru the keyhole. There was my sister sitting on the edge of the toilet with her legs apart and Buster, my cocker spaniel, licking her cunt to beat the band. I watched them till she came and I then jerked off.
I decided it was time my sister and I started doing things together. The next day I came home right after school and went into my sisters room. She was sitting at her desk doing her homework. Buster was asleep on the floor. I said, "Buster must like licking you, he is spending more time in your room than mine."
Joan stiffened and stammered "What do you mean?" I replied "I watched you two yesterday and was sorry it wasn't my head between your legs." Joan turned bright red and shouted "Were you looking thru the keyhole?"
"I sure was and I had to play with myself because you made me so hot."
"Do I really?" Joan said, "I know I get horny when I peek thru the keyhole and watch you laying on your bed stroking your Dick, especially when you shoot your stuff out of the end of it. I always wondered what it tasted like."
I was dumbfounded, she had been watching me. I replied, "I wish I knew you were watching I would have invited you in so we could play like you and Patty did. I would have loved to taste your pussy and had you straddle my face like you did to Patty."
"You watched that, Oh God I'm so embarrassed."
"Don't be, It really turned me on and I came while watching you."
Joan looked at me kind of funny and said, "If I take off my panties would you lick my cunny and then let me suck your Dick before Mom gets home?"
Well, that afternoon was the start of a lot of sucking, licking and masturbating between Joan and I. She would never let me fuck her, said she was saving it for marriage, but she was always ready for some oral sex. She would come home after spending the night with Patty and tell me everything they did. I would pull out my cock and stroke it while she relayed the story and when I was ready to cum she would take it in her mouth and suck me off. She then made me eat her.
This went on until she went to collage and eventually got married and moved a few thousand miles away. Last year she got divorced and I thought about going out there and seeing if she remembered our fun times together, but I figured she outgrew that stuff. The other day I got a call from Joan and she said, "You know brother, I could sure use a good cunt licking about now, care to come out here for a visit?"
Well, I got my tickets and I'll let you know how it turned out. Just e-mail me at and I'll tell you.
[Later addition--]
Well, I told you about the phone call from my sister which got me so horny that I went and got plane tickets to go see her. I only had a long weekend off and I really couldn't afford the air fare but I had to go. My prick stayed stiff all week anticipating the trip. I must have jerked off a hundred times just remembering the things we did when we were young. I remembered all the times Sis would come home from a date and come into my room while I was asleep and wake me as she straddled my face saying, "God, that guy made me so horny I could hardly wait for you to relieve my tension." Or remembering the times we lay on her bed masturbating ourselves while she told me about what she and her girlfriend did to each other.
I flew out Friday morning and had a hard on during the whole trip. I wonder if anyone saw it. When I arrived in Seattle she was there waiting for me. She ran up and gave me a big hug and a very wet kiss and said "It's been over ten years, you still look sexy." Sis had changed in the past ten years. She had put on a lot of weight. She was about 5'4" tall and her tits seemed to have gotten bigger and saggier. She was about 150 pounds but still as cute as ever. We got my bag and got her car and as we drove to her apartment we recalled most of the things we did as kids. Needless to say my hardon was raging. Sis looked over and said, "Is that a pipe in your pants or are you glad to see your sister?" Once during the trip she said "Do you remember this?" and with that she lifted her dress to show me she wasn't wearing any panties. She asked me if I ever had any regrets about the things we did and I said no, and that I used her to fantasize while I jerked off. She told me to stop talking as her pussy was getting soaked.
We arrived at her apartment and we went in, she closed the door went to the couch and said "Please, I cant wait any longer." She hiked up her dress, sat down and spread her legs and said" "PLEASE EAT ME NOW!" I dropped my bag got down in front of her and buried my face in her cunt. WOW, was it wet and was it good. This is what I fantasized about all these years. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled it into her pussy while she fucked my face like crazy. She was like a mad woman. She rubbed her cunt hard on my mouth while I sucked and licked until she had a violent orgasm. As she came down she apologized for being so horny but she explained that she had a hard time picking up guys and the only sex she had had in the past four years was one brief weekend with a woman she met in the supermarket, or with her fingers.
She said "Let me take care of that pole in your hand. While I was eating her I had taken my cock out and was stroking it. She had me sit on the couch and she got down and proceeded to give me a good blow job. I watched fascinated as she fingered her cunt while she sucked me. We both came together. Sis said, being as she had to take me to the airport on Sunday we didn't have much time so lets get in as much masturbating and sucking as posable.
Well, needless to say we had a blast, we stayed naked all the time. When I got the urge I would get down and eat her or she would suck me. I woke up Sunday morning with Sis starting to straddle my face. She said "Remember all the times I woke you up this way to suck me off after a date?" She then swung around into a 69 and we did each other. Later we lay on the bed, she was lightly stroking my cock, trying to get some life into it and I was running my finger up and down her wet slippery crack. She said "Did you ever have any regrets about all the things we had done?" I replied "Yes, only one." She got up on one elbow and with a frown asked, "What was that one thing?" I said that I had always wanted to put my dick in her pussy but she would never let me. "Well," she said "You know I always wanted to be a virgin when I got married, and I was afraid if you made me pregnant the baby would be deformed, so I stayed away from that, but after everything we did this weekend why not?" With that she got up, straddled my dick and guided it into her pussy. She lowered herself down on it and lay down on my chest and said "Have at it brother, just don't cum in me."
Well, we only had an hour before we had to leave for the airport but I fucked her twice. The first time I pulled out just in the neck of time and shot my load on her ass hole and her thighs. She looked at me and said "Thanks for pulling out, but what would you do if I put my pussy in your face and made you lick up your cum?" We both laughed, but then she did. When I got hard again she lay on her back and I fucked her again, this time coming on her stomach and cunt hair.
On the way to the airport she said she was saving her money to come visit me in the summer.



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