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Simple and Beautiful

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I have been masturbating forever and I love it! However the first time I got to experience the opposite sex masturbating was in college. I lived in a small and very old honors dorm that was coed and I was on the second floor with all the guys and the ladies lived on the first floor. There was a very small courtyard in the middle of the dorm and I found out early on if I was lucky, I could look down into the girls room across the courtyard. If the blinds were not shut all the way, I was able to see most of the room. This discovery was first made early on in the school year when working at my desk I glanced out my window in time to see the girl across from me drop her bath towel and start to dress. She put on a wonderful black g-string and matching bra. Because of the angle of the two windows I was not able to see her face unless she lay down on her bed. Her figure was amazing, long brown hair, long smooth legs and full breasts. Unfortunately this view was very rare as most of the time she had her blinds closed.

Winter break had started and all our classes were over. The campus was a ghost town with only a few people staying for break. Late one night I was at my desk, I noticed my neighbors blinds were partially open and some movement caught my eye. She walked into the room and placed her keys on her desk and then walked over to the closet to take her jeans and shirt off. I turned my lights off so she would not see me staring at her through the window. Seemingly frustrated and tired she turned the TV on and laid down on her bed. Her feet toward me I was able to see a nice view of her pink panties and white bra. She watched TV for about an hour, then I was treated to an amazing show.

She started to move her hand down her smooth stomach and my attention was fixed as her hand disappeared beneath her panties. I could see slow and rhythmic movement under the thin fabric of her underwear. Her other hand massaged each breast carefully one at a time. After a few brief moments of this activity she removed her bra and started circling each breast with a soft motion of two fingers. Her hand glided out from her panties and up to her lips, tasting the moisture that I could now see darkening a small patch of her pink fabric.

At this point my mind is racing with lustful questions and thoughts what does that taste like? & what is she thinking about? I free the straining pressure in my pants and begin to slide my hand slowly up and down my shaft. Eyes glued to my window I slip back into this beautiful show.

After tasting her glistening fingers her hands moved quickly down her torso and removed her panties dropping them to the floor by her bed. She is very neatly groomed with a small patch of hair pointed about an inch above her clitoris. Her right hand goes back to attending her breasts while her left hand starts rubbing her clit. As her pace quickens I shudder as two fingers dip into her swollen labia, taping the now abundant wetness and transferring it to her clit for lubrication. (WOW I think that's a great idea and reach for my lube in the desk drawer.) Her fingers are now dancing over her clit and occasionally she inserts two fingers deep into her vagina. She withdraws her fingers and brings them up to her pink lips again, tasting each finger in a long sucking motion and then back down again.

My own hand begins to quicken its pace and as I milk my aching shaft, the sound of my lubricant sloshing in a wonderful cadence, I imagine our sounds our similar making this experience intense!

Her chest begins to rise and fall more rapidly and her eyes are closed, mouth open just slightly, she is in ecstasy. Suddenly she rolls over and reaches under her bed. I pause for a moment wondering if the show is over. Delighted, she moves back into position holding a purple vibrator. I watch excitedly as she turns on the base. She then takes the tip and starts to rub her clit in the same circular movements her fingers were moments ago. The final crescendo! Her hand abandons her breasts eagerly seeking her clit as her other hand guides the vibrator slowly into her soaked vagina, the shaft disappears and she starts to slide in and out, faster and faster. Her back arches as she drives the piston harder and faster. Slowing down now I can see her body lightly convulsing, a smile, and a look of bliss! (I too am now draining my last few drops of semen, exhausted at trying to keep her pace.) She slowly removes the vibrator and I get my last look at her now dilated and dripping vagina, as she gets out of bed replaces her panties and goes to turn the lights off.

Good night, happy masturbating and thanks for sharing!



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