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Sil Showtime

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Last summer, my wife and I spent 2 weeks with her sister while our kitchen was refitted. It made good sense, the sister had recently split from her dork of a boyfriend, and work at our factory was really busy. My wife, Debs, worked in the sales office, whilst I was in the tech prototyping office. To be honest, work was wall to wall chaos. Our new product was late, and we were weeks away from an important trade fair. Debs was lucky, 9 to 5 for her, but I was working shift hours and weekends to fit around the production people who were making design models as quickly as we could design them.

It was the Thursday of the first week. I had worked a night shift, and rolled into bed at around 4 am. When I woke at 2 pm, it was a hot, sunny, day and I strolled into the bathroom for a wash. The window was open, and whilst brushing my teeth I caught a glimpse of the SIL's feet. She was sunning herself, face down on a lounger up onne corner of the garden. I showered, and when I came out I snuck another look. Well, well, well, she had turned over and was most gloriously naked. Now the SIL might have been in her mid 30s, but she had always had a nice pair, and as I watched I felt a familiar stirring. So, taking a firm grip I gently teased myself into position and once nicely prepared, I started working it. After a few minutes, the SIL propped herself up to get some tanning oil, and worked it in all over. Well, that was the extra spark that I needed and within minutes I had decorated the handbasin, and taps.

It was Monday of the second week when my shift pattern gave me the next chance. Of course, I was ready this time and so hopped out of bed with anticipation. Sure enough, she was there and so I had my fun before heading into the shower. When I left the shower, I was horrified to see the SIL leaning against the door. 'Well' she said, 'aren't we the little pervert?' I didn't know what to say,it was clear that she knew, but how? 'I knew last Thursday', she answered, 'I heard you in the shower and that greenhouse is nicely placed to give me a reflection. I put on the show with the suntan oil and knew that you were busting a nut'.

What could I say, she had me cold. 'I might tell Debs that her hubby is a peeping tom, but might just play you along. I'll let you know what I decide'.

That evening the SIL asked me to get some wine from the fridge in the basement. Propped on the wine was an envelope with my name on it. I opened it:

'I want you to go straight to the bathroom. As you like my body, you'll find a pic of me in my bikini. I want it covered in your seed. If you are not down in 5 minutes then I will send up Debs'

I rushed upstairs, and there on the sink was the picture. I had no choice, and frantically started on myself. I looked at the watch, 3 minutes had gone and still no result. However, the time pressure made me tense and increased my arousal. I came, thank goodness, and left the picture on the side.

When I got downstairs the SIL said 'thank goodness, I thought you would be all day, and I need the bathroom so bad'. She disappeared upstairs, and returned with a smile some minutes later.

The next day, there was another letter in my shoes. 'To my tame wanker. 6pm today in the kitchen, picture behind the spice rack, 4 minutes or else Debs comes in.'

So, there I was in the kitchen, frigging like mad with SIL and Debs sipping cocktails in the garden. The pic was of the SIL, topless on a beach, and it was easy. 2 minutes and I was outside again. SIL went in for more cocktails and came out grinning.

It was the last day of our stay. I found an envelope in my laptop case. 'Tonight, my bedroom, 9pm, succeed and this will be the end'

In the evening, I was nervous. Debs was unsettled, nothing good on TV, and she went to bed early. At 9pm, I crept past our room and into the SIL. It was dark, and so I put on the light to find the picture. There, on the bed, was my SIL, naked. 'Last time' she said 'on my tits, and make it good'. I was a bit taken aback, I had never expected things to go so far. 'Don't just stand there, you can't wank like that, get out your cock and start work'. I slid down my pants, and grabbed my member. 'For goodness sake, stand closer, you'll never hit me from there. Better still stand over me and wank it hard so I can see you spurt'. So I did. I came with a shudder, the SIL had plenty of goo on her, and then told me to get out. As I left, she had her fingers inside herself and was obviously working up a head of steam.

I crawled into bed. 'You OK' Debs asked. 'Yeh', I replied. 'Great, my sis needed to feel wanted, and I hope that you gave her a good show. Mind, if I find out that you fucked her then we have a video of you in the kitchen that will look great on the work website!!!'

Talk about a setup job......



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