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Significant Escapade

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This is a history of an evolution from first sexual awareness to the beginning of intercourse.


Reading the experiences of others brought me to realise that there is a natural progression beginning with awareness of sexual instinct and later activity.
My first awareness that I was capable of penile reaction occurred at the age of six when I saw a 10 year old girl spanked by her mother on her naked behind. The result was the first erection I can remember. This experience was highly stimulating, and made me wonder what exactly happened to me. I began squeezing my penis hoping to reproduce the tingllng and hardness. Each session, always done at night in bed, produced the devoutly desired hard penis. I was not a stranger to spanking usually averaging about one a week administered by my mother on my bare behind over her knee. In this position my penis rubbed on her leg and always got hard. About the time I was ten, I got caught in some infraction at school for which I was spanked by my teacher who made a note of the event for my mother's signature. When she read the note, she said, 'Go to your room, take your clothes off, get in bed, and wait for me.' I did as I was told; when she came into the room, she was carrying the leather strap used for the most serious punishment, but she began by placing me over her knee beginning with a hand spanking. This had the usual result of a hard tingling penis. After a hard hand spanking, I was lain over the bed, and the beating continued with the strap for what seemed like an hour, but was probably no more than five minutes. After it was over, I remained in bed where I began to relieve the excitement my penis felt by wrapping my hand around it and stroking up and down. This felt unusually good, and as I continued a new and never before sensed feeling grew in my penis soon involving my whole body which began quivering finally reaching a shattering climax so forceful that I had to stop stroking. I had my first orgasm.
My mother's sister who was visiting her was present for the punishment, and had apparently threatened my cousin with the same punishment I received for some of his infractions. When he and I were alone a few days later, he asked what I had done to merit such a beating. I told him, and this lead to a description of my after spanking penis experiments and my amazement at the pleasures involved. My cousin was two years older than I and an acomplished masturbator. He enlightened me concerning the day's pleasure, saying that this was called jerking off, and the climax comming. Our conversation lead us to a description of his jerking off, then to a mutual session which resulted in a dry orgasm for me and ejaculation for him.
Our sesions soon became daily. We were careless about our sessions, and got caught by his sister and one of her friends who was visiting her when my aunt was not home. They wanted to join the group first as observers, but later did their own masturbating with us. The girls' participation was limited to about once a week, but ours remained a daily event because being boys we could go out in the woods for some of the sessions. We continued like this for about two years when during a session with the girls when all of us were naked and horny we paired off me with my girl cousin, and he with her friend. By this time, I had reached puberty as had the girls. I looked over at my cousin and the other girl to see him with his penis just sliding into her vagina. It was irristable for my girl cousin and I not to do the same.



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