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Sibling Sensations

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Sibling Sensations
First, let me say that I've read every story on this site many times, and they always do wonders for me. So, I figure I owe everyone a story.
Actually, this just took place a couple months ago, in April, a month after my 27th birthday. So, here goes. I am living alone, in a two bedroom apartment, so I can masturbate anytime I want, without anyone catching me, which I do often. So, my older sister, who's 31, just recently got a divorce, and needed a place to live for awhile, until she could get some work, and everything, so I invited her to stay in my extra bedroom for as long as she needed, and to pay what she could. I'm a good brother:). Well, she moved in in March, and wow, suddenly I didn't have the freedom to masturbate all of the time. Now with my sister, she never knew that I did it, nor did I know if she did it. Anyway, one evening, we were talking, about stuff and sex came up. She talked about how long it's been since she's had it. As for me, it's been awhile too, and I said so. This talking was making me very horny, and wanting to slip away so I could get some relief. After awhile, I told her that I was sleepy, so I was going to bed early, and so I went to my room.
It didn't take me but a few second to get naked and start stroking my rock hard cock. But, because I was so focused on jerking off, I forgot to lock my bedroom door. I was laying on my bed, well enjoying myself, when my sister opened my door, to ask a question about tomorrow. I just froze, having never been caught by anyone before. But she didn't leave either, she just looked at my hard cock in my hand. after a few moments, she smiled and said, poor brother, did I make you horny talking about sex this evening. I smiled, and figured what the heck, she's caught me, and I still need to cum big time, so I started stroking again. But, my sister didn't leave the room, so actually walked in and sat on the edge of my bed.
She then asked if she could watch me, as she's aways wanted to watch a guy masturbate before, and her ex would never let her. I didn't care anymore, so I said sure. But just then the thought hit me, I wanted to see her do it to, so I asked her if she needed to masturbate too. She smiled, and without saying anything, go naked, and layed next to me, but in the opposite direction, so I could see her fingers working herself, and she could see my hand working myself. It was like a dream to me, and I wanted this to last, so I slowed down my stroking, as to not cum until my sister orgasmed. We masturbated in front of each other for the next half hour. My cock was wanting to cum so badly, I just couldn't hold off any longer, so I just let lose, and I have never orgasmed so hard by masturbating ever. I just kept cuming and cuming. Most shot on me, but my first shot of cum shot until my sisters tits. This sent her into her orgasm, and there we were, brother and sister, orgasming together, without touching each other.
After we both recovered, we just laid there, talking. Talking about masturbating of course. I learned that while growing up, she did it atleast two to three times a day, and likewise she learned that I did it just as often, if not more. We had never know that we both enjoyed masturbating so much, and the other liked it just as much. It was both of ours first time masturbating with another person, and all I can say is that everyone who's not done it, needs to, it adds so much. Anyway, we talked for awhile longer, all the while she slowly kept fingering herself. Watching her, and talking about masturbating, got me hard before I knew it, and there we were again, masturbating together. By this point, I was feeling very good, but seeing her pussy there, I wanted to taste it. So I took her hand away from her pussy, and sucked her juices off of one of her fingers. She smiled and asked if I liked it. Wow, I had tasted several girls pussies before, going down on them, but my sisters had a different taste, a very very good taste, and I wanted more. I looked at her, and told her this, and she smiled, saying that maybe because what we are doing right now is such a forbidden act. And with that, she spread her legs out more, laid back and moved her hands out of the way. She didn't say it, but she didn't need to, she welcomed my mouth into her pussy, and so I did, and I licked her through two intense orgasms before laying back. She was all smiles, after orgasming two times, well really three times including her first that she gave herself.
As I laid back, she moved into place, and began to suck my cock. It felt so good, and it didn't take me but a minute to cum. Just as I was about to, I told her, so see could stop sucking and just jerk me off to orgasm. But, she didn't, she kept sucking. Oh, all of the other girls that I'd had gone down on me, always pulled away and jerked me off to orgasm, by not my sister. My cum started to leak out from her mouth, as I filled it. After a few seconds, she laid back down, and we just looked at each other. Kind of disbelieve that we had just done what we had done. After awhile of talking, we got up and showered, cleaning each others naked bodies. I had always that my sister was good looking, but now she was more than that, she was hot.
After cleaning up, we returned naked to my bed, and we ended up making out. It felt so good, my tongue with hers. This lasted for a couple hours, making out. Well, that's were I will end it, this story. It continues, as you can guess. So if you want to know more, email me, and I'll tell you. Now, I've got to visit the men's room to jerk off, as just writing about this has gotten my hard. Bye



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