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Sibling Masturbation Lessons

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Sibling Masturbation Lessons
I am 19 years old female, I don't know when i start to masturbate for real, but i remember when i star to be curiosity about it. I think i was 7 when i notice one day when i was taking a shower that if i clean some areas of my private parts get me some kind of funny sensation that goes all over my body, so i start taking baths instead of showers, but i still i did not knew how much pleaser i can get or how to get it, i just was learning.
We use to live in a old house ,the house had a bathroom in the middle of my brothers bedroom (15 at the time)and my sister bedroom (13at the time), been an old house the bathroom had some holes that i found and i was able to see who and what they were doing in there, the only problem was the room were not mine, so one Saturday morning i was sleeping and i hear my sister going to the bathroom and i start thinking ok usually my brother leave early for the part time job, let me go and take a peep to check what Mary is doing. I was 10 back then, i when out of my room and i see my brother's room door open, so i say to myself, great, this way i wont make noise, i get to the door and take a peep inside and what i saw, was funny but scary at same time, i saw my brother masturbating and looking true the hole in the wall, i was ready to go back to my room when i hear my sister stop the shower and i take another look to my brother and he cum in that moment wild and all over the place. I went to my room and start robbing my clit not knowing what to think but knowing that I was wet down there.
Next day i tell my sister about it, and she tell me that don't worry at night time she call me to her room and we wait until my brother take a shower and she tell me to take a peep and i saw him again sitting in the stool stroking his cock and making faces. it was great this was the second time i see a men doing it, my sister tell me them if you want to see him doing more often he is doing it 5 days a week.
In that moment i ask her do you do it to? she look at me and smile, and she tell me close the door, i went and close it, she tell me do you do it? i tell her what i done and she tell me i am going to show you what i do so you learn, i say great lets start. She lift her pajama and pull down her panties, this was the first time i see her pussy, i learn then that she shave, she start rubbing and touching her breasts, she tall me come on, take your panties off, i did but i did not lift my pajama, i start rubbing my clit, and i tell you my pussy was so wet, when i notice my sister had her hand in my breast and i did not care i was having so much pleasure the i did not care, and then she take my hand and place it on her pussy, impatiently i start robing her pussy, we were like 10 minutes touching each other when we hear my brother at the door knocking and telling us, hey sis let me in. my sister say why?, and he tell us so i want to do it with you sis, Mary tell him what you want to do with us? and he answer : i know what are you two doing there, let me in.
with tinking twice we take our hands of each other and fix our pajamas. My sister open the door and he was standing there in his boxers and you were able to see his erection, his penis was so hard. my sis ask him hat are you talking about, he tell her about the hole that he was looking at us when we were touching each other, my sis ask me what you think, i couldn't say nothing i was just looking to my brother penis trying to come out from the boxers. when i hear my sister saying ok close the door but u promise that you wont tell mom nothing of this, he say yes and we start we did not have sexual penetration, but we touch, grab, pull, suck, leak, masturbate each other, until we were so tired that next day all 3 of us did not went to school, my mom still tinking that it was a virus we cought. we still doing it at least one a month.
I will like to hear from more people with the same experinse you ca't write to
thank you :-)



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