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Sibling Fun in the Sun

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I was on holiday in Majorca with my parents and my sister. She was 19 and I was 16. Myself and my sister were sharing one apartment (it had a single room with two beds in it, a living room and a bathroom) our parents had the apartment next door.
All week long I had been trying to catch glimpses of my sister naked. Once, when I had came back early from a sightseeing trip with my parents I caught her sunbathing topless on the balcony. She had put her bikini back on with speed but I had seen enough. I got an instant hard-on and I think she probably noticed.
That night when we were both getting ready for bed I walked into the bedroom to be greeted by the sight of my sister lying on the bed with her tee-shirt and g-string on. She always wore this in bed but usually she hopped straight under the covers. This time she was lying on top of the bed and I could see almost everything. The g-string didn't cover much. I stood in the doorway talking to her for a few minutes just making small talk for the excuse to keep looking. After a few minutes I couldn't take much more of it so I went into the bathroom and jerked off. I was sure she could hear me but I didn't care- it turned me on. I imagined her doing the same just on the other side of the door and I think she probably was because when I came out she was panting really deeply. We both went to bed and eventfully I went to sleep still with a raging hard on.
I woke up to the sunlight streaming through the shutters and the most beautiful sight I have ever seen, my sister was lying on her bed with the sheets kicked off and was stroking her pussy. Her hand was inside her g-string and she was rubbing her clit in circular motions. I couldn't believe it, all my fantasies were being acted out if front of me. I looked up to her face and she was obviously asleep. I didn't need further encouragement. I reached into my boxers and pulled out my cock. It was throbbing so I started stroking it furiously. After a minute I couldn't stand it so I reached across and put my hand on her erect nipples (clearly visible through the tee-shirt) I pulled my hand back quickly and looked at her face for any sign she was waking. No change, so I put my hand back on her breast and started rubbing it. It didn't take long for me to come and as I lay there breathing deeply with excitement she started stroking faster too, she soon arched her back and came right there inches from my face. I pulled the covers over my cock as she started to stir.
She woke up with a broad smile on her face and I wasn't so sure if she had been asleep. She got up slowly and deliberately took off her g-string and threw it to the ground. I got a brilliant view of her pussy and felt fully ready to wank again. She then suddenly turned and walked into the bathroom and started to have a shower. I jumped out of bed and picked up her still moist g-string, I pushed it to my face and inhaled as deeply as I could, the smell of her juices reeked from it so I decided to do something really reckless. I took of all my clothes and lay on her bed, I then pushed the panties up to my face and I started wanking. I heard the shower stop and almost chickened out. I lay there my heart beating a mile a minute, cock in hand. Suddenly the door opened and there she was dripping wet with just a towel wrapped around her. She paused shocked for a minute and then without saying anything she dropped her towel. As I stared at her she walked over to the bed, she pulled my hand off my cock and then bent her head and started to give me a blowjob. I couldn't believe it. I gazed at her moist body and reached out and cupped her breasts, I rubbed her hard, red nipples between my fingers. I suddenly came and shot cum into her mouth. She swallowed and then leaned up and kissed me, then she told me it was my turn to return the favour.
She lay down on my bed and opened her legs, the view of her wet pussy sent me wild. I put my head between her thighs and started licking her out. She tasted and smelled gorgeous and I couldn't resist, I pulled back and leaned up over her I inserted my cock into her tight pussy and started thrusting. We had sex for what seemed like forever and it was definitely the best sex i've ever had. That holiday we had sex everywhere in that apartment, there were a few close call with our parents but we got away with it all, it was the best holiday ever.



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