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Sibling Fun

Posted by: Author: Age: 18 Posted on: 2 comments
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For 2 years my brothers and I have been having a family 'circle-jerk!' I hope it never ends!


I'm 18 [almost 19] and have two brothers, one a year younger & the other a year older. I have been masturbating since I was 13 and quickly got into the habit of getting myself off EVERY night before sleep and occasionally after school if I was alone at home [not often]. My world changed when I was 14 and I walked in on my brothers masturbating together!

Everyone was shocked, and as the boys tried to cover-up. I was instantly turned-on! I'm not sure why, but rather than walk right out, I came in & shut the door behind me. The boys were upset, but we generally always got along well & I told them not to be embarrassed because I'd seen them naked before [peeing & getting dressed]. Still it had been a couple of years and I had NEVER seen an erect penis before & boy was I turned on! As they yelled for me to leave I asked them to show me their penises, and let me watch. They hemmed & hawed a bit, but told me I had to leave. Their hesitation gave me an opening. I said that if they let me watch, I'd get naked too.

Of course, this got them interested BIG TIME, and after a minute or two they agreed as long as NO one tells anyone else. I got naked in a flash and watched as they uncovered their softened penises. I was fascinated as the more I took off the harder their dicks became. By the time my tits were uncovered their cocks were hard and sticking straight up almost touching their stomachs and certainly bigger than I'd ever seen them! I was shaking with excitement as I took my panties down! The boys just stared at my body and BOTH grabbed their dicks and started to rub them up & down! I had never seen anything like that before [although I had heard about guys jerking off I didn't really understand how it was done]. After the initial awkwardness wore off I asked a bunch of questions as I watched in awe. I swear I was nearly cumming without even touching myself! I noticed my younger brother had slowed and stopped stroking, but his cock was pulsating in his hand as he looked at me. I was about 3 feet away, and asked him why he stopped, he seemed a bit embarrassed as he said he was close to cumming and trying to make it last a bit longer before he did [& I think he was worried about the coming mess, later on I found out that they sprayed on a towel between them when they jerked off together, but now they were facing me not the towel]. My older brother simply kept moaning & stroking away [although slower, I thought].

I was afraid that it would somehow end before I saw them cum and I was so turned-on I didn't want that to happen NO WAY! In order to help them [and me] I said, you know I play with my pussy too, and reached down to rub my clit through my pussy hair as I spread my knees a bit more, well, this was like lightening between us! The boys stroked a few more times as they stared at my pussy. They started to cum within seconds of each other!!! Now, I had heard that when boys cum their sperm squirts out, but I wasn't prepared when it shot-out with great force! They each squirted several big globs in my direction, as I started to cum BIG TIME! I fought to keep my eyes open as my pussy felt WONDERFUL so I could see it all, and when I felt some of their sperm hit my bare legs my pussy went into to overdrive. It was the biggest orgasm I've ever had! I seemed to just keep cumming and cumming.

After we all came I watched their disks soften a bit in their hands as their white cream oozed out and over their hand. My knees were weak & I kept my hand on my pussy pressing hard feeling the aftershocks pulsate from it. God, was I ever hot & excited!

They asked me a bunch of questions about girls cumming and started stroking their rehardening cocks as we talked excitedly. I asked if they can do that again and the both said sure, but not as much, or as far. Boy-oh-boy, that recharged my batteries and I started rubbing again real fast. They wanted to see inside my pussy [not just the hairy lips], so I layed down & spread my legs and pulled open my labia. They leaned in and watched as I showed them everything! I told them NOT touch it or get any sperm on my pussy and they turned away a bit without losing eye contact with my hand that was rubbing my clit rapidly. I soon started cumming again and groaned as I arched my back & pussy up towards them. This triggered their orgasms and they started groaning and bucking as they came again. They made a lot more noise this time, but a lot less sperm. I didn't care, as I was in total heaven!

Now for the last couple of years we have regular masturbation parties when our parents are gone! We get along wonderfully as siblings, and share all kinds of sexual stories as we tell each other about our girlfriend/boyfriends, etc. We have a strong agreement to be EXTRA careful about both that their sperm gets NO WHERE near my pussy, and that we TELL NO-ONE what we share [they both agreed I could write this, however]. They especially love when I tell them of the fun I've had a couple of time with my best girlfriend! I'll make them NOT touch their cocks as I tell them how I lick & finger her! It is so much fun to watch their penises pulsate in anticipation as I rub & talk then when they grab their dicks & start stroking the head of their penises expand quickly & shoot cum in seconds! It ALWAYS makes me cum quickly when I see that!

Two rewards from this is that I'm certain that we've ALL learn a lot about the opposite sex which helps in our dating. I know that I can give my boyfriends a handjob that keeps them on edge and feeling wonderful when I finally let them cum! Both my brothers have learned to bring their girlfriends off to multiple orgasms. We have learned that as teenage guys they may come a few times, but I can cum ALL night with the proper stimulation! Some Saturdays [with parents at work] they'll watch me cum over and over as I masturbate. I love watching their cocks shoot then get soft, then stiff again as they watch me continue to cum! One day they took turns watching & jerking! I came nearly continuously for several hours & they each came maybe 4 times each! They especially love to squirt on my boobs as they stare at my cunt!

I hope this lasts a long, long time! You know, I still masturbate at bedtime every night before I fall asleep no matter how much we fooled around during the day! I love orgasms!



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