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Sibling Fun

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Actually a ffm


My sister Mary and I have been nurses for 20 years. We have always lived in the same town and spend time together even more than before because Mary got divorced two years ago. We work in different facilities but usually go out for drinks or a movie a couple of times a week. My husband Steve goes along from time to time.

Mary is two years younger than me. We always had our own rooms but were very close and although we never masturbated together we knew we were both very active in that practice growing up.

Steve and Mary have always had one of those kidding, teasing, give each other shit type of relationships. He, for instance, has given her a hard time about not getting laid recently since she hasn't had a man around for a couple years.

Anyway, on this particular night, Mary and I rented 'Unfaithful' with Diane Lane and jumped on the couch to watch. We both were still in scrubs. They are so comfortable. We were into the movie awhile when we heard Steve come in and go up to shower. In about 10 minutes he came down, and sat down between us on the couch wearing a tee shirt and sweatpants.

We were quite engrossed in the sex scenes at this point and hardly said 'hi'. I guess Mary was showing her horniness because Steve said 'hot movie Huh?' pointing at her crotch. Sure enough, there was a wet spot about three inches wide on her light green scrubs. Without any embarrassment Mary just said 'It's been awhile'. Steve said 'go ahead and take care of it I won't look'. Of course in typical response Mary said, 'I don't care if you do', at which point she reached down her pants and starts rubbing her pussy. I was surprised to say the least that she dove into it that quick.

I was excited by the movie too and when this brief exchange happened between hubby and sis I couldn't believe it but my pussy soaked through too. I said, 'I guess I better wear thicker panties under these scrubs' to which Mary said,'I never wear panties under mine.'

Steve was trying to stay cool but he was starting to show a good erection thru his sweats. Mary was obviously not caring who was looking as she upped her rhythm and really began jerking in earnest. At this point I said 'okay if this is what we're doing I'm geting comfortable' and proceeded to take off my pants. Steve was now in total tent status under his pants.

Mary said 'okay I'm for this but Steve, you can watch but don't touch.' 'Fine' was his one word response. I cannot tell you how hot it was to look across the couch and see another woman's vulva glistening and hear my own making the wet sounds of sex. Steve pulled his pants down and I heard Mary moan. She hadn't seen a dick up close in two years. He started to pump it but Mary said 'no don't touch it or I'll stop'. I'm thinking 'what the hell, I wouldn't be stopping for anything.'

To Steve's credit he stopped his personal work and focused on us. We looked at each other across his cock which was now pulsating up and down and was incredibly hard. I started to feel my orgasm start in my stomach and the warmth was reaching my vagina just as Mary literally screamed and started thrashing around. I came at the same time and we were making a mess everywhere. Mary left her right hand with three fingers up her cunt in position for the next couple minutes and I just stroked my slit back and forth spreading my juice up my stomach. I shave a little but have a nice landing strip. Mary is similar but with a bit more pubic hair. She was soaked. Pussy lube on her hands, thighs, stomach, everywhere.

Finally Steve said 'what the hell, can I have some relief here?' With that, Mary took her hand out of her pussy and spread her liquid on Steve's cock. I started to do the same and he started to moan. Mary moved in front of him on the floor and we continued to lube him with our fluid. We would dip into our vaginas and apply it to his member. Mary worked on his balls and I started a slow handjob.

Steve was slouched down a bit and he put his legs up on an ottoman on each side of Mary. I was doing a slow, very wet job on his dick when I saw Mary dip into her vagina again and in one move thrust her middle finger up Steve's ass. I thought he was going to hit the ceiling. We haven't done much ass play. His eyes just opened wide and he looked straight at Mary and she just smiled back.

Mary moved her finger left and right and in and out and I could feel the eruption coming. About thirty seconds later Steve gave a gutteral groan and then a higher pitched exhale and he shot more cum than I've ever seen or felt come out of him. The first blast went over his shoulder and the next three pumped onto his chest. The amazing thing was that Mary kept on in his butt and a large amount kept slowly emerging from his pee/cum hole until his pubic hair was covered.

Steve finally stopped convulsing and Mary pulled out to another exclamation from Steve. Needless to say, we all were quite spent.

We talked about doing this again sometime but you know it just won't be the same. The way this just 'happened' cannot be duplicated. Steve and Mary have resumed there prior relationship and unless the circumstances are perfect this probably won't happen again. We do talk about it though. I had to put it in writing as it was one of the most erotic experiences of my life. The orgasms were really unbelievable.



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