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Shy in the locker room

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Sorry its long but hope you enjoy. After reading this it made me horny and I masturbated to the thought of Sam and I.


I was a late bloomer not having started puberty till I was around 14 and a half. So I was always shy changing in front of the boys at school after sports practice considering most sorry all of them had started growing pubic hair and also had hair on thier armpits. So I generally waited until everyone had left the locker room.

This all went down when I was 13 and my best mate started noticing I was always the last out of the locker room. So one weekend he asked if I wanted to sleepover his place and I said I had to check with my parents and I'd let him know. The next day at school I told him it was all good for me to sleepover. Friday came around and after school seeing I took my changes of clothes with me to school we walked back to his place.

When we got there we headed up stairs dumped our stuff on his bedroom floor and went back down stairs to get something to eat and watch some tv. About an hour past and we headed back up stairs to his room and played video games for abit and just talked at the same time. Around 5:30pm his parents came home and after they came and said hey we were also informed that they were going out for the night and asked us if that was cool and we said it was cool. They gave us the run down of rules and gave us numbers to call if we needed them.

After they left the room to get ready we were pretty excited we had the house to ourselves to do whatever we wanted. They left money for pizza and said goodbye to us and left. As soon as they left we ordered pizza and when it got there we ate and watched tv. It was a pretty hot night so we decided to go for a swim and he told me that we could just get dressed in his room. I was nervous and I didn't want to change in front of him so as we went upstairs I grabbed my swimmers and went to go to the bathroom to change.

When I came back he was all changed waiting for me and he said to me that I don't need to be so shy and that we basically had the same things. I just put my head down and ignored him. I could see it was puzzling him but we just headed down stairs and out the back door and ran and jumped in the pool.

After swimming around for a bit Sam swam over to me and we started wrestling each other. I had wrapped my legs around him from behind and had my hand in a loose headlock and it was than I noticed I was starting to get q boner so I let go of him and swam to the other end of the pool hoping he hadn't noticed but I was wrong. He told me dude you don't have to be embarrassed that you were getting a boner and I told him I didn't have one but he knew I did and he said he was started to get one to.

But again I ignored him and we jumped out and dried off after my dick went soft. But I did look at sams crotch area and he did have a little bulge happening. We went upstairs and I was about to go have a shower when he told me to wait and asked me why I'm always the last one out of the locker room and again I ignored him but with an hour of convincing I told him why and he just laughed at me.

I was a little annoyed he thought it was a joke but I said that I know the other boys would make fun of me and he told me that I wasn't the only one. I'm like what do you mean and he said I don't have pubes either dude. I was confused until I thought to myself that I hadn't seen him naked as I found out he changes in the toilets so no one could see him. But I didn't believe him about having no pubes cause I swear I was the only 13 year old that didn't have em.

I just thought I was abnormal. Sam lifted his arms and surprised he didn't have any hair there and I said that it didn't prove anything. So he said fine and stood up until his swimmers before dropping then to the floor and wow he was telling the truth and as I looked at his dick I could see it getting hard. He said there I told you so and I said I was sorry that I didn't believe him.

By this time his dick was hard and looked well nice. It was around 5 inches hard and it was white and veiny and also uncircumcised. I didn't realise at that time how long I had been staring at his dick until he said if I was having a good look and again I said I was sorry.

It was than he said well dude I think its only fair now seeing you seen mine that you show me yours. My dick was already hard but I was still nervous and he told me again not to be and with a little convincing I finally agreed. I undid my swimmers and nervously pulled them down. When I stood back up he saw my dick and he was the first to see my dick.

His reaction was like man you shouldn't be shy about that and he smile. I was uncircumcised, no pubes and was about 6.5 inches hard. Sam just stood and stared as it did make me a little uncomfortable but I jokingly said dude your like staring at it. Sam kinda laughed.

As we stood there in front of each other looking at each others dick Sam asked if I masturbate and I said I did but nothing really happened so I gave up after awhile. He said to me that maybe I wasn't doing it right and I said maybe. I asked him if he did and he told me he did it every night but at least twice a day and I'm like cool.

I said to Sam that we should have a shower and asked who is going first and he said why don't we have one together, it might get you used to it at school and not be so shy. So I just said yeah cause I knew if I said no he just bug me till I gave in. So we went into the shower and got in. As we got in as the shower was a little small for us both we stood there facing each other and our boners kinda touched each other and Sam said that felt kind of good.

I agreed as It did and that's when Sam asked me if he could touch it and I was a little unsure but I said sure why not. Sam reached his hand out and wrapped his hand around my dick and he said it felt nice in his hand. He than pulled my foreskin back revealing its head and he used his thumb to touch its tip and gave it a little rub. This made me jump as I had always been sensitive there but I think most uncircumcised guys are.

He than pulled my foreskin back and I had to admit that it felt good so Sam pulled my foreskin back over its head than pulled it back over it and did this for a little bit when I told him I needed to pee but he didn't let go and started moving my foreskin back and forth really quickly. I started feeling a little weak at the knees when all of a sudden I had my very first orgasm that shot I think about 4 ropes of cum out of my dick which landed on sams belly.

Sams like dude you just had your first orgasm how does it feel and I said it was great and I feel awesome. I looked down at sams dick and without being asked I grabbed his dick and started pulling his foreskin back and forth just like he did to me before. That slimy clear fluid started coming out his dick making my hand slide back and forth a little easier. We moved the shower head so it was watering the wall.

It only took me about 2 minutes before I saw Sam stiffen up and have his first orgasm from someone else. I couldn't help but see him shoot at least 6 ropes of cum all over my belly. I held his dick until it went soft and let go of it. He smiled and said thanks but he noticed I was hard again. We ended up getting out of the shower without washing ourselves and going to his bed so it gave us more room.

I layed on the bed he jumped up beside me and grabbed my hard dick again and started stroking me. About couple minutes later he said he wanted to try something he saw on the internet. He let go of my dick and got between my legs before he grabbed my dick again and lowered his head down to it. Opening his mouth he put my dick in his mouth and started sucking it and omg did it feel awesome better than Sam jacking me off.

30 seconds is all it took before I told him I was going to have another orgasm but he just kept sucking and I shot ropes of cum into his mouth. He took it out of his mouth and I looked down to see my cum as I later found out it was called and I couldn't see it. I said to Sam, didn't I just cum and he said yeah you did but I swallowed it and I said isn't that kind of gross and he said why don't you find out.

So we swapped place and I grabbed his hard dick before putting it in my mouth and mimicked what he did to me and a couple of moments later he said he was going to cum and when he did I felt it hit the back of my throat. I didn't find it that bad tasting. We just lay there after and talked about everything that had happened and he asked if I was going to be shy in the locker room and I said nope.

Was Tuesday, sports practice had finish, Sam and I picked a spot together and started changing and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Some of the boys actually commented on the size of it and gave me high fives and stuff.

More happened with Sam and I but thats for next time as I think this is too long now. Remember boys, don't be shy! Be proud.



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