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Shows for My Widowed Neighbor

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It pays to look at your house from different angles.


Giving My Widowed Neighbor Some Horny Shows
I live in a single level ranch, and I got this office where I keep the computer, and where I masturbate quite alot. I have a tv/vcr in here, too, where I watch porn sometimes. The windows in here are different, in that they are very high. I like them. They're good for having privacy inside the room from people walking by, and from houses across the street.
I love to get completely naked, sit in this comfortable office chair, and masturbate for... hell, sometimes a couple hours while watching some porn, or just checking out some web sites. Chat sites are interesting. But, they can be boring. I like reading erotic stories on the web. I like writing them, too.
I love making love to my girl friend. But, sometimes, I like to just sit here, and masturbate, and I achieve some excellent orgasms here. I love to lean back, and give myself long, slow, firm strokes with my legs spread wide with my feet perched on a day bed in here. Many a time, I'll masturbate for my girl friend, and she loves to join in. Our motors are always reviving, and there has been many weekends were we just lay around naked the whole weekend.
Well, I haven't told her about this one yet. I'm working up to it. I learned that the upstairs bedroom next door has a great view of this room. There's an older lady, a widow who lives there. About a month ago, she saw me outside raking leaves, and asked if I could help her move some boxes downstairs. This was not unusual really. I've taken my snow blower, and cleaned off her driveway many times. It's not a big deal. She's a nice lady.
I thought she meant to move the boxes from the basement, but she meant from her upstairs. The boxes contained old clothes she was giving away. Most of them were from her deceased husband, who died almost 2 years ago. Shortly after than, she moved in this house. I thought it strange that she brought her dead husband's clothes with when she moved. But, everyone handles that sort of thing differently.
There were many boxes packed already in a spare room. She was downstairs taping up the boxes already down there. As I was walking past her room, to get more boxes, I turned to look inside. There were no boxes inside that room, but I walked in to see the view she had of the neighborhood. Her room was actually higher than my roof. I looked out the front, over the street and to the houses across the street and beyond. THEN, I looked the other way, towards my house, and I noticed the office.
The curtains were always opened, no matter what I was doing in there. I never considered the need to shut them since they were so high. But, I could see the office chair, and could picture myself jerking off in it... millions of times. I could see the edge of the day bed I put my feet up on when I really get going, and what I could see was that when I did that, someone from this lady's room could see me in all my private actions. I looked to the left towards the back of my house. I could see a bit into my bedroom. Hard to tell what it would look like at night. I don't shut those drapes, either. The office view was the best from where I sat moments ago.
I felt strange. Embarrassed? Hell yeah. But, only if I knew she had seen me. Maybe not. She was downstairs taping up the boxes already down there. There was a small desk facing to the right of this window, and a nice small but comfortable looking padded chair. I sat in the chair, and noticed she could see right in my office from there. I peaked down stairs again, and heard her rustling through the boxes. Then, I walked back over to her desk, and looked around. I opened some of the drawers, and I saw some magazines of erotic stories. I'll bet she had a vibrator in there somewhere, too.
I finished up with the boxes, and shared a lunch she just made. I went back out to finish raking. I couldn't get that image out of my head. Her looking in my office when I masturbated. Maybe she even saw Peggy and me in there. As I burned leaves later on out back, I had a continual urge to rub my 1/2 hard cock. I was out there well past dark. It was a nice evening for burning leaves.
That night, after I took a shower, I walked into my office without turning on the lights. I walked over to the window facing the lady's house. There she was, sitting at her desk. She had a housecoat on, and I couldn't see anything else, but she would turn to look at my office window plenty of times. I walked over to turn on the big ceiling light, then walked over to the window, my head down as if I was looking at something. I discreetly peeked up, and noticed her light was out.
Ok. I put in a porn tape in, did a slow strip, and sat in the chair I'm sitting in now after putting a towel on it. I worked up a real good hard on, knowing she was watching me. Or at least thinking she was. It was a tremendous turn on! I spun around, put my feet up on the day bed, and squeezed a ton of KY on me. I scooched the chair over, sensing that I was not on my proper mark for her to have the best view of me. IF she was watching.
With the grunting and moaning going on in the background, I got myself all worked up. I started using both hands to slide up and down my hard throbbing shaft. I smeared generous amounts of lube on my cock, and spread my legs all the way, giving her a perfect view down at me. I could hold back no longer. I pumped my cock harder now, first one hand, and then the other. I leaned back and shot a rope of cum all over my bare chest. Then another string that landed all over my hand. It oozed out in continuing fashion, as I remained lightheaded from the powerful orgasm. I just sat there, leaning back, taking in the total rush I felt all over my body.
I sneaked a peek up towards her window. I swear I saw her sitting there in the dark. I'm certain of it. Of course, I never saw if she was masturbating while watching me...but, after I cleaned up a bit, I noticed her light come back on, and she got up from her chair... possibly to clean herself up, too. At least I hope so.
This has happened a few times now, with the same results. One day, I hope she can leave her lights on, turn her chair towards the window, and give ME a show. I'm afraid that if I tell Peggy about all this, and my neighbor being able to see me, she might start closing the drapes in here. Hummmm, the nice lady has been so patient with me as I write this. Think I'll give her a show.



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