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Showing Some Leg

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I read the account on 'getting some leg' sent in by one of the guys. This is in responce.


Yes, just had to respond to the 'getting some leg' guy. I know exactly where this guy is coming from. I worked as a cocktail waitress for over two years and was required to wear a furnished dress. Of course it would be a very short skirted design that did show lots of leg.

When I first started working there I wore panty hose when working but I soon learned that if I play my Ps and Qs right I could certainly increase my tips if I didn't wear them. As is usually the case in places like this most of our customers were men. And believe me men do get turned on by a sexy pair of female legs. As I walked around doing my job there eyes were all over my legs.

The place was quite dark and it wasn't long that I started having some of the customers slip me a real nice tip followed by a quick little feel of my thighs. I ended up positioning myself for these big tippers to allow them a good well hidden feel. They loved it.

Sure enough things progressed to being handed notes asking what time I got off and an offer of money for sex. At first I said no but as time went by I got to thinking that what they are mostly turned on by was my legs and with all the experiences I'd had with boyfriends over the years and my giving them handjobs while they felt up my legs I figured I could do this. But, this time for money. So, one night when a regular customer approached me with the offer I came back to him with a note of my own offering a handjob ONLY and that I was off that night at 11PM.

My next trip over to his table I got in my position by his table. I was met by a hand on my thigh giving it a little squeeze and a $50 tip with him telling me he'd be waiting for me out front. I told him we'd 'do it' in his car in the lot.

At 11, I grabbed a hand full of napkins and put them in my purse and headed out. He was waiting and had a pick up truck. We got in and headed for a dark spot in the lot. He dropped his pants and I scooted over to him and went to work. His hand was all over me and he kept telling me how good I feel and how he'd love to fuck me and on and on. He soon went to having the signs of a man about to come off and I quickly put the hand full of napkins over his cock. He then 'blew his load' filling the napkins with his cum. He pulled his pants back up telling me thanks and how good it felt.

It wasn't long and I almost had the guys 'bidding' for my 'service'. The tips were sure coming in and getting bigger. But, all good things must come to an end. A cop finally pulled up to the car I was in one night performing my 'service' and I was arrested on prostitution charges. I never looked at it like this but I guess it actually was. Anyway, the club owners found out and I was out.

I ended up with a sales job and a steady boyfriend so my days as a 'prostitute' are behind me now. I still get lots of looks at my legs every time I'm wearing shorts or a short dress and my boyfriend can't keep his hands off of them. I guess I must have a pair of legs that really get men turned on.



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