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Showing off and Meeting Gwen

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Growing up my idol was Madonna. I wanted to be just like her. I recorded her music videos so I could watch them whenever I wanted. I wanted to dance and look just like her so I spent countless hours in the basement wearing very little, dancing barefoot on the old hard rug until my feet were too sore to go on. Other nights I would spend an hour or so sweating my butt off to Tae Bo shaping my body into what soon became a perfect form. Nature was good to me but I believe my hard work, fitness magazines and tapes were what helped me look so good.

I worked in my dad's hardware store in the small town where I grew up from age 18 to 23. About the time I started working at my dad's store I began getting daily compliments about my slight muscle tone and dancer like body. Men of all ages were noticing me and I sucked it up loving every moment and stare. It was at age 18 that I had my first orgasm right in the store with people all around me but by accident. I was shaking some paint for a lady. I had leaned over the counter that sat right beside the old shaker machine. I was up on my tip toes leaning over when I felt a wonderful feeling in my lower body. It was so good that I stayed right there not moving. Within a very short time the feeling got better then even better then I could not believe how good it felt. My body began to jerk uncontrollably and I squeaked out a little noise then backed off the shaking counter right away. I could feel my pussy pulsing like I was trying to push out pee or something and the feeling slowly went away. Small town living had not taught me about masturbating or orgasms but the paint shaker did. I knew what had happened because I had read about orgasms in some books I had. I just never knew how to get them until then.

Later that day I had the chance to do it again. There were only two people in the store and my dad was out back with another man. I looked around then up on my toes I went pressing on the counter. Oh did it feel good! It was not long again until my second orgasm in my life was coming. I pressed hard and made sure nobody was watching as I again began the uncontrollable jerking of my body. It felt like gushes of warm water were pulsing through my pussy then the feeling began to slow again leaving me a bit out of breath. I knew this was something I would be doing forever from that day on. How could I go without that feeling when it was so good?

That night I went home and to my room thinking of how I could duplicate that same feeling in my room. I thought I had to have something that would shake around and had no idea I could just rub with my fingers. Too bad for me that my ignorance left me without orgasms for months later waiting for any chance I could get to press against the shaking counter. I started going to the store after work and volunteered to mix any and all paint that was needed.

On Saturdays my dad would sometimes leave me in charge when he took the day off. I got up extra early for two reasons. First to get some time alone with the shaker and orgasm for 30 minutes or so and second so I could have time to change into what I wanted to wear. I would wear the shortest shorts or skirt plus I would take off my bra showing my pointy nipples under a tight white t-top. I liked that my dark nipples showed well and every guy that came in no matter how old gazed at my legs and boobs. It made me horny and made the shaker time better. By the days end I would close up then shake away to many more orgasms before going home. I got brave after a while. Stripping naked was even more exciting while standing where all the people were just minutes before, pressing my naked body to the counter coming again and again.

Soon I got my hands on some Cosmo magazines and I learned about masturbating myself with my fingers and about toys. I had nowhere to buy sex toys so I made do with what I could get from dads store. I found that a small electric sander had great power and if I kept it on a low speed it made very little noise and gave very large vibrations to my clit. I got it home without dad knowing. At night I would wrap blankets around the sander keeping it almost silent and buffering the vibrations. I could then turn up the speed to where it gave me great orgasms. That little blue sander became my best friend. Every night it took me to bigger and better orgasms making my body jerk and twitch while I covered my mouth with the blankets to muffle my squeals of pleasure. I learned to use my fingers too but only to start and only for two or three orgasms then I wanted it to feel harder and longer so out came my sander.

By age 23 I was looking to leave home and I got myself a job in sales at a ladies wear store in the city. I was surprised that my dad was supportive and helped pay for my first apartment. I did not have a boyfriend so I spent a lot of time at home alone doing what I did best. Masturbating!

One Saturday I was doing my laundry and between cycles I was by the pool sunning my body. I got lots of looks like usual and sucked them up like normal. I went in to change my clothes over to the dryer and hopped up on top of the washer tucking my legs up cross legged style. The machine began to shake and it was just like home again. I pressed my heel to my clit and my foot hard to the washer then the same feelings as the counter came over me. I could feel the shaking go right to my clit and I knew it would not be long before I would be coming. I pressed harder and held my heel tight to my clit then I could feel it coming on. I looked around to make sure I was still alone then enjoyed my approaching orgasm. It hit me really good and the usual jerking motion of my body began while I squealed softly under my breath. I opened my eyes to see a lady walking in the room then got myself together quickly. She was a good looking sporty looking lady about 10 years older than me. She had a large smile and joked with me that she liked how I passed the time away waiting for my clothes to wash.

I was so embarrassed that she saw me orgasm and I could feel my face go hot and red. She looked at me telling me to relax and said I should be feeling good right now not bad. She began folding her clothes not saying anything more. I jumped down and took my wet clothes out and I started to feel much better knowing she saw me and joked about it. Standing in my bikini with hard nipples and a wet pussy I strutted a few feet over to her standing straight and tall pressing my boobs out like I just got them. I introduced myself and the lady did the same. She looked me up and down and told me I was lucky that I could pull off wearing a bikini in public like that.

Her name was Gwen and we grew to be good friends in a very short time. Passing along to a few months later we were watching a movie one night when the topic of orgasms and masturbation came up on the screen. After the movie was over Gwen brought up the day we met. It was the start of us both admitting to each other about our lives of masturbation and giving pointers of what we both knew.

We talked a while then Gwen asked if I had ever masturbated with another person, male or female. I told her the truth and told her about doing it with all the customers around me. She then asked if I would be ok with her masturbating right then and asked if I wanted to watch her. I became flushed right away. I could feel my heart begin to beat hard. I loved to masturbate, I loved to show off and I was being asked to watch another woman do the same. Wow what a thrill! Yes was all I could think of but my mouth would not say it. I stumbled for words wanting to say yes but she never gave me time to answer. Gwen stood up sliding her shorts down with her panties telling me I took too long to answer. She undid her top then stood naked for a second then slowly sat back into the chair keeping her eyes toward me. She opened her legs hanging them over the sides of the chair then wet her fingers and began to stroke her clit slowly from side to side. Gwen never said a word for a minute or two and I just kept watching her hand move so expertly over her clit. I was so horny but felt shy to do the same thing right there in front of Gwen. Then Gwen asked me if I was just going to watch or was I going to join in. I wanted to come so bad and I did want to do it while being watched too. It felt so nasty just thinking about what it would be like to show her my shaved pussy with my legs open coming for her. It was too much for me to resist so I blurted out 'me too' then stood up to strip down.

I could feel myself swelling with desire while I stripped naked with Gwen watching me and masturbating. It felt wonderful to be nude and so horny. I sat down & stretched out on the couch with one leg up on the back and one on the floor. Gwen complimented my lean and slightly muscular legs and ass. It almost made me come from her comment.

I dipped my fingers into my swollen pussy and smeared my slippery juice over my clit. I locked eyes with Gwen then began to rub my clit fast right away. I wanted to come so bad! Faster and faster I rubbed as Gwen kept up the same rubbing speed over her own clit. It only took me a few minutes before I was ready to come. Gwen was not there yet and I went even faster announcing my approaching orgasm as if it were a movie star entering the room. Swoosh, came my orgasm and pump pump pump went my pussy then I felt the bang and my body began it's jerking up and down fast then slowly it faded away. I was almost stretched out flat by the time I opened my eyes and my body stopped it's jerking. Gwen was watching me and was just about to come herself. She did not move as much as me but she chirped like she was getting pinched as each flow of orgasm came.

We both stopped and talked about how our orgasms looked to each other and tried to explain how they felt. We each began masturbating again and Gwen finished with one more large gushing orgasm. I was just too excited to stop and told Gwen I want to keep going. She told me to go as long as I wanted and she curled up to watch me come over and over again. Gwen left the room at one point telling me not to stop. She returned with a small egg shaped vibrating sex toy that had a cord and a remote controller. She held the controller and I pressed it to my clit. The orgasms were real good with the little egg and the fact that Gwen controlled it made it better.

It took me a long time before I finally gave up and it was only because my clit was so tender. Gwen took the egg and had one more orgasm for herself then we were done for the night.

That night brought a new and wonderful way for me to enjoy sex. I would have never guessed it would have given so much pleasure and I was sure glad to have met Gwen and to have her as a good friend. I still enjoy my time with Gwen and although we live far from each other now we still keep in touch. I have another story about how we spiced up our masturbation together but it would take just as long.

Ok, I'm done for now and I want to masturbate for a while before bed. I may just copy this to an email and send it to Gwen. I'm sure she'd love to read it too.



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