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Showing Off

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When I was in my teens, I had become quite close with a beautiful young thing in my drama class. She was tall, with red hair, stunning eyes and a body I was quick to become infatuated with...

As our friendship blossomed, so to did our conversations about sex. It all started out innocently enough... the usual 'have you ever' and 'who have you' type stuff. Of course, there was an understood physical attraction between us, and we soon started dating. We were both products of a certain type of upbringing. Not religious in any sense... but a sort of 'don't move to fast when it comes to sex' sort of ideal. However, being hormone driven teenagers with little else on the brain, we found ourselves at odds with our ideals everyday!

For the most part, our alone time consisted of very passionate make out sessions, lasting hours on end. We would do a little exlporing with our hands... maybe taking off an article of clothing or two.. but nothing too R rated...

One evening, a few months into our relationship, she was incredibly horny. We had been playing around with phone sex for a little while, but she was going to be staying at my house for the weekend (drama club stuff). We were in my room, practicing lines and such, when she started to talk about masturbating, out of nowhere! She had put her script down and started talking about some incredibly sexy things she had done to herself in the shower the night before. My mom was only one room away, and I had left my door open, so my girlfriend was speaking in a very low, sexy whisper. I was doing my best to keep my cool, but the words coming out of her perfect lips had my cock straining against my pants in no time...

After a few minutes, she slowly slid her back down the wall she was leaning against and plopped herself down onto the carpet, knees bent and legs apart. She was wearing very tight, very sexy jeans, and the flushed look of her face was proof enogh that this was all getting her very horny. I started telling her how hot she was...and how I would love to do all sorts of things to her. She responded immediately to this naughty talk, and before I knew it she had undone her pants and slipped her hand inside...

I was shocked for a moment. Here was this outstandingly gorgeous creature rubbing her pussy in front of me.. with my mom in the next room.. it was too risky!!

I pleaded with her to stop... or at least pause for a little while until my mom went to bed, but she just smirked at me and started rubbing faster... I wanted to see what that pussy looked like so badly. I was conflicted-have this girl stop rubbing her pussy or allow my mother to catch us and possibly ruin my chances of doing anything else with this girl ever again! I decided to play it safe, and I moved from my chair to crouch down if front of her, whispering that she had to stop.. but she just rubbed her pussy even faster with a cocky little grin on her face. It killed me to do it, but I reached for her wrist and started pulling her hand out of her jeans... but in a split second, she shot her hand up from her pussy and put two fingertips right into my mouth! She sat there wide eyed, smiling..knowing that the taste of her pussy was something I had longed for for months now. I just gave her a grin and slowly started sucking and licking her fingers. She mentioned something about knowing this would change my mind, and she was right.

I quickly leaned in and kissed her for a moment, then lept up to see what our chances of success were. I poked my head out of my bedroom and noticed my mom had actually fallen asleep watching TV. I glanced back to my girl to notice her slipping her jeans off. Since I had never seen her in any real state of nudity before, my mind was racing... I tiptoed across the living room to turn the TV down quite a bit... ensuring that it wouldn't wake up my mom. When I got back to my room, I noticed that the sexy masturbating girl had disappeared! Then I looked to my right and saw her standing in my closet. (she would explain later that she went in there in case my mom were to come in the room). I didn't have the mental capacity at the time to wonder why, though, since she had stripped herself of all clothing. She slowly slid her hands all over her body... allowing me time to soak in what I was seeing. I stepped closer to her, but she stopped me about a foot away... telling me that this was going to be a show. She slid both hands down to her pussy and slowly spread her lips apart just a bit... the sight was killing me. She asked if I wanted to see her rub herself, and I of course, said yes. However, she did nothing. She was just frozen, her hands completely stationary. I eventually looked back up to her eyes to see what was up, and she just smiled, looked down at the bulge in my jeans and whispered 'pull it out.'




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