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Showing Myself in Public

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Yesterday I shared my story with my best girlfriend. She said it was the most exciting thing she's heard all year and she might try it.


I am Arnette and I'm twenty years old. I consider myself a reasonably attractive, normal healthy young woman with no unusual sexual likes or dislikes. I've had my share of boyfriends and I've never masturbated. I discovered quite by accident about two weeks ago that I just might have a rather unusual way of mentally stimulating myself sexually and it worries me.

I was in the mall and I had on a skirt and a form fitting sleeveless lycra top. I'm fairly thin with very small breasts and I thought I looked pretty good in this particular top. The neckline was very low cut but with me not having large tits it didn't look like they were going to pop out or be overly noticeable. My areola and nipples are very dark compared to the rest of me but you couldn't tell with this particular top. I had no bra on but as long as the mall wasn't ice cold I looked just fine. They only get hard and really erect if it's really cold or if I touch them. My nipples poked at the material and you could see two little bumps but nothing tacky. I could wear this to the mall but probably not to work if you know what I mean. I wore a similar top to work once but I put a band-aid over each nipple.

Well, I stopped into the bookstore and was standing next to an older woman and we were both leafing through a number of books. I had to reach up high for a book that caught my eye and after I got the book I couldn't help but notice that the lady standing next to me was staring at me instead of looking at books. I finally looked over at her and saw that she was staring directly at my chest. I looked down at myself and to my utter disbelief I saw that not one but both of my nipples were outside of the top part of my top. I guess it happened when I reached up for the book. I felt nothing.

Needless to say, I immediately pulled up my top as I felt my face getting beet red. The woman said, 'don't be embarrassed, you have lovely breasts.' I thanked her and quickly moved to another part of the store. Now you might not think that that incident was a very big deal but for some reason I couldn't get it out of my head. When I thought about how my nipples were up and outside of the top I was actually making myself excited. I couldn't get the woman's facial expression out of my mind. She couldn't take her eyes off my tits even when I looked directly at her.

I don't know what came over me but I looked around the store for another woman that caught my eye and I stood next to her and after a few seconds I again reached up high and this time I could feel the top slip down. I pretended to look at the book and sure enough within about twenty seconds or so out of the corner of my eye I saw the woman staring at my chest. I then again reached up even higher which allowed my tits to lift up a bit more out of my top. Now nearly both my entire tits were showing. She just continued to stare and I was working myself into a state of heightened arousal. No one else could see me as I was facing the bookshelves with my back to anyone else.

Finally the woman makes eye contact with me and says,' Miss, your tits are showing.' Of course I acted shocked and pulled up my top. She says 'I'm sorry, I should have said something to you sooner but I have to admit I couldn't help looking.' I could tell I was getting wet and my nipples were now erect and noticeable through the top. I had another idea. I went into the ladies room and raised my tits just enough so that a little half-moon of areola peeked out over the edge of my top. I walked around the mall and watched the expressions on peoples faces as they noticed my slightly showing dark areolae. It was time to leave because I actually thought wetness might show on my skirt if I were to sit down.

I left the mall and drove straight home. For the first time in my life I pulled down my skirt, took off my top and proceeded to rub my throbbing clit non-stop until I had a truely wonderful orgasm. My grandmom asked me what was I moaning about in my room. I told her that I just brought myself to orgasm. Her response was, 'you're touching yourself?' I replied, 'yes.'

I'm quite worried because I don't think exposing myself is a healthy thing to do and I've done it twice more in the past two weeks. The second time an older woman of about forty told me she would love to touch them. I don't think I want to go there. I just get so terribly excited by the thought of my nipples poking out and someone seeing something that they shouldn't be seeing. The very idea that I'm showing something that shouldn't be shown in a public place is extremely exciting and stimulating. Yesterday I was in the mall trying to find another very similar top.

Your comments would certainly be appreciated and welcomed.

PS For whatever reason, I don't feel the urge to expose myself to males.



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