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Showing My Sister

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I told this story already but not in exact detail. I had been worried that somehow I was not quite 'normal' but after reading so many encounters here I see I'm in good company. At the time I was around 30 something give or take, my sister two years younger than me. It was when she was spending the night at our place and my wife was asleep in our bedroom. I got out of bed nude and walked into the hallway knowing my sister was sleeping on the living room couch. The thought of going to her naked turned me on and I got a grand erection.

I returned to the bedroom and put on a skimpy robe, then walked into the living room and woke my sister. I said I'd like to talk so she sat up on the couch and I sat down beside her. I told her about my wife being naked with her brother and sister-in-law and that I had missed out on being there with them as I wanted to be naked with my naked sister-in-law. Finally I asked my sister if she remembered the time I had asked if I could show her my penis and she declined. She remembered and I asked her if I could show my penis to her now. To my great amazement and delight this time she said yes.

Standing I untied the belt and sat next to her with the robe spread all the way open. She stared at my hard cock and said such things as 'I'll look but not touch', 'I like it', 'It's nice', 'I like them better when they're stiff', 'I always wondered what your's looked like', and so on. I explained that although not being circumcised I could pull my foreskin all the way back as if I were. As I sat there beside her in the dim light she kept worrying our mom in the next bedroom would come in on us. I was sure I'd hear anyone coming in time to react.

As I sat next to my sister I had one arm around her shoulders and was slowly stroking my hard cock with the other hand. I finally told her I was masturbating and she said she knew that. My sister claimed to have never masturbated and never having an orgasm. I asked if I could see her breasts, they're huge. She said no but if they weren't so big she might let me see them. At one point during all this I stood up, dropped the robe off, turned on a light, and stood right in front of her and waggled my penis back and forth against my legs and stroked it very vigorously. Then I squatted in front of her and said I needed to masturbate and went to my room and did so as my wife slept.

At a point sometime later my sister found a note I left her in her dresser drawer saying I wanted to do more of what we did and that I wanted her to play with my penis. She gave the note to my wife who got very angry and made a huge fuss over it all, going so far as to tell my mother! So I then wrote mom a letter telling of all I had done with my sister as well as all my wife had done with her brother and sister-in-law. My mom felt we were all freaks. Ever since then over the years I tried and tried to get my sister to let me be naked for her again but she would not. Many times I'd stand naked in a pitch dark room in front of her pleading to turn on a light but she never gave in.

Now my fantasy is that she would relent and let me be naked with the lights on and she'd also be naked and would let me look at her and masturbate while she watched me cum and she'd give me a hand job. Now I'd LOVE to be naked and have my naked sister masturbate me!!! Also I want to be naked with my naked ex-wife and her naked girlfriend and let them take turns jacking me off!!! I am not as unusual in these things as I thought after reading all these stories. I wish I could have been caught naked and masturbating by my mother and to have mom give me a handjob!!! Topless!!! WOW, I need to go and masturbate now!!! I LOVE reading stories of guys being jacked off by moms, aunts, sisters, etc...!!! Could I ever be SO lucky ? I'm now 50 and my sister is 48 and lives in another state. But still if she came here I'd keep trying to get her to be naked with me and for us to masturbate each other to orgasm! I'm often now masturbating to the fantasy of my naked sister and I imagine we are playing with each other. I need to do that now...



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