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Showing My Points

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I'm twenty two years old and I just found this web site about a month ago. I've spent quite a bit of time reading previous stories and I've read a number of them that talk about women who in varying ways show things that shouldn't be shown in public. Some are very discrete and others not so much.

I started doing certain things back when I was just fourteen and indirectly, my mom encouraged what I was doing. That is going to be my story. My dads a doctor and has difficulty getting much time off from work.

One summer when I was fourteen and my sister was eleven mom took us on a one week Carribean cruise. The first full day the three of us ate breakfast and then put on our bathing suits and headed for the ships pool. There were lots of people at the pool and I couldn't help but notice one lady who looked about in her twenties. She had a terrific figure and she wore a solid color two-piece bathing suit. When she came out of the water I saw her nipples poking at the wet top of her suit. I noticed that others noticed her also including mom. She looked so sexy.

My suit was also two-piece in a solid green. Inside the bra part was a little pocket and the bra came with green pads to slip into the suit pocket which I did. Actually, the pads served two purposes. First, they made your boobs look a little bigger (mine were plenty big enough) and second they prevented your nipples from poking out at the material of your suit. A modesty thing.

The next morning I removed those pads and the three of us went to the pool. The first time I got out of the water mom whispered to me that I forgot to put in the pads and that people could really see my 'two points' (mom refered to nipples as points) pushing at my top. I told mom that I didn't forget. I clearly remember the funny look on her face and then she gave me a sly smile and went back to her book. Little sis also says 'I can see your two points.' I just answered,'so what'! I left the pads out for the rest of the cruise and I took a mental note of those who checked out my tits, actually my nipples.

Each day I would have that funny feeling you get if you are sexually stimulated. The same feeling as I got one day when my then boyfriend touched my tits. The difference is that now that feeling lasted all the while I was at the pool. On the third night of the cruise we had dress up night for dinner. I had a beautiful dress for the evening and I left out wearing my bra. Mom said I looked lovely. You couldn't see my nipples but like at the pool you could certainly see my two points. If someone looked down the front of my dress they could easily see my bare nipple. I was really hoping that I could manage to have at least a couple of people look down my dress. Lots of people gave my chest a quick look and then smiled at me. Actually, I got more looks from women than from men.

After dinner we went to the ships bar for a soda and mom had a wine. Our female server looked down the top of my dress and I saw her mouth open. She then frequently stopped at our table to ask us if she could freshen our drinks. Each time I made sure that she had a good view down my dress. I saw mom look over and I'm certain she knew what I was doing. I got that sly smile again. I had only masturbated a few times since puberty and I never really had an orgasm. That night I told mom I had a slight headache and that I was going back to the room. Mom said that she and sis would be back in about fifteen minutes. I immediately put on my pj's and pulled down the bottoms. I found my clit and this time I just kept rubbing and rubbing. Finally I had my first orgasm. I never felt so stimulated and so good. When mom and sis got back she asked me how my headache was and I said it went away. She just smiled and I could tell just from that smile that she knew what I had just done in the room.

That was the very beginning of my experiences with showing myself. After each experience I would go home to masturbate. I just can't describe to you how tremendously aroused I get when I know that someone is going out of their way to get a quick look at something they shouldn't be seeing.

I'm getting married in less than a year but I know I will continue to do what I do until my body is too old to excite people.



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