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Showing My Friend How It's Done

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It was towards the end of eighth grade during the week, when my mom told me that my friend Jimmy was going to be riding the bus home with me that night because his parents were going to visit his sister at college. So after my last class I met Jim in the hallway and we went to my bus and we got to my house and went inside. No one was home and I found a note on the table that said that my parents went with Jim's parents to visit his sister and go out to dinner, and they wouldn't be back until 10:00 or so. We watched some TV and ate some food for a while until we decided to get on the computer and talk to people.

No one was really on so I started to surf the net going to my usual spots such as Solo Touch and other porn sites. Jimmy was standing over my shoulder when I was reading one of the masturbation stories on this site. I had never discussed jerking off with him before. All of a sudden he said 'what are these stories about, it sounds weird' I was shocked, I thought he at least knew what masturbation was. I said 'it's about masturbation don't you jerk off?' He said no he had never done it. Then he asked what it was I said 'it's when you make your dick get hard then you stroke it until you get an orgasm or a really good feeling on your cock and cum shoots out' I could tell he was interested I asked him if he wanted me to show him how. He seemed a little apprehensive but agreed.

I said we could do it in my bathroom. When we got into the bathroom I was shaking like crazy and I already had a huge boner. I started by explaining how to do it. I told him to strip naked and we both took off our clothes. His dick was a little smaller than mine, maybe five inches at the time, but his dick head was huge and very purple. I told him to sit down across from me so I could give him instructions while he watched me do it. I said 'alright, now grab the skin about an inch under the bottom of your head, now slide the skin up as far as is comfortable do this a couple times' he was going good for a while and so was I, we had been jerking for maybe five minutes when Jim started to put his boxers back on. I said 'hey did you come, I didn't see it'

Jim told me that he felt weird doing this and he would let me finish and leave the room. Through this conversation I could see the bulge in his pants going down but I kept stroking as soon as he was about to turn and leave, I felt the first tingle of orgasm under my balls. All I could say was wait a minute, he froze as my orgasm grew, my face contorted in pleasure and my cock exploded with jizz and it landed right next to Jim's foot. I sat there for a minute just rubbing my cum into my super sensitive head .

I looked up and Jim had regained his boner. I asked him if he liked what he saw and he said he was going to give it another go. So I gave him some baby oil for lube and in no time I could see he was going to cum, his balls sucked up into his groin and his hips raised up off the ground. So I got down between his legs and lightly touched his big purple head, this sent him over the edge and his cum hit the palm of my hand and he moaned loudly. I grabbed the head of his cock with my cum filled hand and squeezed hard until he had a second orgasm. After we had recovered Jim said thanks for showing him and we played with his cum for a while stretching it and throwing it at each other. We then took a long shower and jerked off a few more times until my parents got home.



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