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Showing My Boobs

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Two summers ago I went camping with my good friend L. We hiked back to an area where we camped by a water falls. We set up our tent & a few steps away was the top of the falls where there was nothing but rock. The first day we were up early & the sun was warm & bright. L said she was going to sun her boobs since nobody was around & it was legal to do so where we are anyway. When I saw her wearing only a tiny bikini bottom & her perky boobs bare to the sun I decided to do the same. It felt so good! I remember walking with my boobs swaying in the outdoors & loving the feeling.

I was standing looking out over the falls with my hands on my hips. I turned my face to the sun & pressed my chest far out & arching backward twisting from side to side. When I opened my eyes there were three young men looking at me from across the river. I did not want to run & hide so I pretended not to see them & closed my eyes again. I was getting hot knowing I was being watched. I kept twisting back & forth giving the guys a good show while peeking just a bit.

I turned & went back to where L was & told her about the guys. L was excited & wanted to join me & said we could both sun our bodies in front of them. We went back to the falls & the guys were now in shorts only. L & I walked to where they could see us again then we laid down on the hard rocks with our boobs pointing up. It was not long before the guys made their way over to our side then walked over to start conversation. We talked for a while then I sat up leaning back on my hands making sure to push my boobs out nice & far. The guys never mentioned us being topless at all but their eyes sure kept surfing up & down our bodies.

After a while we all went swimming & I really enjoyed how the cold water pulled my long nipples out hard & firm. I made sure they got a good view of that too. After a while we all just ended up just quiet & sunning. As the day went on there must have been seen by about 20 strangers in total. We certainly got a lot of looks. Some of the girls gave dirty looks & one older couple laid not far from us & the lady took her top off too. It was kind of cool for her to do that.

All day I was horny thinking about being semi nude in public. The guys had to get going later on & L & I went back to our tent to grab a bite. Walking back I told L how hot I was from being semi nude. L joked about how the guys got silent every time we were touching up our sunscreen & how they looked when we rubbed our boobs.

Later that night L & I were sitting around the fire talking more about the day & the guys. She said they were probably jerking off right then thinking about us. After laughing & joking more about the guys jerking off I got the nerve up & asked L if she masturbated much. She paused then looked at me & said, 'yah, I do it a lot'. I admitted that I too had learned to masturbate very well & could bring myself to orgasm many times. I told her I felt if we were not meant to masturbate we would not have been given a clitoris.

We talked about masturbation for quite a while & I could tell L was getting as horny as I was. I soon told her I would not be able to sleep if I did not masturbate that night then asked if she felt the same. L said she found it hard to sleep if she was excited & did not get her orgasms. We both began to smile not saying anything then I just said, so??? L just said OK.

Since the night air was cool I took more bits of wood & put them on the fire. Soon the fire was much brighter & hot. I was the first to slide down my jeans & kick off my sandals. I took off my seat shirt & sat down on top telling L do hurry up & get naked. As L was getting naked I took that time to begin rubbing my clit. She sat down just watching for a moment then without saying a word began doing the same. L had a nice shaven pussy just like I did (& still have). We found it uncomfortable with no place to lean back so we ended up sitting back to back masturbating. It was the first time in years that I masturbated with a friend & although I could not see her & felt her body move with each rub of her clit. L was moving quite a bit & moaning a lot. She added so much to my pleasure that it was not long at all before I began to orgasm. I leaned my head back on her shoulder & cried out nice & loud while my body shuddered to my first orgasm. I guess my orgasm helped L too because she soon did the same. She was a bit more quieter than me but her body shook very hard & for a long time.

We enjoyed our bodies that night orgasm after orgasm until it was time to sleep. The next morning I woke up first. The tent was bright & L was still asleep. I quietly slid out of my bag & laid on top naked. All I could think about was the guys watching my boobs & masturbating with L. I opened my legs & slowly began to rub my clit again. My orgasm woke up L & she sat up with a smile. She said do you ever stop doing that? I just closed my eyes & kept rubbing my clit. I opened my eyes after a bit to see L just watching me. I kept masturbating by myself for a while & she told me I was good at what I was doing. Once I came a few times L said it was her turn to cum. It was very interesting for me to see how another girl looked when she was having an orgasm & also how she masturbated. L put on a nice little show for me then I joined her again.

Once we left our tent we saw there was a young couple about 10 meters from our tent. They were just sitting there quietly. They must have been listening to us masturbate.

We had so many orgasms that night & day that I lost count. My body felt tight inside from all the orgasm spasms. We spent the morning topless again then went home later in the early afternoon.

I found that weekend to be one of the most erotic times I have ever had. I have masturbated myself to countless orgasms while reliving that weekend in my mind over & over again.

I spent time with L again but I was not outside & the feeling was not the same. It still was very sexually arousing but it's a bit long so I'll leave it for another time. Writing this has made me very hot. It feels like I was just there again. Now I'm going to vibrate my clit. I know the orgasms will be great!



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