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Showing It To Sis

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Showing It To Sis
I was about 15 yrs when I started masturbating regularly.I have a fairly big cock,now about seven inches at full erection.( I am 35 and married now.) My sis is two yrs older than me. My parents were both doctors and busy all the time. Sis was in charge of things at home and being older, tried to dominate me all the time. We would often fight, hitting each other, but she was very loving of her brother. Whenever we picked up a fight and hit at each other. she would climb on top of me to establish her supremacy. As I grew up and learned of sex, her body on my top statrted giving me a different feeling. She was incredibly beautiful, and her smile could launch a thousand ships. I worshipped her for that, but never had any incest thoughts.. till...
A rich family, we had our own rooms in the house.We both lived on the first floor, in separate rooms which had a common washroom which could be entered into from both the rooms.When I enter, I bolt the door to her room and vice-versa.
When I was around 12, and she was 14, I had an illness after which I was bedridden for a few days. As I recovered, she had to bathe me one day because I was quite weak. I had to stand naked infront of her. We had seen each other naked when still young, but I was hesitant. She said she would want me to strip, because she had to oil my body. I did so, and she oiled me. As her fingers touched my prick, it started feeling strange. I was embarassed, but she massaged me well while talking of so many other things and not pretending to be bothered of my prick. But when she touched and looked at it, I felt a strange sensation.
Again the next day it happened. This time she rolled the skin back and oiled the tip well. I said I was feeling tickly. "You got to keep it clean" she said. And laughed. I had a near erection, and she noticed it, but tried to ignore.
Later I talked to a friend about it. " You are lucky", He said, " You can make her masturbate for you. There is nothing wrong in that. Only fucking is wrong between siblings" he told me. He taught me how to masturbate. I started doing it regularly.
One evening I was out playing football and when I came back I had a terrific erection because on the way I chanced upon a sexy girl who was my obsession. I entered the washroom, but forgot to bolt the door. I went on to an exciting masturbation,and closed my eyes in the ecstasy.When it was over, I opened my eyes,only to find her at the door watching me.I was still shooting off.I was worried, but she did not say anything and just closed the door.
Her behaviour was absolutely normal after that and I got over the fear. Later I made it a regular thing to masturbate in the washroom after the evening game, keeping the door to her room open and keeping my eyes shut.I knew that she was watching it everyday, and sure enjoyed it. I wanted to do something more, but my Xian faith told me it was sin.Yet one day I got over it.I opened my eyes as I was doing it and as she was watching.She did not go away, but stayed on to see the climax. That emboldened me.Later that day,I went into her room and sat near her on the bed. She was talking of a movie she had seen, but I untied my pyjama and took it out. As she gazed, I began to stroke it. She watched but pretened not to.As I shot off, she offered me her towel and suggested I dont it too often because it will hurt my health. Will you show me when yu do it, I asked. Her answer was that she does not, which I didnt believe.
A few days later I happened to see her do it. I told her I did see it. She has never shown me her act, but she did show me her pussy one day when I told her she has to reciprocate for my free show.It was clean shaven and I badlt wanted to go down on it. As I bent and kissed it, she pushed me away, and said we sholudnt do it because it is sin.
But my free show continued till she got married and went away to Canada. She grew up into a marvellous beauty and was the subject of my masturbation at all times. Some six years back we got together at our ancestral home. It was a rainy evening and very cold. The children went to bed early and we sat talking in my room late into the night. At one stage, she just lied down in my lap and said it is a nostalgia. Honestly I was aroused. SHe could feel the bulge touching her neck. As the conversation went on, she slipped her hand into my pyjama, and started stroking it. I wanted sometrhing more, but it did not last long. I exploded soon, because it was a long-awaited desire. As she got up, i begged her to let me touch her nakedness with my toungue. She looked at me in the eyes, and said:"yu shouldnt, because it will be incest."
That night just went off like that, but I had a feeling that she too was longing for something because she alawys kept my company. And it did happen finally......That is another story.HOME PAGE



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