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Showing It To My Sister

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I have always wanted to have someone watch me masturbate and when I was 14 I remember my first opportunity to have it happen.
One afternoon, after I got home from school, I decided that this was the day that I would allow my sixteen-year-old sister to catch me masturbating. I really do not remember why it was going to happen that day, but I do remember I was very horny.
Well, my plan was that I would take a shower and then leave my bedroom door open just a crack as I knew my sister had to work that day and she would have to walk past my bedroom to use the bathroom, before doing her makeup and getting dressed for work.
I waited until it was almost time for Beth, my sister, to arrive home, before I actually took a shower, so as to have wet hair and a damp towel, to make it look like an accident, her catching me.
I went into my room, after turning on the stereo, so that I would not be able to hear her if she called out my name, before she reached my bedroom door.
I like to masturbate by sitting on the edge of my bed and stroking my cock with my fist closed tightly around it. I like to use spit as lube and when I heard her come in the front door I started to jerk my cock up and down as I knew it would not take me long to come.
I was sitting a little sideways so I could see the door out of the corner of my eye but not so much that she would know that I could see her pass my door.
My plan worked perfectly she came down the hall and I saw her look around the doorframe and her eyes got really wide and I heard her take a sharp breath. I just kept pounding away on my cock, as I wanted her to see it come. It was really hard and the head was big and almost purple. I stroked it quickly as I did not want to give her the chance to turn away. I didn't have to worry as she stood just outside the door and watched me as I leaned back, raised my hips off the bed and shot out the most come I had ever produced up until that time. I grunted and sighed and then lay down on the bed. I fondled my balls and held my dick between my fingers until it went soft.
I then reached for the damp towel that I had laid beside me, on the other side, of course, and wiped all the come up. As I was doing this I heard footsteps in the hall as Beth hurried to the bathroom and began to shower for work.
I knew that she had watched me jerk off and it was the greatest thrill to know that my perfect plan had worked so well. Needless to say she was late for work and I would occasionally keep my door not quite closed after I would shower. I know she has seen me more that that one time, but she has never mentioned it.



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