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Showing It Off

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Showing It Off
I just found your site and have been enjoying the entries for the past week. I figured that it was about time for me to share some of my masturbation experiences.
I started when I was 10 years old, I had just got out of school and as most kids do I started snooping around my dad's room and found one of his pornos. Not really knowing what I was about to see I put it in the VCR. To make a long story short I began to get a hardon and decided to take care of it, the feeling was great and thats how it started. My parents were divorced, my brothers and sisters lived with my mom. So it was perfect, I could come home everyday and masturbate.
Around the 8th grade I moved in with my mom, my sisters no longer lived at home and my brother was living with a friend. It was just me, my mother and my cousin living in the house. My cousin was much older than myself and had a good supply of pornos. I began to masturbate 3 times a day and went on like this for the next two years. My cousin moved away and it was just me and my mother in the house now. By that time I had my own collection of porn to look at and keep my fantasies going. After several close calls on getting caught by my mother, one day I decided that I liked the excitement of being caught. So I decide that I wasn't going to cover up when she came in my room the next time. It was around 7:00p and I was up to my usual act, I had a porno in and it was turned down low so that Mother wouldn't hear it. I heard her door open and then the sound of footsteps getting closer to my room. I shut the movie off and closed my eyes while resting my head back on the wall of my room. I heard two quick knocks and the door open, mom said "nate" and then paused and left the room. She was shocked to see me doing it.
As the next year went on I had her catch me a few more times and even had my sister catch me a few times. I loved being seen masturbating by woman. That was just the beginning of my adventures.
When I was a freshman in college at a local community college I used to open the window in my living room when my mom left for work. My first class was at nine, and there was a bus stop across the street. It picked its one student up at around 7:15am. The girl was in the 8th grade and was cute so I figured why not give her a show. She was not very observant, I went a week without her even seeing me.
Then one day while fixing her hair she saw me. She looked away, but then looked back again, she kept looking away and back to me. So I decide to give her a show everyday, by the next week, one of her friends had joined her at the bus stop and they both watched me. One day she was by herself and stared at me for 15 minutes straight. About a month later another friend joined her at the stop and they brought a camera. They took pictures of me while I stroked my cock. They enjoyed the show I was giving them. This went on for all of my freshman year until I transferred to another college in another state.
One day I decide to give the mail lady a show, This is one of my favorites. She had dropped off my mail and I whipped the blinds open, not knowing that she was right there, I thought that she was at the next house. The window was on the side of my house and could be seen as she dropped the mail off to every other house on my block. She looked and smiled, she kept turning around and looking at me. I was so turned on I shot my load all over the window. She enjoyed that even more.
I used to masturbate in my back yard, knowing that at any time my mom could come home or a neighbour could come out side and catch me. I even masturbated while driving, once I was at a stop light and pulled up right next to a blond haired woman, cock in hand, she glanced over and saw me, I was so turned on that I shot my load right there. I glanced over at her and she looked away with a smile on her face.
I've had my share of girlfriends over the past several years, I've even had my share of sexual encounters, but most of my best memories come form being seen masturbating. I have yet to watch a girl masturbate though, I had a girlfriend who did, but she would never do it for me.
I have a few other stories if any woman are interested in trading stories or even pictures you can e-mail me.



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