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Showing Him

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A more recent story of my sexual oddessy


This just happened in the last couple of years.

I have a friend named Foster. We work together and he has been a mentor for me. He's now in his fifties, grey but handsome, tall and trim for a man of his years. He has a wife and three children all now grown. He is an admirable man in all respects and he has been there for me through challenges both professionally and personally.

Many times I've been to their house and eaten a meal, or had conversations. Foster and his family are almost like family to me.

I have shared with Foster my thoughts on my current and past relationships with men and he has always been there with advice-or just to lend a caring ear.

On one particular night Foster and I went out for a quick bite to eat. We live fairly close and he had driven me to work and was driving me home after dinner. We had been talking about work related stuff, and a little politics, and briefly about the last man I had seen and why that had not worked out.

I remember I offhandedly said something like, I needed a man like him to keep me in check. Foster responded with something like, no-if you were with someone like me you'd be fighting all the time.

We arrived at my house. It was then that I made a decision. You see, I love Foster in my way. In some respects he's the dearest man I know. Now, you need to understand that I do not want to have an affair with him-and would never do anything that would put his marriage in jepordy. But at the same time I had thought of a way to show Foster just how much he meant to me. My whole life (so far) I have bonded what I feel emotionally to my sexuality.

And I had just decided to express what I felt emotionally for Foster sexually.

'Foster, come in for a bit. I have something I want to show you,' I said in the car. 'Sure.' Foster replied, not knowing what he was in for.

We got into my house and I told Foster to wait in the living room where the TV was. I hurried into my bedroom and got what I needed and headed back to the living room with jitters.

'I don't want to weird you out-but there's something I want to show you. You are very special to me and I want you to know how much I love and trust you.'

Foster still didn't know what to make of all this-but he told me he loved and trusted me too and asked what was going on.

I told him I wanted to share myself with him in an intimate-but appropriate way.

'Aimee, what do you have in your hand?' Foster asked.

'Something I want you to see.' I said and popped the small tape into the machine. I turned on the TV and told Foster to have a seat on the sofa. The whole time I was explaining my reasons for wanting him to see this, telling him my views on sexuality and masturbation, letting him know how much he, and his family has meant to me through the years.

Then finally, I turned the tape on and sat on the sofa with Foster. And suddenly there I was on screen. It was taped in my bedroom, and I was on my bed in my panties and bra. On screen I took off my bra and my breasts spilled out-nipples protrubant. On the couch I swallowed hard-my stomach fluttering.

'Aimee...' Foster kind of groaned, 'What are you getting me into.

'Shhh. Just watch to the end and we'll talk,' I simply said.

On screen, I traced my clitoris through my panties and half closed my eyes. The camera zoomed to my pantied crotch-zoomed so close you could see my wetness seeping through. I then lifted my legs and pulled my panties off. The camera again went close on my exposed pussy hole and anus.

'Who's filming?' Foster asked.

'My friend Eva. We film each other sometimes.' I said noticing that Foster had an erection probably at full stretch under his trousers.

On the TV I rubbed my pussy furiously through my bushy pubic hair. I even tugged on my pubic hair a little with one hand while I continued to masturbate with the other. I spread my legs super-wide so that Eva could get penetrating footage of my private parts. My eyes closed as the tension in my body built. I began to breathe loudly and moan. My tits and nipple began to heave and sweat. Wet squishy sounds became audible through the TV's speakers.

Foster watched, enraptured as I masturbated on screen and sat next to him on the sofa.

'You look amazing, sweetie,' He said in awe. 'Someday, some guy is going to be the most blessed man on earth-whoever it is you marry.'

I took Foster's hand as we continued to watch my nude body in crisis on screen.

My pussy seemed to be oozing it was so wet. My eyes closed; I was jilling my cunt in earnest now. Eva walked closer to me, changing her angle, she was now above me and close, gliding from the curve of my tits-hesitating on the plump tip of my left nipple, and then going down the length of my tummy, pausing on my perspiring navel and then my pussy. My pussy hair and then pussy lips all over the screen as if they could be 100 feet tall and ready to devour Manhattan. Vaginal squish in surround sound. Eva and the camera pulled back to find that I had shoved one of my index fingers in my ass to the second knuckle. Foster writhed, he made no attempt to hide the boner that was sticking up from his pants.

I began to scream on TV. I started talking dirty to myself, 'I'm fucking myself! Watch me fuck myself red!' I then yanked my finger from my anus. I gripped the cheeks of my ass as I started to cum. Eva filmed some of the spasms from my pussy and moved to the contortions of my face. I cupped my breasts as I calmed down and I looked at the camera and thanked Eva for filming me.

I turned the Tv off. Foster and I talked a bit. He then kissed me on the forehead and thanked me and said 'I get it.'

It was the only time I showed him one of the many tapes of me masturbating.



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