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Showing Her my Cum

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Showing Her My Cum
When I was a 15 the girl that lived next door had severe buck teeth. Due to this she didn't really date or have much prospect of dating. I knew she had buck teeth but because I knew her for so long and liked her so much it wasn't offensive to me in any way. She was a year older and that summer she went into total development mode. Not only did she grow a few inches taller but she got the sexiest body you have ever seen. Nice breasts with beautiful full dark nipples and soft curved hips with a flat stomach and almost skinny waist. In a two piece swim suit she had a knock-out body.
She must have had all the hormones that generate all those body changes working on some other things too. Now and then when we were alone she would start talking about sex and how she never had any hope of finding a boy friend. I reassured her she didn't need a boy friend since I was right there next door. She would tell me that was sweet of me to say and hold my hand very tightly as we continued to talk. My 14 year old erection was completely obvious in my swimming suit. At first I wanted to try and hide it because I was embarrassed. My second thought was, I didn't care because we were friends and she would understand. We kept talking and she held my hand and sort of caressed it as we spoke. By now my hard-on was starting to drip making an obvious wet spot in my swim suit. She would glance down at my bulging swim suit now and then and smile. I didn't know what frustration could be until we stopped talking that first time and my balls ached from lack of release. The moment I got home I ran to the bathroom and had jacked off just to stop the pain.
She must have been hit pretty much the same way because she thought up some excuse to stay behind with me when both our families when off on a trip of some sort for the weekend. I was supposed to go stay with a friend but instead stayed home and she did go stay with a friend but came over to my house as soon as our parents were gone. She said she just wanted to talk and sit around but quickly qualified that by adding, "Like we did last weekend".
That was very clearly a reference to holding hands and her looking at my throbbing hard-on. When we finished eating a pizza we sat on the couch and talked and held hands again but this time the talk turned to physical things almost immediately, how did I like making out, had I ever made out with a girl much, did I ever do anything else and questions like that. I got very bold and asked her the same questions. Since my answers were all negative her lack of experience wasn't too much of shocker. She told me that she thought about making out and all that sex stuff a lot but hadn't tried it. I immediately said how that was all I thought about and maybe even a little too much. She told me she thought that was normal for boys.
Then she floored my by saying she bet I had a hard time after sitting around and talking last time since I seemed to be getting so excited. With things being so up front I went ahead and said that it was pretty painful until I got home and took care of the situation. She reached out and took my hand and said that I wouldn't have to take care of that myself anymore. We then started making out with lots of kissing and her letting me put my hands wherever I wanted and she was doing a lot of serious moaning under my exploring fingers and hands. Just when I thought I couldn't get in her shorts because they were so tight, I had been holding her pussy from the outside, she stood up and pulled them off leaving her panties on. I almost had a climax right there. She sat down and we went back to kissing. Now I don't know how she did it but when we kissed you sure would not have known she had such a buck tooth problem. No sign of it at all. While my fingers were busy exploring the front of her panties I felt her hand on my very hard cock. At first I jumped being the only one that had ever touched myself.
Then she stopped kissing me for a second and said, "Can I take that out and see you?" I almost could not speak I was so excited. I was also hoping it didn't shoot off on her the moment I felt the air hit me. The god of love was smiling on me and I didn't climax on the spot. She began to stroke me in a very sexy way which I was sure would lead to an orgasm any second. Even though I wanted to climax I was also aware this was my chance to get some solid sexual exploration in myself. We went back to kissing and I began to get brave enough to slide my hand down to her panty covered pussy.
Through the soft fabric I could feel the fine soft hair of her sexy womanhood. As if I needed encouragement she spread her legs ever so slightly inviting me to be even bolder. Slowly, I slid my hand down the front of her panties and slipped my hand inside the leg to touch the velvet soft outer lips of her pussy. When I placed my hand there not only did I get even more turned on but found the softness contained a warm wetness that made my finger practically slip inside. Suddenly the way she was stroking me seemed to change in pace or rhythm I moaned and stopped kissing her long enough to say we had to slow down or this was all going to end. She looked at me very seriously and dropped her eyes a little and said "Can I ask you a favor?" While still stroking me very slowly I nodded and said, "Sure, anything". She told me she had never done any of this and wanted to stop kissing so she could watch me shoot off. I told her I was so close but would like that too. With that she stood up and took off her panties. When she sat back down on the couch she placed my hand back on her now totally naked pussy. She turned to me and said, "That feels so good when you rub me there". With that she replaced her hand and picked up where she had left off stroking me. Within a minute the feel of her pussy combined with the stroking brought me to the biggest climax of my life. She moaned as I shot straight up into the air stream after stream of cum. When I finally got my breath back and my head cleared I sat up to clean myself up she had the biggest smile on her face. I asked her what was making her smile so much and she told me that she had never seen anything so exciting in her life. She said I shouldn't move and that she would clean me all up if I didn't mind... wow, I couldn't believe how excited she was and I was the one that had just climaxed. We continued these sessions whenever we could sneak a minute and spend some time alone. The very next time she started to cum on at the same time I did. Those are another story.
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