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I've always encouraged my daughter Helen (13) to communicate with me on any topic, question or concern that she might have as she continues to grow. I feel we have an excellent relationship in all respects. However, just recently she came to me after school and without any fanfare asked me if I knew what jilling was. This totally caught me by surprise but I think I recovered quickly and I told her I did. I also asked her what made her bring up that topic. Helen said that her friends talk about it a lot and that all of them do it except her. She indicated that it had to do with touching yourself 'down there' and making it feel good. She even said that she had rubbed the outside but it didn't do anything and that the inside was just her hole. My face was red as a beet as I listened to her and I was quite nervous. I wasn't sure what to say. I decided to level with her and I explained quite thoroughly what jilling was and how most girls/women do it. She was surprised when I told her that women do it also. She thought that only girls jilled. Helen thanked me for the information and I was quite proud of myself for having explained fully the process of masturbation. I also told her the correct term for jilling.

About ten minutes later I hear Helen calling me from her room. I went to her room and pushed open the door. She is lying on top of her bed totally naked with her knees up and her legs spread as wide as possible. I nearly fainted!! As I stood open mouthed Helen tells me that nothing is happening to her. I looked at her vagina and she is quite dry. I also see that she has no pubic hair. I later learned that 'all the girls shave.' Without really thinking about this situation I just sat on the edge of her bed and put my finger in my mouth for moisture. I then started rubbing/massaging her tiny clit and sure enough, Helen starts to show real signs of wetness. She is clearly enjoying what I am doing to her. At this point I just continued to rub her clit and finally she exhibits all the classic signs of orgasm. She even cried out and I told her to hush. Helen then told me she never felt anything so good in her life.

I don't know if I did anything really awful or not. I probably could have just taken two of her fingers and placed them on her clit and told her to rub but I didn't, I just reacted. I looked up female masturbation on the net and that's how I found this site. Helen asked me two days later to 'do it to her again.' I emphatically told her no and that this was something she had to do for herself. I emphasized that I just got her started. I told her not to ask me to do this again. She was quite disappointed.

I truely hate to admit this but after that episode I masturbated for the first time in a very long time while re-living what I had done earlier. I can't seem to get this incident out of my head. Comments appreciated. There is no one that I know that I would feel comfortable about sharing what had happened with the possible exception of my mother.



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