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Showin' All in Sauna

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I have had several experiences similar to this over the years but this is the best one.


I am double trouble. I love to jack off and I am an exhibitionist. I prefer to display me wares to men, although I am not gay, but in a weird way it seems safer. I think all guys jack off and most guys won't run off to the cops when they see a hard dick like some women might. I just want to be watched in a naked and aroused state. One of my favorite places is a hotel sauna when I travel. There are always men there and being naked is no big deal...but being naked and displaying a hard-on is a little different for most travellers. I have never had a negative reaction. There have been many neutral reactions and a few really exciting positive reactions. One of the positives occurred recently on a trip to Philadelphia.
I was staying at the Four Seasons Hotel which has an excellent pool area replete with separate lockers rooms for men and women. These are always great because I can get naked from the moment I enter the locker room. I introduced myself to the pool attendant, let's call him Robert. Robert was very polite and attentive. He kindly showed me around the locker room indicating where the towels, showers and sauna were located. I stripped down naked in front of him while he patiently waited and showed me where to safely lock up my clothes while I was enjoying the facilities. I was already in a semi-rigid state and nervouly excited. Robert never flenched as he maneuvered me to my chosen bit of comfort...the sauna. It was perfect.. large..well lit and glass doors so that I could see if anyone was approaching. Directly across were the showers...I could bounce back and forth between the hot dry sauna and the rejuvenating coolness of the showers. An added bonus was that anyone who used the showers could also look directly into the sauna. No one else was using the sauna so I positioned myself for maximum exposure and idled the time away in slow masturbatory bliss as several men came and went from the showers. Robert came around frequently to see if I was OK. He even brought cold water and juice to me. He never said a word about the big thick hard on that was hanging between my legs as I sat on the edge of the bench. I loved this position because I could slowly stroke my dick without being totaly obvious. I was really having a good time..staying hard and naked..jackin'on the verge of cumming while going back and forth between the sauna and the showers. Sometimes I would wander off into more remote areas of the locker room and stroke myself in front of a full length mirror. It was very exciting because I could get 'caught' any moment by someone coming in from the pool area or the workout area. I could barely keep from coming. My dick was so hard but my balls were hanging really low due to the heat in the sauna. I was in heaven. Then Robert came around the corner with a fresh supply of towels. He paused ...looked at the raging dick in my hands and asked if everything was ok. It was so cool...he was in tune with what I was doing. I was amazed. We chatted for a little while..the whole time I was slowly stroking my dick and then I returned to the sauna. Robert returned moments later with two cups of ice water. I thanked him for the personal attention and reminded him that he could check on me anytime. I then took a bold step and asked him if he could bring me some massage oil. He never blinked...he left and returned a few minutes later with a small cup of wonderful oil. He even said that this one would be easier on sensitive skin....Robet was keenly aware of the purpose of the oil...dick strokin'...man did my dick get hard. I now had a predictable willing audience who would come around often enough that I could position myself so that I could get 'caught' jacking off. This went on for some time..he really seemed to enjoy watching me jack off but he did not want to intrude. I finally had to get off and the next time he came around I asked him to stay a little longer...he did and I boldly proceeded to jackoff right in front of him...I came for fifteen seconds and shot streams of cum across the sauna onto the wall and floor. Gosh I had never gotten off that hard...Robert was so cool. He threw me towel and said that that must have felt really good. I retired to the showers and when I emerged there was Robert with a fresh warm towel and more water. This was the best four hours I ever spent in a hotel. He was such a great sport.
Thank you Robert.



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