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Showers With an Older Man

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Showers with an older man at the pool excited us both and led to much more...


When I was younger my brother and I would go to a men's club that my dad belonged to and swim. All the men were naked then, and I was very entranced with their bodies.....

...move forward to age 22 and I joined a small club with a nice pool, for exercise. It was coed, no nudity. An older man would often be swimming the same time at I was, and it seemed we began to end up showering together more and more. I was aroused seeing him. I didn't think much of it, though, and so I would nonchalantly have a little swollen cock now and then. We'd often talk about this and that, and so we began to end our showers and dry together. That was when I noticed he had some interest in my 'private' parts, which I found even more arousing. One day I got pretty hard under my towel, enough that my cock was vertical when I snapped my briefs over it. I was kind of embarrassed. My friend opened his towel to show he had an erection, too. We both just laughed a little.

That night I imagined jacking off with him in the locker room, and the next few days I went a little crazy, thinking about it all the time, masturbating imagining him stroking with me. Then when we were drying off, I saw him watching me, and I began to stroke myself with my towel. I couldn't face him, and closed my eyes. When I opened them again, his towel was on the floor and he held his cock in his hand; it was long and hard. I dropped my towel and grabbed my cock, too, and with our eyes stuck to each other's cock, we stroked quickly to orgasm. We relaxed and I loved watching his half-erect cock dangling between his thighs while he wiped the semen from the floor.

'Wow,' he said, 'I've wanted to do that for a while now.' I agreed, and he confessed that he'd gone home jacked off thinking about it for a few weeks now. It all came together, and I realized that I'd been pretty turned on, really, for months, by our little meetings. He told me that he lived close to the club, and invited me over. We got to his house, fully dressed of course, and he got out some left overs for us to eat. We stood around the kitchen munching and talking about ourselves, until there was a pause. We were quiet for a moment, and then he said, 'You look strange in clothes!'

We both laughed, and I jokingly said, 'Oh, then I'll strip for you!' The moment the words left my lips, I knew I wasn't joking, but I had opened and confessed my real desire, to be naked and masturbate in front of him. And so in a moment I was being led into his parlor, where we both undressed again, this time not hiding, but proudly showing our erections. I began to sit down but he stopped me and came over to rub his cock against mine. Wow, the sensation was so exciting! Then he took both of our cocks in his hand and began stroking them. In a few moments I was almost collapsing with excitement, and had one of the most fantastic orgasms ever!

'Fantastic,' he said, 'fantastic.'

Well, this became as regular as our swimming dates. Usually, we would rub our dicks in the locker room or the shower (it was easy to be private in the club). Once or twice a week I would go to his place and spend hours, or the whole night, masturbating one another. I had played with men before, but never had I had such a regular and intensely erotic relationship. I was still dating, but I have to admit that my main obsession was masturbating with this older man. One night my girlfriend jacked me off, and I was startled at how....inept...she was. It wasn't until I closed my eyes and imagined my older lover that I got really hard and came for her. That night I went back to his house for more....



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