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Showers at Campus Gym

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I hand the clerk my card to scan. [beep] Through the turnstile, past the weight room where I would usually be, down the stairs, and into the locker room. It's pretty quiet in here. 3pm. Most students are still in class, but I'm a senior and I only have on class on Mondays.

I pass the restroom and sink area, down to the lockers and discreetly scan the rows of benches. I'm not quite sure what he looks like. I posted on a website for fun in the showers at the campus gym and he responded. I have never done anything like this before, but it has always been a fantasy.

My heart is pounding; nervous to do this for the first time and excited at how hot it would be. I circle the locker room a couple of times, but nothing. I don't see this guy. I can't get a phone signal down here, so I go back to the main floor to check my emails and messages on my phone. Again, nothing.

Down to the locker room for another try. There is a guy getting dressed and his hair is wet. There's another guy in his 30s or 40s in tighty whiteys with one leg in his slacks. Probably a staff person at school or even a professor. Mmm.

In the second to last row there's a guy who could be him. All I've seen are the few photos he's traded via email. I put down my gym bag at a spot farther down the bench. He looks at me and nods. Now I'm pretty sure that's him.

I open up a locker and start changing. Does anybody notice me? I haven't worked out nor am I sweaty, yet I'm stripping down to a towel to shower. He eyes me as a I change, so I give a little show without being too obvious.

First I take off my shirt. Let him check out my abs and v-lines, my best assets. Off come the jeans so I'm left in nothing but boxer briefs. I have a thing for underwear, so I know which ones to pick that make me look best. These are short and black, and perfectly frame my lean body, solid quads, and tight ass.

I wrap the towel around my waist over the boxers. I don't want to give it all away now. He leaves for the showers and I follow a minute later.

There are six individual shower stalls, three along my left and right. Each has a curtain that opens to the corridor. The first one to my left has someone in it, but it's not him. I can tell by the clothes hanging outside.

He's in the back right corner, so I pick the stall on the left middle. I hang up my boxers and towel on the hook right outside the partition, aim the shower head, and turn it on. I peel back part of my curtain to peek over to his stall. He catches my eye and motions me to join him. I don't want to get caught, so I leave my shower running; then slip into the corridor, close my curtain behind me, and slip into his.

He wastes no time and reaches for my dick. I jerk off all the time, but nothings better than the sensation of someone else's hands on your cock. Blood rushes to my groin and my dick grows in his hand. He strokes it slowly.

He turns away from me and positions my dick on his ass. Right in the crack. I slide my dick back and forth as he leans forward. The water running down his back and down his ass is enough lube to keep this comfortable.

I hear a shower turn off and a curtain open. Phew, now it's just the two of us. He must have realized this too because now he makes more noise. Panting slightly and almost moaning.

Then I hear another curtain open and water start. It's the stall right next to ours. Shit!

My nerves take over and override my hormones. I look at him, and slip back quietly into my original stall. Maybe it's better I didn't go through with that anyway. My conscience was already nagging at me. I soap up; might as well, I'm already in the shower anyway.

I hear his shower in the corner turn off and his curtain open. I turn around to open my curtain a crack and see if I can catch a glimpse of him before he leaves, but catch only the sound of his footsteps.

Now there's another pair of eyes looking my direction. The guy who just came in is right across from me. Is he going to say anything? Is he going to call me out for what just happened?

No, he just watches. I lean my back against the wall so he can catch a better angle and start stroking my cock. I turn my head, and he's still looking. I'm not used to this exhibitionism. It's so risky, yet thrilling.

I retreat for a minute, turning my back to him to continue soaping up. My curiosity gets the better of me, so I lean over to glance his way again. He isn't looking anymore and is showering. I glance again, this time a little longer. I see his profile and then he turns to meet my eyes. I'm shocked and reflexively retreat, but damn I'm horny and this is kind of exciting.

I face the wall, extend my arm, and put my hand against the tiles to brace myself. Then I start jerking, standing close enough to the wall so he can see me through the crack between the curtain. At this point I stopped checking to see if he's looking. I'm pretty sure he is. I'm just concentrating on me and the warmth of the water running down my side and back. I'm ready and I hope he is too.

I turn slightly in his direction to give a thumbs up signal, hopefully it's subtle yet clear enough for him to understand.

I grip tighter and jerk faster. That familiar tingling sensation starts and my muscles flex. Unf! I unload my cum all over the tile wall and watch it slowly drip down.

I quickly clean off my dick and turn off the shower. Now my nerves and brain kick back in. What if he's some creepy perv on campus? What if I know him? Is he going to say anything to the gym staff and get me kicked out?

Fuck this. I'm out of here. I dry myself with my towel, hurry over to my locker, and get dressed.

I don't watch who gets out of the shower area after me. Frankly I don't want to know at this point. I hastily leave the locker room and through the gym lobby, hoping I don't run into anybody I know who might slow me down or give me away.

I'm outside briskly walking with the wind chilling my scalp as it licks my wet hair. I walk to the shuttle stop replaying what just happened. It wasn't the first time I'd had an encounter in the showers nor would it be my last.



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