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Showering With My Brother

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For three years, my brother and I shared the shower every morning before school and then again in the afternoon after basketball practice


I have a brother one year younger than I. We were very close growing up, almost like twins. We often took baths together as little kids, but it wasn’t until I was a sophomore in high school and he started his freshman year that we started showering together. It was really a matter of economy as we both had to be at school at the same time. We had separate bedrooms, but shared a bathroom, so it just made sense that we would be in there at the same time. Before long it evolved to us being in the shower together, and it was just natural to us, no big deal.

One day I shucked my shorts and jumped in the shower, but my brother hesitated. I looked out of the shower and said, “Hurry up”, but he had this look on his face. I said, “What’s wrong?” and he sheepishly moved his towel to the side and showed me that he had a boner. I usually jerked off in bed before getting up, so that had never happened to me in the shower when he was there. I said, “Whatever, that’s going to happen now and then, get in.” So he did. By then I had a boner, too. It was just spontaneous, I guess from seeing his hard-on. In fact, my heart started pounding and I was a little bit out of breath. It was my first taste of truly overwhelming sexual arousal. I couldn’t stop myself; I put my hand on his dick and started stroking it. He grabbed mine and we stroked each other. I came first, with a gasp and a shudder, shooting my semen all over his belly and cock. He came moments later. Then we rubbed against each other, groping and exploring. It was the beginning of a new era between us.

As time went on, our technique evolved. For one thing, we tried to slow down and enjoy it and make it last, rather than have it be a frantic thing. Of course, we were horny kids and it didn’t last all that long, plus the water was running. One day we were stroking each other, and I wanted to feel his body pressed against me, so I leaned in, resting my head against his shoulder, so that half of our bodies were touching even as we were stroking each other. Spontaneously, we started to kiss, a deep tongue kiss. I admit I loved kissing him. Oh my God, thinking back on it, it was just so wonderful. Another thing we started doing (something I ask my wife to do for me now) is tonguing each other’s ear. To me, that is just so erotic and intensifies the feelings in my penis. Given how much my brother and I liked to kiss, I am surprised that we didn’t try oral, but we were actually pretty innocent; remember that this was before the internet. There was no easy access to porn or naughty stories. We were making it up as we went. (If I may digress about tonguing the ear – just the other day I woke up horny and started to initiate sex with my wife, but she wasn’t in the mood. However, she was very sympathetic and accommodating and told me to jerk off while she watched. After a few minutes, she leaned over and started tonguing my ear. I came in no time. I have a great wife!)

As far as I know, our parents were unaware of what was going on. In fact, our mother told me a few years ago she was glad we had each other and were so close. However, there was one day we got her attention while we were in the shower. We had joined a basketball team and we played almost every day after school. One happy side effect of basketball was the opportunity to take a second shower together. After all that physical activity we were not only sweaty but even hornier than we were in the morning. When we would get home we would literally tear each other’s clothes off as we started the water in the shower. I loved kissing him as we simultaneously pulled our pants down and our hard dicks would spring out and touch with an almost electric shock. It was heaven. Anyway, one day I guess we didn’t pay attention when we turned the water, and we stepped in and it was much hotter than usual. I don’t know the physiological process, but something about the extra-hot water apparently relaxed my sphincter and I started to piss. I quickly aimed at the drain, and with a shocked looked on his face, my brother did the same, and our streams crossed on the way down the drain. Then we started to laugh, I mean real gut-busting laughter, it just seemed so damned funny. Suddenly, there was a pounding on the door, and our Mom was saying, “What’s going on in there?!?!” In unison we said, “Nothing!”, while trying to stifle our hysterics. She said, “Well, that’s not a playground, don’t waste water! Your dad will be home soon and dinner is in twenty minutes.” I’ll tell you what; we both shot intense loads that afternoon.

I remember one time our parents got annoyed with us. We were out to dinner at a rather nice Italian restaurant with our Uncle and his new wife, and we were to be on our best behavior. Well, and this sounds so stupid now, my brother spilled a little bit of his milk and wiped it up with the cocktail napkin. The napkin was soggy wet and his middle finger poked through the paper, dripping with white milk. You get the connotation. He wiggled his middle finger at me in kind of a lascivious way and it struck us both as hilarious. I said, “Get that thing away from me,” and we had a little tussle, eventually winding up sitting in the car with our food in to-go containers because we could not comport ourselves as gentlemen in the restaurant. Ah, youth. (It would have been naughty and erotic if we had then jacked off in the car waiting for our family, but it didn’t occur to us. I thought about adding it to the story anyway, but I am sincerely trying to be truthful.)

Shortly after I started my junior year in high school, our Dad retired and our parents announced that they were going to do some traveling and would be gone for some months at a time, but that we were surely old enough to manage by ourselves. I was seventeen at this point and my brother was sixteen. We had always been very responsible and had never been in any kind of trouble, plus we had plenty of relatives living nearby, so I guess they felt it would be OK. Looking back now, I am surprised. My wife and I do not have kids (by choice), but I wouldn’t leave a 16 and a 17 year old alone even for a whole weekend. But the world seems a bit more complicated and dangerous now.

So with our parents out of town, my brother and I started sleeping in the same bed together. Man, did we love to kiss. We would make out for hours. We never experimented with oral or anal sex, but we did rub against each other to orgasm. I loved rubbing my dick in his ass crack, which he did to me, too, and I loved the feeling of his semen dripping down my crack. He had such a fine, firm ass. I loved groping his ass in the shower, too. Looking back, all things considered, I would have to honestly say that my brother and I were truly lovers all through high school. I am not ashamed to say it and I consider myself lucky. How many high school kids have that kind of intimacy and sexual gratification during those years? And for my brother and me, the best thing is that it all came from love and trust. Did it do us any harm? I can confidently say it did not. We are both happily married and content in our lives.

We did have other friends, and if anyone is wondering, I can only speak for myself, but I never masturbated with any other guys during high school. I had one friend who somehow had access to a lot of Playboy and Penthouse magazines, and we would look at those sometimes. I always got a boner, and he did too (I could see it in his pants) but we never got to the point of masturbating in front of each other. My brother and I had a few sleepovers at our house, but nothing overtly sexual ever happened (although there was plenty of dirty talk as you can imagine), and we showered separately when we had company, just for the sake of discretion. We both dated girls in high school, but there was nothing serious, and, again, I can only speak for myself, but I never did anything more than make out with some petting. It wasn’t until college that I dated seriously and explored real sex with a woman. And with all due respect to my wife, whom I adore, to this day I have never had as satisfying or erotic a kiss as I shared with my brother.

The night before I left for college, we slept in the same bed even though our parents were home. They knew we were having a hard time with the idea of being separated. I just wanted to be close to my brother that night. We didn’t do anything sexual, but we cried in each other’s arms. We had talked a lot about it and we knew that life has to move on, so we were prepared in a sense, but I felt a great emptiness for quite a while. It was the end of an era. We live in different states now and are not close the way we were, although we would do anything for each other. He has a wonderful wife and kids, and when we see each other it is always in the context of family, usually Christmas or a milestone birthday. I find it inconceivable that even if we were alone together we would ever do any of those things again. The idea of an erotic kiss with him now is, to use the word again, inconceivable. So much time has passed and we are different people. But the memories are precious to me.

After I left for college when I was 18, we did have one more encounter 4 years later, and I want to share that, but in another story. If I have kept you interested enough to read this far, thank you.



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