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Showering With Mark

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Last summer I drove back to my small hometown for a family reunion. It so happened that my ex-boyfriend Mark, who lives in a different state, was also in town, visiting his mother. Mark and I have remained good friends, so we check with each other when we're planning a trip back home. Occasionally we manage to hook up if we're there at the same time.

Mark called me when he got into town, and I drove out to his mom's house. He's never told her that he's gay-she's very conservative, and she's obviously in denial where Mark's concerned. She suspects that Mark and I were lovers; there's an awkward tension when I'm around her. We didn't want to hang out at her house OR with my family, so we got in my car and 'went for a drive,' so to speak. We grew up in a small town in a very rural county, so we were quickly driving past fields of corn and soybeans. I steered with my left hand; Mark grabbed my right hand, rubbed it along his thigh and up to his crotch. I had a boner immediately.

'Head down towards the river,' Mark said. 'I know a back road.' He guided me out to a part of the county I'd never seen; soon the paved highway ended, and we were bouncing along a narrow gravel road. There wasn't a house or barn in sight. Mark had already unzipped my jeans and slid his hand into my boxers. 'You're wet down there, man,' he said. 'Look for a place to pull off the road.'

This was pretty much open farmland, but as we got closer to the river we found a spot with groves of trees on both sides of the road. 'This'll do,' he said. I parked in the shade on the edge of the road and we got down to business. We shoved down our jeans and boxers, pulled up our shirts, kissing, sucking nipples, and rubbing pre-cum around the heads of each other's cocks.

There was one bit of bad news: a hundred yards ahead of us the road curved sharply to the left and disappeared into a grove of trees, so you couldn't see what might be just around the bend. While Mark was working on my cock, I was watching the road just in case some farmer came tooling along in his pickup truck. Long story short, that's exactly what happened; one minute we were the only two people in the world, the next second this guy appears out of nowhere, barreling around that curve so fast that we didn't have time to move. 'Shit, Mark! As it got closer the pickup slowed down, and the driver glanced at us-of course he knew what we were doing. Maybe this wasn't such a good place for two guys to be making out in broad daylight. We shoved our stuff back into our jeans and took off in the opposite direction from the pickup. I was pretty freaked out-this is one of those small-town areas where everybody knows everybody else-but I was also turned on by doing it in the open and getting caught.

As we were driving back into town, Mark got a cell phone call from his mom; she was going to dinner with friends and would be out for at least two hours. This was a stroke of luck! We drove straight to his mom's house, walked back to Mark's old bedroom, stripping off clothes along the way. The bathroom had recently been made handicap-accessible for when his grandma visited. The new shower had all kinds of room, plus a detachable shower hose with a variety of settings. We put it to good use (use your imagination), soaping each other up, hands and mouths all over the place. When we ran out of hot water, we'd turn the shower off, get back to business, and wait for more hot water. After forty-five minutes we were spent, and so relaxed from the long shower that we cuddled together naked on Mark's bed and had a short nap. Well before his mom came home, we pulled on our clothes and went out to dinner ourselves. Mark later told me that his mom said the next morning, 'There was water all over your bathroom floor . . . why did you use so many towels?' He told her the new showerhead had sprung a leak, but that he'd fixed it. Un-huh.



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