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Showering With a Friend

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Once when I was in the fifth grade I spent the weekend over at a friends house for the first time. His family were taking us out for dinner that night so we had to rush and get ready. So they told us that we had to take a bath together. Immediatly I felt shy about it and felt very scared, mostly because I haven't done this since I was very very young.

So we got into the bathroom and I told him I felt weird about it. He told me it was okay and that I shouldn't worry. As he faced the shower he took off his jeans and got in. Having not seen anything except his butt I already felt very strange. I stood there for a minute thinking about how weird it was. Then he pulled back the curtain and told me to come on in. So I slowly took off my shirt and undid my shorts. As I began to pull down my briefs my heart started racing very fast, I felt so nervous.

I pulled back the curtain and saw him standing there washing his hair. He turned towards me and that's when I actually first saw his penis, it was small, about three inches. But for our age I guess that was normal. For some reason I was excited by it. He told me to start washing myself, so I got under the water and noticed him looking at my penis. The very thought of him looking at me sort of turned me on but I didn't say anything about it. As I started to scrub my body I began to glance at his penis randomly as I noticed he did with mine. Then out of the blue he says 'I like the way your penis looks.' I asked him why and he simply said he liked the way it looked and that it has a nice size. That turned me on so much. I didn't know what to say at that point and continued to wash my body. Then he asked if he could touch it. I paused for a second and thought about it. It scared me but it sounded so exciting I had to let him. So I said okay.

I turned towards him standing under the shower head and he reached out and began caressing my soft penis. It felt very good although I did not say it. He started moving my penis around looking at it in every way he could. Touching it softly, squeezing it now and then. At this moment I realised he had a hard on. It must have gained about two inches or so. Just seeing his hard on made me start to get one myself. My penis started growing quickly in his hand. When I achieved my full erection he began to smile. You have a big dick he said. I never thought it was that big, I haven't had anything to compare it to. He began stroking it slowly and asked if I wanted to touch his. Without even thinking I grabbed his dick for the first time. We were both jerking each other and it felt so good. We must have been in there for a while, because his parents began knocking on the door saying hurry up. That scared us so we quickly got out and got dressed. To be continued.



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