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Showering in the Gym

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I've been waiting forever to have an experience like this so that I could post.


I've been going to my universities fitness center regularly for over a month now, trying to get on this whole well-being bit. Normally I shower in the locker room after my workouts, as it's a long hike back to my residence hall. There are two shower rooms in the locker room, one which has radial partitioned showers and another with three columns on which there are several heads. Most students go into the first room with the partitioned showers. I've noticed that it's only the old men who don't really care and students who want to look or be seen that go into the second room. I always go into the second room.

There have been a few guys who will come in while I'm showering. We'll give each other a nod and continue showering until our eyes wander down below. I've seen a fair amount of dicks in there; usually we'll just look as we lather up and scrub our own crotches. Sometimes we'll put on a little show for one another, massaging our dicks, grabbing hold of our balls, arching our backs.

Just this morning I was showering, it was almost noon. The early morning crowd was gone and the lunch break crowd had yet to show up. I was minding my own business, cleaning myself when another guy walked in. I was excited; he hadn't chosen the partitioned shower room. When I looked over to see who it was, I noticed immediately that his eyes were looking right down at my member. He walked over and turned on a shower head on the same pillar, directly opposite of me (that had never happened before)!

I got a good look at him: blonde hair, slender body, not very defined (although he had very nice pecs), and no body hair, except for a little scruff in his groin and brown forests in his armpits. His penis was massive, he must have been semi-erect; I have never seen a real penis that big. To me something like his dick existed only in pornos. He began shaking his cock and rubbing his balls. I was getting harder by the second. Soon his cock was sticking straight out, and although I didn't have a measuring tape, it must have been eight or nine inches. Once he began stroking his circumcised head, my own uncircumcised penis began growing. In no time I was at my six inches and stroking along with him.

For several minutes we were going at it until I mustered up some courage. I thought that since he was forward enough to come time, size me up, stand right across from me, and start masturbating that I could go a little farther. I reached out and touched his leg. I followed it up to the inside of his thigh. He was coming closer to me. I move and rubbed the underside of his balls. He keep stroking. I grabbed his cock and began moving. He let go and moaned. It was so sexy and I felt so excited.

He whispered to me, 'not here,' and led me to the corner of the shower room where there was a deep alcove with a toilet on its back wall. He pushed me up against the wall, pressing our dicks together between our stomachs. I turned him around and sat him on the toilet. With his huge, pulsating cock just inches from my mouth, where I could smell and almost taste it, I began stroking him. In no time his whole body convulsed, he moaned, and spurt out three ropes of hot cum all over my neck and chest. He traded spots with me. I tried to last as long as I could, but in minutes I came, more powerfully than I ever had, exploding rope after rope all over his face.

We went back to the shower, cleaned our cum off each other, waiting for our boners to subside before going back into the locker room. When we were done changing we gave one another our numbers. I told him to call when ever, he said he could come anytime.



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